Strange World Alchemist Chef – 002

Strange World Alchemist Chef – 002

Chapter 2 – Proposal


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“So this is the kitchen…..” Wu Xuan did not even go near the kitchen when he caught a whiff of a tantalising aroma. The memories he had gained informed him of what is happening around him. Although he had already known what to expect from the memories he had inherited, he still sighed when he saw the kitchen.


The storeroom he was in is not far away from the kitchen. It is just a short walk away. There was no one in the vicinity and he did not meet anyone on the way back. This is the backyard area – Other than those who cannot practice martial arts, the rest of the disciples may not enter this area.


Other than coming here to get some food, they have no interest in this place.


When Wu Xuan entered the kitchen, he evaluated the all the equipment in the kitchen. There are no modern day electrical kitchen equipment. The smoke around the kitchen is very thick and heavy, and there are many chefs that were cooking the dishes in their wok. Everyone was perspiring heavily. Scattered on the table near them are several dishes that are ready to be served. The portions of the food are very large.


Wu family clan is one of the biggest clan in Xuanlong city, and have numerous disciples. There are around 200 plus disciples. Therefore, each day, the chefs have to cook a lot of food for all these disciples. Also, the food made must be tasty. This is a test of the skills of these chefs.


Luckily for Wu Xuan, he was assigned to work with Uncle Wu. Uncle Wu is a good chef, and he only needs to serve the various clan elders and clan head. The amount of food he cooks is not a lot, but it is by no means easy. Instead, it creates more pressure for Uncle Wu. This is because if the food he made is not tasty, the elders and the clan head will blame him, and this means very severe punishments.


He still has some time before it is time to serve these VIPs, but Uncle Wu have already begun to cook earnestly. Wu Xuan had learned a lot of cooking skills from Uncle Wu. Usually, he could help to take some of the pressure off Uncle Wu, but today is an exception to the rule.


Wu Xuan just observed the chefs at work for a moment, and immediately made his way towards the small wooden hut at the side. This is where Uncle Wu cooks. This is the only kitchen in the Wu Family Clan that is a private kitchen. It is much better than the communal kitchen.


As expected, the smoke is not thick in Uncle Wu’s kitchen. It is also much cleaner. As soon as he entered the kitchen, Uncle Wu raise his head and asked, “Little Xuan, why are you here? Didn’t I asked you to take the day off and rest?”


Wu Xuan smiled as he made his way in, “Uncle Wu, I am all right now. Let me help you.”


Wu Xuan was feeling bored. He thought that he should walk around a bit and observe more. As well, Wu Xuan was interested in cooking. Therefore, he wanted to see what type of ingredients and food does this world have.


Uncle Wu was stubborn and declined his help, “No way! You are injured and you should rest! If you continue to work when you are injured, your injuries will become more serious. This will only make your standards of cooking drop. You must think of the big picture and not act on a whim!”


Wu Xuan knew that Uncle Wu was concerned about him. From the way Uncle Wu treated him, he knew that he would not be able to convince Uncle Wu otherwise. Therefore, Wu Xuan had no choice but to give in, “Then I will just watch from the side. Is this all right with you?”


Uncle Wu thought for a moment and nodded his head. He continued to busy himself. He opened a pot, and a mouth-watering aroma drifted out. Smelling this, Uncle Wu had a happy expression on his face.


Wu Xuan took a look. This dish is fried chicken. The stripes of chicken were fried until they were golden yellow in colour. There seemed to be a thin layer of skin on the chicken. That layer should be created using eggs.


Wu Xuan looked at the big steamer nearby, and caught a whiff of the fragrance of the dishes, “Yi, are these dishes the dinner for the elders as well?”


Uncle Wu heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally completed all the dishes, and he smiled as he replied, “That’s right! All these dishes are the dinner for the elder and clan head. The steamer is the last dish. Once it is ready, the dinner can be served to them.”


“Then may I look and see what dishes are this?” Wu Xuan eyes did not leave the steamer.


Uncle Wu smiled, “Of course you may! You are not an outsider. But you may not eat the food secretly!”


Once he got the approval, Wu Xuan opened the lid of the streamer. Inside are the dishes for tonight dinners. Because Uncle Wu had finished cooking earlier, he had placed them into the steamer to keep the food warm.


Wu Xuan has only taken one look, and he immediately closed the lid. He looked stunned. Wu Xuan searched his memories for something and seemed to be considering something.


Uncle Wu was also very surprised at his behaviour. He had no idea what Wu Xuan wanted to do. Ever since he had fallen down from the ladder, he had changed it. In the past, he is very timid and respectful, and very careful in his speech. He was afraid of offending someone.


Uncle Wu did not think much about it. The most important thing is that Wu Xuan is all right. The change in his behaviour is quite good.


After a short while, Wu Xuan suddenly turned around and asked, “Uncle Wu, recently, how do the elders feel?”


This sudden question stunned Uncle Wu. Why did Wu Xuan ask such a strange question out of the blue? But Uncle Wu replied, “The elders are not feeling so good. Recently there are a lot of issues within the clan…. Why are you asking this?”


Wu Xuan thought for a moment and said, “Uncle Wu, I think that these dishes are not suitable for the elders. This will make them more annoyed.”


“What? You are saying that my dishes are not suitable for the elders?” Uncle Wu glared at Wu Xuan. These are his specialities! No one like to be criticised and Uncle Wu retorted, “These dishes are the favourites of the clan elders. How could you say that they are unsuitable!”


Wu Xuan saw that Uncle Wu was displeased, and he grinned, “I am not saying that your dishes are not delicious. Everyone knows that you are the finest chef in the Wu family clan. But Uncle Wu, think about it for a moment. All the dishes you cooked are quite heaty, and the taste is thick. And the weather is very hot these few days. If you serve these dishes to the elders, won’t they become moodier?”


Uncle Wu had taken good care of him, and Wu Xuan was careful to praise Uncle Wu before he advised him. With praise, logic and persuasion, he could change Uncle Wu’s mind.


Uncle Wu frowned. He half-believe what Wu Xuan had said.


Seeing this, Wu Xuan strike while the iron is hot, “Uncle Wu, think about it, these few days, the elders did not eat much?”


Accordingly to his memories, the elders did not have much appetite. But they have not blamed Uncle Wu either. They were frustrated by more pressing matters, and their appetite had decreased.


Of course, Uncle Wu knows about their appetites. He is the one who cooked and served them. And also the one who clear up after they have eaten. When he saw that there were a lot of leftovers, he was worried about losing his job and being blamed.


“Oh dear, what should we do? There is not much time left! Even if I want to make changes, it would be too late!” Uncle Wu shook his head. He did not know many recipes and only know these few specialities.


Wu Xuan patted his chest, and managed to make himself sway. This body is really too weak! He steadied himself and smile, “Uncle Wu, relax! You still have me! I know how to cook!”


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