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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 022 – Startle Heaven Kill Mind

Chapter 022 – Startle Heaven Kill Mind


“Impossible! Impossible! How could you know Inferno Berserker Fist!”

It was like Wu Zixin had gone crazy as he screamed at Wu Xuan. High level techniques was not something that Wu Xuan could have access to. At the very least, he would have to reach Level 7 first before he could enter the restricted area where the high level techniques were housed. The reason why Wu Zixin have this technique was because he had reached Level 7, however the damage to his body had caused rapid deterioration to his cultivation. It was a good thing that the reduction had stopped by itself at Level 5.

Otherwise, Wu Zixin would have suffered even more. For a cultivator, to lose one’s cultivation was even more terrible than losing one’s life.

Wu Xuan did not reveal his secrets, instead he sneered coldly, “You still think that this is your Inferno Berserker Fist?”

This questioned stumped Wu Zixin, though the movements were the same, the attributes used were completely different. If anyone were to pull any random elder over, they would be told that it was impossible to change the base attribute of a martial technique.

“Impossible, impossible!”

Wu Zixin was acting like a lion that had been driven insane. He stamped his foot on the ground and once more charged up the Inferno Berserker Fist. The power was undoubtedly fierce, however against the more powerful Ice Flame Berserker Fist, its attack power was still slightly inferior. Wu Zixin once again charged mindlessly towards Wu Xuan, and was once more struck back by an immensely powerful attack, sending him sprawling on the ground.


Wu Zixin’s face was swollen, blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. The blood pooled in his mouth, but instead of spitting it out, he obstinately swallowed it down. Still, a bit of blood dripped down. He raised his head to stare at Wu Xuan with endless hatred.

“Do you still have anything else to say? If there’s nothing else, then consider this the end of the fight. Please don’t come over and bother me any more!”

Wu Xuan have no intention of continuing with the fight, there must be a limit when it came to doing things. If he really beat up Wu Zixin too much, he might get into trouble.


With a yell, Wu Zixin suddenly bounded from the ground, brandishing his fists. Wu Xuan shook his head, looks like Wu Zixin still refused to give up, no matter how many times he attack, the result will be the same.

It looked like this was another head on attack, however in the last moment, Wu Zixin suddenly pivoted and charged towards where Yue Xin’er was hiding!

“Wretch!” Wu Xuan dashed forward, gritting his teeth as he tried to intercept the attack. He never thought that Wu Zixin would be this despicable, to actually try to harm a weak Yue Xin’er.

Yue Xin’er stared as Wu Zixin rushed at her, his bulk getting larger and larger, brimming with killing intent. She was almost scared silly by this menace.

It looked like he would be too late to prevent destruction, when Wu Xuan’s felt like his liver was about to split apart from tension, Wu Zixin suddenly switched direction again, this time redirecting his attack at Wu Xuan. In that instant, Wu Xuan’s eyes reflected Wu Zixin’s fierce visage, his ears filled with a roar of, “Go and die, ba!”

This sudden blow was much more powerful than his previous attacks. It was so sudden that Wu Xuan did not have time to react and took the fierce punch to the chest.


A loud explosive sound was heard, Wu Xuan remained motionless. Wu Zixin’s panted as the fierce expression on his face grew dull. This was his most powerful move yet, to think that he could not even make Wu Xuan take a step back!

“Not a bad trick, but you’ve now gone past my bottom line!”

Wu Xuan slowly raised his head, a bit of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. Above that was a pair of ice cold eyes, killing intent suddenly shrouded Wu Zixin.

Wu Zixin suddenly trembled, it was as though he had encountered a powerful demon beast. The killing intent was almost visible as it loomed over him, a fear grabbed him like a giant fist, squeezing him in place. His eye narrowed into pin points with fright.

For a large man like him to be frightened to the point of trembling, causing him to lose the ability to fight back.

In the next moment, Wu Xuan reached out and grabbed Wu Zixin by the throat. He was lifted off the floor like a chicken. It was then that Wu Zixin started to react and and struggle, trying to force away Wu Zixin’s hands from his neck.

“You have to pay the price of your actions!”

Wu Xuan was like a completely changed person, turning into a ruthless killer with a thousand deaths to his hands. Wu Zixin was a mere ant in his eyes!

Wu Zixin opened his mouth, he waved his fists, trying to say something, but no words came out.

The blindly groping hands grew slack, falling to Wu Zixin’s side. It was at this time that a strong and dignified voice came from behind.



The scream was the same as when a rooster’s neck was twisted. Wu Zixin’s windpipe had already been closed off, but a desperate scream of pain still escaped. This painful sound sent chills into Wu Xuan’s heart, ever since winning against Wu Zixin, his heart had been growing colder and colder.


Wu Xuan threw Wu Zixin to the side, before dusting his hands before turning to the elder and said neutrally. “I’ve already said this, he has to pay!”

The icy killing intent shocked the elder who had called out at Wu Xuan earlier.

It was the elder in charge of records at the Elixir Pavilion. He had been paying attention to what was going on outside since the beginning. He had not bothered to intervene until Wu Zixin tried to attack Yue Xin’er. Only, Wu Zixin had suddenly redirected his attack, this unexpected development ended up with Wu Zixin on the floor.

The Wu Zixin on the floor had fainted dead away, his unconscious body kept twitching ever now and then. After some careful inspection, they found that his spine was twisted, as though it had been shattered!

As a chef, Wu Xuan

Has a clear idea of which part of the body to attack, which area was the weakest and easiest to breakdown. He had not done anything too terrible, just split the shoulder bones. Repair was possible, Wu Zixin would only have to suffer half a year’s worth of pain and not move his arm properly during that time.

This was the price that Wu Xuan had mentioned! Not too heavy or not too light. If he wanted to deal a heavier hand, it was entirely possible. If Wu Zixin had really attacked Yue Xin’er, Wu Xuan would have dealt several tens of times the amount of damage!

That killing intent came straight from the heart!

“Wuwuwu… Brother Xuan, so scary… so scary… wuwuwu…”

Yue Xin’er suddenly burst into tears. She kept scrubbing her eyes with her hands, she had clearly been frightened by Wu Xuan’s icy cold killing intent, scaring Yue Xin’er to bits.

“Xin’er it’s fine, your brother is fine now…”

The black chips of ice that had been his eyes had gentled with warmth, he lightly pulled Yue Xin’er close and patted her back gently. His eyes were calm as he continued to comfort the crying Yue Xin’er.

With this change, Wu Xian and the rest was almost struck dumb, those were clearly two completely different people!

“Young man… you have gone overboard just now.”

The elder was looking at Wu Zixin lying on the ground. In one glance he saw what Wu Xuan had done. The damaged done made him shake his head. What was more scary was the killing intent put out by Wu Xuan, it was almost unthinkable. Just how did a young man of 17 years old managed to exude such terrible intent?

Those who touched my trigger points, die!

Yue Xin’er may not be his wife, but in this past month she’s already part of his family. Nobody was allowed to touch this trigger point!









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