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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 015 – Sacred Book Pavilion

Chapter 015 – Sacred Book Pavilion


The next few days passed passed in a blink of an eye. Wu Xuan, who had been meditating in his room opened his eyes. He let out a long breathed, “Finally manage to break into the 4th level…”

The Body Refining Noodles that he had eaten a few days ago had boosted him to peak level 3 cultivation rate. And today, he finally managed to breakthrough into the 4th level. This kind of cultivation speed could be considered not bad, in fact, he’s pretty satisfied with this rate of improvement.

These days he spent in cultivation, there was no one around to disturb him, which gave him quite a peace of mind. If he had been an ordinary cultivator, he would not be living in this present room. Uncle Wu even told him that he could move out of this plain and ordinary living quarters into something more suitable for cultivation.

As long as a disciple could cultivate, they will be given preferential treatment. Those who could not cultivate would be given these plain and ordinary rooms.

However, Wu Xuan did not mind this kind of living arrangements. This room was not only more peaceful, more importantly, it’s very near to the kitchen! This was actually the most important reason to stay put, it’s not like he could actually cook in his own room in this era. He would have to carry a pot and firewood into his room. Once he started cooking, oil and soot would get into everything, someone might actually thought he’s trying to set the place on fire.

That he was able to cultivate was not something that caused a large wave. Though he was now able to cultivate, it was just the few tottering steps of a beginner. Sometimes, things were just this curious. He had been dismissed as someone who could not cultivate, but was now actively pursuing his cultivation. While rare, this was not something too unusual. Furthermore, his level was still too low. Once the elders knew about his cultivating ability they merely nodded their understanding and did not bother to look too deeply into it.

These were all things that Uncle Wu told him. Originally, the pills were given to him as a reward to encourage his cooking skills. Who knew his cultivation ability had been awaken. However, the elders merely gave a mildly regretful sigh and did not think too much of it. The fact remained that earthly appetites were mostly optional for most of them, losing a good cook like Wu Xuan was not something they could live without.

“I should visit the Sacred Book Pavilion today,”

So saying, Wu Xuan made for the Sacred Book Pavilion. As the name suggested, the Sacred Book Pavilion was where the books on various subjects: from martial arts to spirit core cultivation. As long as one could meet the required level of cultivation, they would be able to learn the martial and spirit core arts of that level.

His memory about this place was extremely fuzzy, the only thing he was clear on were some general rules, things about martial arts were all quite vague. As for spirit core arts, the ones he knew were all related to cultivation. After all, for a person who could not cultivate, what’s the use of knowing martial or spirit core arts?

Using the previous owner’s memory he found the Sacred Book Pavilion. Appearance wise, it was pretty similar to the Elixir Pavilion. There were two old uncles guarding the antique front door.

He actually knew the two uncles pretty well, one is called Wu Ang, and the other Wu Xia. Both were guards for the Sacred Book Pavilion and were pretty powerful, having reached the peak of the Accumulation Stage. The kinds of stages are Body Strengthening Stage, Refining Stage, Accumulation Stage, Transformative Stage, Void Spirit Stage and Emperor Stage. Having gone past the Refining Stage and reaching the peak of Accumulation Stage, the power wielded by these two uncles were pretty scary.

Naturally, as guardians of the Sacred Book Pavilion, how could they not be powerful? This was one of the Wu family’s key locations, without the knowledge of mind and martial arts, there would be no way to properly train up their disciples. It was the same with the Elixir Pavilion, without magic pills the disciples would not be able to level up their cultivation.

These two are the basics of the cultivation world, neither which could be missing.

“Hn, this is your first time?” Wu Ang gave Wu Xuan a grave stare. He had the impression that he had never laid eyes on this youngster before.

Wu Xuan took out his identity token and handed it over, “Yes, I am Wu Xuan, this is my first time here. I have reached the fourth level cultivation and would like to enter the Sacred Pavilion.”

Wu Ang accepted the identity token, with a light shake, a blue light flashed from the token surprising both Wu Ang and Wu Xia.

“Ice element?” This rare element surprised them both, to think that an ice user would actually appear in the Wu family really quite astonishing.

However, this was a real clan token. From these tokens, one can glean a lot of information on the person, such as physical constitution and so forth. It also record the user’s historical information, medical information, cultivation rate as well as other pertinent information that would help the clan understand their disciples. It was a truly convenient item.

“Yi, this is a recent registration, this means you’ve only started on your cultivation recently? You’ve already reached the fourth level in just a few days?” Wu Ang suffered another shock. According to the information on the token, this guy had broken through to the fourth grade in a just a few days! This kind of thing had never happened in the Wu Clan , ah!

Wu Xuan pretended to be embarrassed and laughed awkwardly, “That’s right, this disciple managed to breakthrough just a few days ago. Thanks to elixir pills, I managed to reach the fourth level cultivation. It’s possible that since this disciple had not been able to cultivate all this time, the unexpected breakthrough may have contributed to the sudden rise.”

In front of these two old masters whose strength could be compared to the elders of the clan, he naturally revealed most of what had happened. After all, it was all things that would be discovered sooner or later. At any rate, it would do him no good to hide his strength. His rate of advancement would be considered miraculous, and though it would gain some attention, as long as his true secret remained hidden he would be satisfied.

On Wu Ang’s side, they did not really suspect Wu Xuan’s identity. First, the information clearly came from the token, secondly Wu Xuan was still a member of the Wu clan and third, though rare, this was not something completely unheard of.

“Hn, very well, you may enter. Since you’re only at the first stage, you may only access spirit core and martial information from the first floor only. Once you’ve made your choice, please register the document inside.” Wu Ang returned the token to Wu Xuan.

Once the token was put away, Wu Xuan gave his thanks and went in.

At this point, Wu Xia spoke up, “Ice element, the elder seemed to have mentioned this before. That our Wu clan managed to obtain someone with ice element, but unfortunately did not manage to cultivate due to blocked meridians. Now he could suddenly cultivate, and even advance at such astonishing rate, really surprising, ah!”

Wu Ang nodded earnestly. This really was surprising, however it was still within expectations. Though his advancement rate was explosive, there was a possibility that he could get stuck at fourth or fifth level and just stay there.

“Really surprising, but there had been cases like this before. To start his cultivation now was a little too late. While it’s good that he’s able to cultivate, we really can’t expect too much…”

“Hn, that brat just pop out of nowhere. If he had broke through 10 years ago, who knows what level he could have achieved by now. His constitution, tsk tsk, truly unique…”

These two old man had seen many cultivators come and go and could more or less accurately judge their process. They estimated that Wu Xuan’s progress would be hindered by his age, with his bones and capability set in place, if he could make it all the way to level eight or nine under the Body Strengthening Stage, it would be something to be greatly thankful for.

Therefore Wu Xuan’s appearance only caused a small wave, which gradually sank back into obscurity. Thus, the tiny splash caused by Wu Xuan quickly smoothed back into obscurity.

Even if Wu Xuan had heard their comments, he would not have minded. He came to this Sacred Book Pavilion to look up spirit core and martial arts, not to show off his cultivation. He knew that his level of cultivation was nothing special, without actually making it to level eight or nine, these old tigers would not be bothered with his existence.



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