Strange World Alchemist Chef – 026 – Wu Yixin

Chapter 026 – Wu Yuxin


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After Wu Xuan managed to breakthrough to Body Strengthening Level 7, the Muscle & Bone Strengthening elixir in his body hav4 now been completely absorbed. In just two days time he had unexpectedly broken through two levels. More importantly, the effects of this Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir was just too amazing.

As expected of an elixir that remained useful to cultivators up to Level 9, as long as one continued to drink this, they would be able to keep breaking through. Naturally, the most important thing was quantity, how would an ordinary disciple get their hands on enough elixir to treat it like water?

To be able to level himself up was excellent news, what made him even happier was the fact that was able to combine the two martial arts he had learnt into a new martial technique! The attack power far outstripped the original Ice Palm and Ice Flame Berserker Fist. This new technique actually fused the essence of the previous two creating a frightful power through some kind of overlaying technique.

Wu Xuan had some understanding of this unique ability of his, which was basically breaking illusion! That was, the breaking of the basic understanding of the current world. Just like his ability to create elixirs via cooking and his curious ability to absorb martial arts, this new ability of his was able to remove unnecessary parts within martial techniques, fused its basic function and magnify the essential parts!

Back home, Yue Xin’er was growing very bored. Wu Xuan also felt a little guilty, he really had gone overboard with his cultivation.

After cooking Yue Xin’er’s dinner, Wu Xuan returned to his room for a bath. A whole day of cultivation had made him mentally and physically tired. However, being able to level up made it all worth it.

As Wu Xuan relaxed within the tub, he let his mind drift about. Surrounded by warm water and steam, he gradually fell asleep. He was just hovering in that point between sleeping  and waking when he felt something leaned against his body.

He slowly opened his eyes, and immediately saw what was leaning against him and nearly spat up blood. Right there, next to him, completely naked, was Yue Xin’er!

He had fallen asleep, and that brat had also fallen asleep against him! Looks like he had really fallen into a deep sleep to actually not realize when Yue Xin’er had entered the bathroom.

Wu Xuan hurriedly wrapped a towel around Yue Xin’er, though this was hardly the first time, he still felt awkward every single time this naked thing happen. It’s not that he had no desire for women, but he felt guilty about doing anything to a woman whose mental age was that of a little girl.

“En, Brother Wu, you’ve woken up. Let’s shower together, ba!” Yue Xin’er, who had been woken up by Wu Xuan’s movements immediately launched her naked self at him in a spoiled manner. Her smooth and delicate skin stuck to Wu Xuan, making his body react.

He somehow managed to quickly help Yue Xin’er into her clothes. However, this was not the end. Yue Xin’er looked at his naked body and pointed at certain unmentionable bits, and curiously asked, “Brother Wu, what is that?”

Wu Xuan hated the fact that he could not just drill a hole in the ground and bury himself and his shame in it. He quickly and gruffly said, “It’s nothing, from now on Yue Xin’er mustn’t shower with me, understand?”

“But, why?”

“No reason…”


In a blink of an eye, the night past.

Wu Xuan got up early the next morning and placed over a dozen bottles of of the Muscle & Bone Strengthening medicine into a cloth bag. He wanted to drink a few bottles himself, but when he thought about how his juice lacks in terms of effectiveness compared to the real thing, the price would probably be correspondingly lowered as well.

Rather than drinking too many bottles of this juice, wouldn’t it be better to sell them for enough money to obtain one or two more portions of herbs to make the Muscle & Bone Strengthening Elixir again?

After packing up all the remaining bottles, Wu Xuan stuffed a hooded robe into the bag, intending to use it to disguise his identity. Generally speaking, disciples of the Wu Clan could sell whatever elixirs or magic pills they have made to the Elixir Pavilion. Medicines made by the disciples could be exchanged with money or elixirs of the same value.

After all, the Wu Clan was pretty large and the consumption rate of magical elixirs and medicines was quite high. However, most of the masters specializing in making elixirs could not be bothered to make low level elixirs, therefore having the family disciples practice making low level elixirs actually helped a lot. It was an excellent arrangement for everyone.

Unfortunately, Wu Xuan’s ability was not something that could be carelessly shown to others. If he were to show this Muscle & Bone Strengthening Juice to the Elixir Pavilion, wouldn’t they drag him in to be questioned? How was he suppose to show them his ‘refining skills’? Should he bring the elders to the kitchen and juice the magic herbs in front of them?

He really did not know the consequences of having his secrets revealed, and really did not dare to find out.

Therefore, he decided to sell this juice outside. There were plenty of shops selling and buying elixirs and magical pills within the Black Dragon City, among them was the famous Ten Thousand Medicine Shop!

The Ten Thousand Medicine Shop not only contained ten thousand types of medicines, it also sold all kinds of spiritual elixirs. Aside from finished products, it also sold magic herbs and magic pills. This Ten Thousand Medicine Shop’s reputation was super famous, enough to leave an impression on the slowly fading memories of this body.

Since he’s not selling his product within the family, he would have to conceal his identity in order not to leave a trail. All in all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Brother Wu, where are you going? Won’t you bring Xin’er with you?”

Looking at Yue Xin’er’s upturn face bright with expectations, Wu Xuan’s heart suffered another blow of guilt. Recently, he had spent all his time cultivating and hadn’t looked after Yue Xin’er at all. After thinking for a bit, he finally nodded. “Very well, let’s go together. However, Xin’er must listen to my instructions properly, otherwise there won’t be a next time!”

When Yue Xin’er heard that Wu Xuan was going to take her out she happily grabbed his hands, jumping about laughing, “Xin’er promise to listen properly!”

Wu Xuan picked out a robe for her, they would have to wear these robes when they visit the Ten Thousand Medicine Shop later in order to conceal their identities.

The Wu Clan House has a couple of back doors for servants and merchants, as well as lesser disciples sent out on errands. Wu Xuan chose to leave by one of these back doors, he strode out confidently, his steps light with anticipation of seeing the outside world. He had transmigrated to this place for so long, but this was the first time he had a chance to see what the outside world was like.

Yue Xin’er was so happy that she literally skipped about, at the sight of the bustling streets, her eyes bounced all over the place trying to see everything at once. Suddenly she stood still, her wide eyes narrowed to a squint.

Wu Xuan followed her line of sight and found that Yue Xin’er had set her sight on an accessory booth. Wu Xuan smiled as he brought Yue Xin’er over to booth, as expected, her eyes never left the accessories on display.

“Do you like this necklace?”

Wu Xuan found himself looking at one of the bracelets on display. It was made from some kind of jade or expensive hardwood carved into beads. Only after going through thorough sanding that these beads could achieve such highly polished and beautiful shine.

Though it was made from common stone, these beads came in different colours and were very nicely sanded. Even a manly man like him could not help liking the smooth colourful look of these beads.

Yue Xin’er immediately nodded, “Like!”

At her bright beaming smile, he could tell these words came sincerely from her heart. Perhaps her face was not the epitome of a great beauty, but at this moment, this was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen in his life.

No matter how old or young a woman gets, as long as they saw something beautiful, their heart would inevitably desire it.

Though he had not much money on him, he still have enough to spend on such things.

“Step aside, step aside, don’t block the road!”

An ear piercing shout came from somewhere far away. Wu Xuan looked towards the sound of that voice and saw a luxurious carriage galloping this way. A young man seated on the driver’s seat was shouting loudly, causing the commoners to scatter in order to get away from the rushing carriage.

Wu Xuan frowned, who knew which family’s arrogant young master that was. However, he quickly pulled Yue Xin’er out of the way, he had no plans to stir up trouble, as long as no one bothered him, he would not go out of his way to cause trouble for them. Moreover, his strength was nothing right now and he had practically no influence within the family.

Though he did not fear those in power, it would be stupid to cause trouble for himself for no reason.

As that luxurious carriage rumbled past them, he could see a beautiful woman seated within it. The woman looked out at the crowd with apathetic eyes and was, of all things, giving the unwashed masses an indifferent princess wave!

Wu Xuan could not sense the other’s power, which meant this person’s cultivation level was probably a few times higher than his own.

“The Wu Clan’s genius, Wu Yuxin is back!”

“That’s right, the Wu genius is back, I wonder what for…”

As the carriage disappeared from sight, gossip began exploding behind it — The Wu Clan genius, Wu Yuxin.

There was certainly such a person within Wu Xuan’s memory. At the age of 13, she broke through the Refining Class, who knew what her level is at right now at age 17. to be able to break through to the Refining Class at such a young age was certainly worthy of the title of a genius! Too scary!

Naturally such a genius would have every support of the large clan, to think that Wu Xuan had actually forgotten that this kind of person existed within his own clan. Moreover, it was a female genius, ah!

However, to be frank this had nothing to do with him. This genius talent belong to other people and did not benefit him in anyway. He also had no idea why she came back in the first place.


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