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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 025 – Crazy Absorption

Chapter 025 – Crazy Absorption


Wu Xuan had just decanted the Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir into over 10 bottles. When he checked the bucket, there was still a little under half left, which he intended to drink later.

To console Yue Xin’er, Wu Xuan had made some fruit juice just for her, in hopes that she would not go after the elixir later.

“Drink this, ba. I made this just for you.”

Wu Xuan drank the rest of the elixir, and like all previous times, his body began to heat up with spiritual energy, and he continued to absorb all the spiritual energy from the elixir.

While he was happily absorbing the spiritual powers, he suddenly found that he could no longer absorb the energy any more! The rest of the energy just lay inert within his body, no matter what he did, he could not move it into his meridian.

Wu Xuan’s eyes widened, why did his body just stopped absorbing the spiritual energy? Suddenly, a thought entered his head. Could it be possible that he had to hone his physical body body first before he could absorb the spiritual energies from the Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir?

He quickly stood up, told Yue Xin’er to not go running about, and rushed out of his room towards the little clearing he used to train his martial techniques.

When he reached the wooden post he suddenly recalled the two fights he’d won yesterday. The martial techniques he’d stolen were now deeply ingrained in his mind and body, he had the feeling that there was no one in the world as in tuned with these two martial techniques as he was.

“It’s too bad I can only absorb martial techniques, if only I could gain meditation techniques too, still, I can’t demand too much…”

Wu Xuan’s current meditation technique was fairly ordinary, it absolutely could not match the mid level and top level martial techniques he had just absorbed yesterday. Both of which could greatly enhance his current strength. This made him happy, but, if his meditation technique could not match up, his cultivation could be unbalanced.

A good meditation technique would be able to improve his cultivation speed. It was a pity that the Wu Clan did not have any meditation techniques that was suitable for his own elemental abilities. This wasn’t surprising since there weren’t any suitable martial techniques either. If it weren’t for his absorption technique, he would still be stuck with the Falling Leaf Palm technique which could only be useful for those at level 5 or below.

“Under this kind of situation, looks liked I’ll have to pick fights with others and absorb their techniques. That way, I should be able to absorb more and more techniques, right?”

To be able to completely master a technique without long time training and diligent practice, and steal the precious martial arts of other cultivators… this has gone beyond cheating, it’s taboo!

If others knew about his ability, they might be afraid of getting into a fight with him, or they might just chopped off his hands with a sword. This absorption ability might actually be even more useful to him now than the ability to make elixirs!

From his performance yesterday, he still felt that his strength was too low. Though he had won against Wu Zixin’s attack, it was not his own strength was strong, it was only that Wu Zixin was weak. However, if Wu Zixin had really carried through his attack against Yue Xin’er, he could not have prevented it at all.



Wu Xuan decided that it was pointless to think about this any longer. He flexed his hand and attacked the wooden post, somehow, he unconsciously opened his palm and struck using the Ice Palm technique, with a violent roar the attacks went on and on until sound waves crashed out around him.

Strike after strike came until he felt the two martial techniques within his mind starting to merge into one. What had once been two streams of different martial techniques were gradually melding together, the essence of which combined to become something even more powerful!

The Ice Palm was a defensive technique, which the Ice Flame Berserker Fist was a mighty offensive attack!

Even as his body got used the melding powers of the martial attacks, he was surprised to find that the spiritual energy from the Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir being slowly absorbed!

It looked like cultivation could also be increased via martial technique practice, allowing the body to properly absorb the spiritual energy one had consumed via pills and elixirs.

As the two different martial techniques fused together, his strikes grew faster, and more and more of the spiritual energy was absorbed.

As his body moved, his cultivation continued to grow.

At the point where his martial techniques was about to fused, he felt the spiritual energy from the Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir being absorbed faster and faster, suddenly, there was a loud bang. The wooden stake in front of him splintered into a thousand shards. Wu Xuan was stunned, had this stake always been so fragile?

No, it was not the stake that’s fragile. Even a large tree would have fallen under the barrage of attacks he had just unleashed.

“Looks like I can’t train with regular wooden posts any more, guess I’ll have to go to the training range?”

Compared to just striking the air, he felt that having a solid target like a wooden post was better for his training. The wooden posts at the training range were not ordinary things, they were made to withstand the attacks of cultivating disciples. Moreover, a special type of medicine had been polished into the hardened wood that would be absorbed into the bodies of the disciples via their fists.

However, when it came to the strengthening of one’s body, compared to the medicine on the wooden posts, the effects of the Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir were much better.

After thinking it through, Wu Xuan decided to go to the training range. The most important thing now was to improve his strength. When he arrived at the training range, he saw that there were quite a lot of disciples in the middle of their training. He was not the first, nor was he the most diligent.

Despite that, there were still plenty of space for training. At the appearance of Wu Xuan, the tongues of those at the range began to wag.

“That brat should be that Wu Xuan character, ba. I heard that he defeated both Wu Zixin and Wu Liang yesterday…”

“For real? I heard that this Wu Xuan never cultivated before, spent all his time in the kitchen doing kitchen duties!”

“For real! I saw it with my own eyes, that Wu Xuan is pretty powerful, ah. He could even fully utilize the Inferno Berserker Fist…”

Good news never left the house, bad news runs a thousand miles. Wu Zixin’s defeat spread far and wide within the Wu Family gossip vines, the numerous disciples have more or less heard the gist of it, but most remained sceptical of the news. Perhaps they were too bored from cultivating, but when they heard about Wu Xuan’s sudden strength, everyone felt curious about his true ability.

There were also quite a few who were secretly pleased. Though Wu Zixin had not bullied all those whose cultivation were lower than his, they nevertheless heave a sigh of satisfaction at his defeat.

Wu Xuan ignored all their little gossips and curious gazes. He merely breathed in deeply and proceeded to continue with his cultivation from where it had been interrupted earlier.

His actions immediately drew the focus of the people around him, there was a slight inhale of surprise. From his ability over the martial techniques used, it was clear that this Wu Xuan could really cultivate, moreover his cultivation rate was not bad.

Under the eyes of everyone, Wu Xuan focused on properly fusing the two streams of martial techniques in his mind. He was so intent in his training that in a blink of an eye, morning drifted past noon.

Wu Xuan’s shirt grew wet with sweat, only to dry up under the sun and the wind that followed his movements, then it grew wet, then dry up again. He continuously trained breaking the martial technique, fusing its essence together. The elixir within his body continuously being sucked it, his cultivation rate climbing replenishing his physical body’s energy in turn.

“Hey, surely that’s not right. He’s been training for a whole afternoon without any pills or rest…”

“He’s too abnormal! Surely that kind of body strength is too excessive, ba?”


… …


As the people chatted. Wu Xuan’s eyes suddenly flashed opened, with a loud yell, he performed a series of movements that were different from the two he had been training with, with a final combo of kata, he fiercely struck.

With a loud boom, the reinforced wooden post in front of him shook slightly at the force of his strike.

Wu Xuan felt a sudden rise in his power, the flow of spiritual energy doubled, tripled, quadrupled! the meridian lines within his body expanded to allow the increase flow of power.

A roar vibrated through his brain as the muscles on his body swelled, for a long moment, he maintained this pose for a long moment with his eyes closed.

“Did, did you see that, that move just now! That strike is at least a level 8 power, right? Right?”

“That’s impossible, ba, didn’t everyone say he’s just at level 5?”

“Do you really think that power was just a level power?”

… …

After a while, Wu Xuan slowly opened his eyes. The corner of his mouth hooked up in a grin.

Body Refining, Level 7!


[1] Good news never left the house, bad news runs a thousand miles – People likes to gossip over the misfortune of others


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