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Little Cooking Saint – 0255 – Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (j)

Chapter 255 Meaty Pork Crackling Noodle (j)

Translated by Gumihou

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When news that the Dean had especially arranged for the Arcane Grade students to Cultivate outside reached the rest of the student population, they became very envious. Suddenly, there was a rush of people striving their best to enter Arcane Grade as soon as possible.

When Shiyu heard about this, she could more or less guess what the Dean’s plans were. The only thing she could do to help was to make use of the beast cores and create more Cultivation improving food.

Whether it was due to practice or something else, she felt that her proficiency in making Cultivation enhancing food was getting better. She could now make 20 portions in one go. Naturally, this only applies only to beast meat and beast cores at Level 3 and below. As expected, the success rate became slightly lower, but the speed increased by a few dozen times at least.

Because she spent so much time refining these special dishes, her mental powers increased by leaps and bounds. Moreover, even though she had only recently broken through, she could feel the spiritual powers within her body started to slowly build up again

While she was busy with her own things, she had no idea that out in the world, many large and small incidents were brewing. Eventually, these various events would set each other off, transforming into an unstoppable wave.

The Dean probably also had no idea what was happening outside. His goal was to train some powerful students to prepare for the future in case the country falls into turmoil due to political instability. That way, he could use the strength of the College to protect the peace and safety of the people.


However, as time passed, perhaps a few years down the road. He would see that this original good-intentioned move began by a few people would eventually lead them down a more difficult, yet nobler path.


Back at the Villa, Shiyu worked non-stop for three days and three nights. She sent Xiao Qi to the Dean with the results of her work while she walked about aimlessly on the tree-lined paths in the college, thinking and working things out for herself.

There were not many things she could make with the beast meat. Right now, she was limited by her kitchen tools. She was also thinking about finding a master or instructor. There was only so much she could learn on her own.

After all, it is difficult to make progress behind closed doors.

She strolled slowly through the college, feeling the breeze and enjoying the sense of peace and tranquillity of the [1] educational environment. Tucking her hands behind her head, she slowly made her way towards the more wooded area.

There were many students along the paths she took, all of them greeted her respectfully on sight. Occasionally, there would be a few who did not know her. These were pulled aside by friends who would then explain Shiyu’s identity to them. The eyes of the people following Shiyu’s form were filled with yearning.

Of all the College Champions, Shiyu was a rarely seen character. Moreover, her Cultivation realm was on par with Qing Chen, making her presence even more mysterious to everyone.

The others could still be seen meditating in the middle of the College Square, but Shiyu… aside from the few times she appeared on stage at the Central Square, it was rare to see her more than a handful of times a year.

Somehow, Shiyu’s [1] feet took her to the Hidden Treasure Pavilion. It was rare for her to come to the Treasure Pavilion. After all, there was not much the Hidden Treasure Pavilion could offer her [1] now that she has reached Core Condensation 9. Therefore, aside from the third floor, the lower two floors had nothing that would interest her.

The third floor… perhaps, she could get the Dean to grant her entry now that he’s more amiable…

As she continued to ponder over various things, Shiyu walked up to the Treasure Pavilion. Seated at the reception table, Elder Liu was there, as usual, dozing…


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[2] Elder Liu was now a Core Condensation – Great Perfection realm expert. Just one level shy of Divine Transformation. As the younger brother of Patriarch Liu and an elder within the College, he was pretty much entitled to one of the Fortune Pills left by Wen Heng.

Still, Elder Liu was worried about failing even with the help of the Fortune Pill. Therefore, he had been working hard, Cultivating and meditating. He would take the pill and attempt the breakthrough when the time is right.

Breaking into a completely different realm, especially such a major one, requires a person to be [1] mentally, physically and spiritually prepared. Others in similar situations were even more leisurely. Since nothing was pressing them to advance, they would rather take their time and wait for a more opportune time. As long as they achieve the ending they wanted, it was alright to take their time.

When Shiyu saw Elder Liu, she suddenly recalled the issue she had been mulling over. [1] As the elder who looks after the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, surely Elder Liu would have lots of connections? Perhaps, he might even know a smith or a forger who could help her make some kitchen utensils that would not melt into molten iron when touched by Ocean Heart Flame.

Elder Liu might look like he was dozing half the time. However, the moment Shiyu approached his table, his eyes popped open.

[3] “Greetings, Elder Liu,” the girl greeted him respectfully. “I was wondering…”

[3] Elder Liu listened as the girl explained what she was looking for. The Dean had already explained what the girl could do, although he was still a little sceptical, he nodded, “I see. This is a trivial matter. We have a few elders here who could forge Spiritual Items. They normally forge weapons, but I do believe they could help. However, you’ll have to follow the Rules of the Craft and prepare the materials yourself.”

Shiyu nodded, having anticipated something like this, “I trouble Elder Liu to give me a reference.”

“Such a small matter, it’s better to strike when the iron is hot. Why don’t we go right away?” said Elder Liu.

“Er…” seeing the students still waiting to exchange items or just coming in, Shiyu coughed into her hands embarrassedly as she followed Elder Liu out.

Without Elder Liu, nothing can be brought out of the Hidden Treasure Pavilion, therefore it would not be surprising if the students were to complain.


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After Shiyu and Elder Liu left, Mo Yin appeared from behind a shelf. Her expression was very complicated. However, one could still sense a deep feeling of frustration and powerlessness behind it.

Once, she had thought of herself as someone powerful. The person that others curry favour with in hopes of advancement. However, that belief continues to diminish as the gap between herself and [1] that person gets wider and wider. Looking back at her past actions, she found that she had been too naïve and foolish. How ridiculous her actions seem now?

Back then, because of love, she had been too paranoid and believed that the other had approached their group due to the same ulterior motives as herself. She had suspected the other because she had harboured those secret motives in her heart.

“Are you still thinking about the past? There’s no point dwelling over it anymore,” Liu Yi’s voice came from behind her. He sighed and continued, “That small matter, clearly that person never gave any thought to it.”

Though that person was a young girl, she could be very ruthless. The entire Xue Clan had been razed to the ground and Xue Qingge killed off just like that. [3] Naturally, as people who had once offended Shiyu, he had been worried that they would be next on the list to be eliminated.

[3] Fortunately, after inquiring into the matter a little more, he found out that Xue Qingge had provoked Shiyu by threatening the life and safety of her sister. She was killed because she had touched Shiyu’s bottom line. [3] That person is no soft or gentle girl who avoids conflict.

Hidden behind that gentle smile was a sharp knife capable of killing with one blow. The one foolish enough to step on her would feel its edge.

However, it is also because of this ruthlessness that he knew that the other person never gave their existence a thought. [3] The proof is, well, they are all alive and well, aren’t they?

When Mo Yin heard his voice, her face stiffened. Then, she turned and left.

There are some things in life that one simply cannot endure. She can no longer deceive herself, nor allow herself to be deceived. After knowing that Liu Yi and Meng Li had gotten involved together, she had endured until she could not endure it anymore.

Liu Yi tried to chase after her. [1] When he stepped out of the door, he saw Mo Yin was standing stock still at the top of the steps. A few feet ahead was Meng Li and Shen Lingfei. The two of them were clearly walking towards the Hidden Pavilion together. For a moment, all four stared at each other.

[1] Finally, with a vicious ‘Pei!’, Mo Yin spat and left first.

[1] Meng Li and Shen Lingfei exchanged a glance.

[1] Liu Yi gave them an awkward smile before he too hurried away.

The group of friends that had barely begun to experience the test of life had completely fallen apart.


[Gumihou: Is Liu Yi being deluded? Is the author trying to portray a deluded Liu Yi? Is she just bad at writing deductive thoughts?]


[1] Some small fixes for creative purpose

[2] Elder Liu’s Thoughts: Ease into his thoughts and POV. Both times.

[3] Adjusted some details: Change the ‘although’ to ‘because of’, ‘to a certain extent’ to ‘this shows’, ‘so’ to ‘the proof is’ and added a little more details to make Liu Yi’s thoughts stronger.

Gumi decided to fall on the side of ‘in conclusion… this’ instead of ‘er, erm, I guess…yeah!’ because that’s kind of OOC for Liu Yi.


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