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Little Cooking Saint – 0167 – Cold Serve Rabbit (j)

Chapter 167 Cold Serve Rabbit (j)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


The group loitering outside the Shi Estate waited until evening but nothing happened. The [1] Zhao Patriarch did not appear. When night fell, the people outside could only assume that he had been killed off. Nevertheless, that had nothing to do with them. When the evening grew darker, over a dozen black shadows slipped into the Shi Estate.

The spectators eagerly waited to see what kind of chaos this group of experts would bring to the Shi Clan.

They waited.

[2] And waited.

The Shi Estate maintained its peaceful silence. Its many lanterns lighting up the general pathways [2] swayed gently in the breeze. There were no sounds of fighting, not even the clanging of weapons reached them. Finally, a voice was heard, but it was from their side.

[2] “What happened to those people?”

[2] “Did I really see a bunch of people going into the estate just now?”

The questions remained unanswered.

[2] Everyone was in the middle of pondering over this when the second batch of people stealthily leapt over the walls of the Shi Estate…

Their movements were as swift and silent as a stone falling down a deep pool, leaving neither ripple nor bubble in its wake.

[2] And…

[2] Just like a stone spiralling into the unknown, they did not return.

The third set of people went in, the fourth batch…

By now, the people outside were starting to panic.

Just what kind of place was the Shi Estate? Was it a huge, unending maze? Where did everybody go?

Why haven’t any of them come out?


Inside the Shi Estate.

Shiyu dusted her hands, having dispatched another set of those intruders. If she could overpower them, she’d kill them herself. If she couldn’t, she’d step aside and let one of the three Panda Brothers take care of it.



The people kept watching till dawn. However, all that happened was… people going in, and no one coming out. There was just… nothing.

“Surely, from the number of people going in, there should be corpses if they die, right?”

[2] “The matter is too odd,”

Yes, it was too odd.

Eventually, someone stiffened their backs and approached one of the servants who came out of the Shi Estate on some errand or other, “Excuse me, I noticed your master has quite a lot of visitors last night. Did something happen?”

The servant blinked, “Visitors? No, I don’t think so. It was very quiet last night.” He gave his companion a light punch, “You heard anything?”

His companion looked even more stupid. “No, nothing.”

[3] “Sorry, sir. Our estate did not have any visitors yesterday.”

The person observed the servants’ expressions and reluctantly concluded that they must be telling the truth. [3] Either that or these two idiots must have been sleeping too deeply to hear anything. He shouldn’t have known better than to question these low-level rough work servants.

He was about to target some other better-dressed servants when the estate door opened and out stepped the Madam of the Shi Clan. Madam Shi was dressed in the finery as was proper to her station and was followed by an appropriate number of servants. She did not comment on the number of loiterers outside her house and left in the direction of the city. [4] The watchers recalled that Madam Shi often left the Shi Estate around this time to inspect the Shi Clan shops.

[2] But…

No one had expected Madam Shi to continue with this mundane routine while they were being monitored so closely. Did she not know the danger her family was in?

As they gaped after Madam Shi’s disappearing form, the Shi Estate gate opened again. This time, a group of giggling young people came trooping out. All of them were beautifully dressed and happily bickering about which teahouse serves the best breakfast.

[2] Wei…

Where did you find the mood to eat, ah? Shouldn’t you be more guarded and wary?!

The mood of the people who had camped out all night around the Shi Estate was very complicated.

When Shiyu spotted the belligerent looks on these lurkers, she could not help but laughed, “Looks like the outsiders are more worried about our situation,” she laughed.

Xiao Shu was still a little anxious, “Is it really alright to come out like this? Would our home be alright?”

“Even if the sky falls, there are taller people bracing it. Even Madam Shi left the house with no worries, so why shouldn’t you? Didn’t you say you’ll bring me out for Cold Serve Rabbit last time? Go on, take us to the most authentic shop!” Shiyu urged. She was not worried, with Eldest Bei guarding the house, there’s nothing for them to worry about.

Xiao Shu pondered over these points. Mother had indeed left the estate confidently enough. Also, nothing happened last night anyway, so… perhaps, things were not quite as serious as everyone made it out?

“Alright, let me treat you,”

There were quite a lot of restaurants with Cold Serve Rabbit on their menu in Dawn City. However, the most authentic had to be Qing Xiang Place close to the entrance of Locust Tree Lane.

Qing Xiang Place has been in operation for over 60 years and was so famous that even the foreigners who passed through Dawn City would stop by to taste its signature dish.

Shiyu and the rest happened to arrive early and managed to catch the restaurant at a time when there are not many customers around. Even from afar, they could smell the deliciously spicy fragrance that captivated the gluttons inside of them.

Right in front of the shop was a large locust tree. Tables and chairs had been set out especially for customers to eat under the shade of this large tree.

Xiao Shu sat down absentmindedly, her heart obviously not with them as she stared into the distance. Meanwhile, Shiyu and two of the Panda Brothers watched as the cook worked his magic.

Rabbit meat was not something unfamiliar to Shiyu. Compared to conventional meats like chicken, fish and duck, the rabbit has a gamier smell. However, experience cooks have no problem getting rid of this gaminess and making a delicious dish out of rabbit.

When Shiyu sat down, the cook had just started on the next batch of rabbit. The whole rabbit had been chopped to tiny, bite-size pieces, bones, meat and all. The pieces of rabbit were then fried over high heat until they turned a golden yellow. Once the meat changed colour, a large bowl of chopped dried chilli peppers, garlic, ginger as well as other spices was dumped over the frying rabbit. The cook gently stirred the spices into the oil and rabbit pieces until everything transformed into a [5] brilliant jewel red. [6] After adjusting the flavour with a little seasoning, the dish was done.

The cook shifted the pot onto an unoccupied stove to be cooled and went on to prepare the next batch of Cold Serve Rabbit. Everything was repeated from the beginning, the frying, stirring of spices and finally the cooling process.

After studying the cook’s method for a while, Shiyu was ready to try the dish. It looked very fragrant and might even be more delicious than the one she had in her past life. At the very least, she could tell from the aroma that it would not taste bad.

Once the waiter brought out their portion of the dish, Shiyu couldn’t wait to take a bite. She quickly seized a piece of the bright red meat with her chopsticks and placed it in her mouth. [7] Crispy! Spicy! Yummy!

“Delicious! Boss! 10 more portions!”

Why is it so delicious? Was it because it was freshly made?

No, this dish was meant to be served cooled, that’s why it’s called Cold Serve Rabbit.

Shiyu picked up another piece of the meat and held it close to her eye. [8] It was a brilliant red and dotted with white chilli seeds. The rabbit had been so finely chopped up, fried and covered in red sauce that it was difficult to decide which part of the rabbit it belonged to.

[8] Suddenly, Shiyu noticed a little white crisp layer of something attached to the meat. Could it be-

[8] “Rabbit skin!”

[8] The waiter, who was putting down the second portion of their Cold Serve Rabbit paused, “Miss?”

[8] “That must be it!” Shiyu was ecstatic. “That must be the secret! This rabbit must have been cooked with its skin on. That’s why it’s so crispy!”

[8] The waiter’s face stiffened, “I don’t know what Miss is talking about.”

[8] “Oh, come on, roasted pork skin is delicious. So the same principle must apply to rabbit too!” Shiyu said impatiently. She was sure that this waiter was just trying to fool her or lead her down the wrong path after discovering the secret to their Cold Serve Rabbit.

[8] “Going by this logic, the rabbit must have been cooked with its skin on to make it so crispy and fragrant. That’s the secret behind Qing Xiang Place’s Cold Serve Rabbit!” Shiyu finished triumphantly.

[8] The waiter gave her an odd look. Then, he coughed into his fist. “Miss, we don’t serve rabbit with their skin on,”

[8] “What are you talking about, this is clearly-”

[8] “Because that would mean serving miss rabbit meat with their fur on,” the waiter continued gently. “Rabbit’s fur is taken off with their skin. Almost like a coat.” He placed the third plate of Cold Serve Rabbit on the table. “However, Qing Xiang Place is very pleased that Miss likes our dish this much,” then, he tactfully backed away.

[8] “… …”

[8] “… …” the two Panda Brothers were staring at her. Their chopsticks stopped over the third plate of Cold Serve Rabbit.

[8] “…what are you looking at?!” Shiyu snapped.

[8] “Nothing,” they mumbled and stuffed more Cold Serve Rabbit into their mouths.

[8] Shiyu sighed, her cheeks flaming with shame. She cast a glance at Xiao Shu. However, the girl was so out of it that she had missed Shiyu’s amazing blunder.

In fact, the reason why she was so out of it was because she had just seen her sweetheart!


Honey seemed to well up inside Xiao Shu’s chest as she stared at the man she loves. With a hurried excuse for Shiyu, she ran towards the love of her life.

[8] Meanwhile, Shiyu was still a little numbed from her rabbit skin blunder.

[8] That’s right, she had eaten rabbits before and even cooked them, she had… even skinned them! How could she have forgotten this bit of information, ah! She had better get Fat Cat to look at her head and make sure she had not turned into an idiot.

By now, Xiao Shu had reached Shen Lingfei. Hands clasped before her chest, she said, “Lingfei, were you looking for me?”

Shen Lingfei cast a glance at the people behind Xiao Shu before taking her hand, “I heard something happened to your clan. How about I take you to see the Dean of the College? If you begged them, I’m sure they will agree to help you,”

Unbearably touched by Shen Lingfei’s thoughtfulness, Xiao Shu’s heart nearly burst with gratefulness. That’s right since she had caused this mess in the first place, she should try her best to remedy it. What better way than to ask for advice from the Deans of the College? Surely it won’t make matters worse?

“Alright, I’ll speak to Xiao Yu about it first,” said Xiao Shu.

“If you tell her about it she’ll definitely won’t let you go,” Shen Lingfei’s hands tightened around Xiao Shu’s. “You know how prejudiced she is against me. She doesn’t put me in her eyes and… if she knows I suggested it, she’ll refuse to agree. Don’t you think we should solve this matter as quickly as possible?”

Xiao Shu glanced back at Shiyu, who was still staring at the plate of Cold Serve Rabbit. When she turned her head again, she was caught up in the beautiful eyes of her beloved, “Yes,” she said faintly.

Under the locust tree, Old Two Jing poked Shiyu’s arm, “They just left.”

Shiyu gnashed her teeth around a mouthful of rabbit, “I know.”


[Gumihou: Shiyu was being kind of superior and condescending lately. It was getting rather annoying. Gumihou is not going to let her lord over a recipe with wrong information. Please believe that Gumi will bring this up whenever she can to take Shiyu down a peg or two.]


Here’s a recipe from an Old Master on this dish:

It also has English subtitles. Their recipe is also slightly different from Chef Wang Gang’s given in Chapter 158.


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9
[1] USMiC: At least mention Zhao Patriarch’s name one last time

[2] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Used creative language to show these stealthy people camping outside the Shi Estate (or mansion/bunga-lol). Also, added dialogues instead of just general passive sentence thingies.

[3] USMiC: Gave the two servants a little bit more personality.

[4] Changed Details to prevent Stupid: Original text: It looked Madam Shi was going to inspect the shops

Not a problem, but you know this how?

Were her servants carrying account books? Pfft, in this era of space bags?

Was someone carrying a ‘Shop Inspection’ sign?

Please don’t be lazy about providing plausible reasons.

[5] Change Details, because it’s wrong: Original text “Stir fry the chilli peppers and spices in the oil until the oil turn a golden yellow

Author-san, I don’t know how to tell you this, but, to begin with oil is yellow. When you fry something, it should turn ‘golden yellow’. Also, you Mala Maniac, chilli peppers are supposed to turn your oil RED.

[6] Sadly, after the yellow oil turned ‘golden yellow’, the rabbit meat was fried with chilli peppers until it’s ‘brown yellow

… what

I thought, if anything, author-san you should know by now that anything touched by Mala Oil or a whole bowl of chilli peppers would, you know, TURN RED???

Replaced Note 6’s idiocy with ‘adjust seasoning’ as a way to close the cooking steps.

[7] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Because Shiyu somehow give the dialogue first before describing the food. Transition wise this is… anti-climatic.


[8] Changed Details to Prevent Stupid: Original text “…saw there was still a layer of skin on the meat. The taste of rabbit skin is just as delicious as grilled pork skin. No wonder this dish is so delicious

Yeah, uh huh, sure.

Unless your rabbit is the Giant Horned Rabbit that’s about the size of a truck, rabbit skin will always be very thin and covered in fur. Fancy a delicious plate of fried fur anyone?

The waiter is Gumihou’s creation and mouthpiece. We don’t give face to idiots.


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