Little Cooking Saint – 0278 – Soup (a)

Little Cooking Saint – 0278 – Soup (a)

Chapter 278 – Soup (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


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After Elder Gu returned from his escort mission, the atmosphere within the Imperial had grown more and more volatile.

It was the Ninth Month, the tournament had been operating for nearly four months since the Sixth Month. From now onwards, the tournament will be entering its final stages. [5] All those who came to the Imperial Capital will have an opportunity to get their hands on the Fortune Pill.

As soon as the news was announced, the entire Imperial Capital nearly boiled over with excitement. Here and there, people chattered about the matter and more than a few Cultivators got ready to roll up their sleeves and fight for the right to own this precious pill.

Meanwhile, Shiyu, who had been hidden inside the Saint’s Dwelling for a whole month, slowly opened her eyes.

Before her was the Ocean Heart Flames. However, the thing her eyes focussed on was wrapped inside Ocean Heart Flames.

They were the fruits of her labour for the whole month.

[1a] Thanks to the urgency of the work as well as the pressure to succeed, Shiyu found that she had finally broken past Level 9 and was now officially in the Great Perfection realm!

Feeling the surging spiritual powers in her body, Shiyu sighed with relief, “I’m finally there!”

After a bit of rest, she looked at the ball of fire before her. Then, with a flicker of a thought, the fireball dispersed into seven separate flames that transformed into bamboo tube-like objects.

There was no choice. Though she wanted to fill the essence into containers there was none around that could contain these liquids. Jade bottles and bowls explode into pieces the moment the liquid touches them. Even the cauldron that Grandpa Feng gave her had been blown to pieces.

In the end, she could only use Ocean Heart Flame to contain the essence.

Shiyu got up and left the Saint’s Dwelling. However, she did not see any of her friends at the villa. Thinking that they must all be busy with their own affairs, Shiyu decided to seek out the Dean first.

After all, the Dean was the one who was holding on to the Fortune Pills.

When she reached the office, she found only Elder Gu there [2].

“Good day, Elder Gu,” said Shiyu respectfully. Shiyu had great respect for this elder who had already made it to the Eight Realm yet still stayed back to assist the College.

“Congratulations on your breakthrough,” Elder Gu said with a smile as he stroked his beard. The more people breakthrough, the more help they would have. “I supposed you’re here to see the Dean? I‘m afraid he’s busy with tournament business and cannot be here for the moment. He has entrusted your Fortune Pill with me, told me to pass it on to you when you come.”

Shiyu’s eyes brightened. Elder Gu fished out a jade bottle and handed it to her.

“The thing you want is here. However, I advise you to take a good rest first before attempting the breakthrough. Although the pill could increase the chances of breaking into Divine Transformation realm, nothing is guaranteed. It would be a waste to fail over a small mistake. You must be careful,” Elder Gu warned.

“This student understands!”

“En,” Elder Gu studied Shiyu’s face carefully. When he did not see signs of impatience or arrogance, he felt somewhat reassured and his opinion of this girl increased by several degrees.

Modest and calm, careful and restrained [3]. People with these characteristics would go far.

“There’s one more thing I wish to speak to you about. Once you have broken through, you should pay a visit to Dawn City. Those three [4] ‘cousins’ of yours have good skills. It will be nice to invite them over for a bit,”

Shiyu nodded, “I will.”

In fact, she already has plans to [4] invite them over. However, circumstances were not good before this. They were still too weak. If the Enforcers got hold of the three Panda Brothers and refused to let them go, matters would become even more complicated.

Therefore, before she could clearly evaluate the situation, it’s better not to invite them over lest the brothers were pulled into trouble with them.

However, they would soon gain some good capital…

After collecting the Fortune Pill, Shiyu spent some time chatting with Elder Gu and got herself acquainted with the current news before leaving. After she left the Dean’s office, she did not immediately return to the Saint’s Dwelling. Instead, she went outside for a walk,

The moment she stepped out of the gates, a pair of eyes immediately spotted her. Shiyu appeared as though she had not suspected anything and continued to walk aimlessly, seemingly engrossed with the scenic view.

While working and meditating alone in the Saint’s Dwelling, the silence and space around her made her feel as though the place was too vast and empty. As the sounds of the people bustling about entered her ears, she felt as though she had returned to the land of the living.

Humans are social animals. Those who could isolate themselves for a few decades, even a few centuries are too incredible.

After some aimless wandering around, she took a seat at a tea stand.

Generally speaking, these tea stands would have snacks that best matches the tea on offer.

“Are you going to keep following me from afar? Why don’t you come and take a seat? I’m feeling a little bored alone anyway,” having someone to talk to and drink tea with is also a special kind of indulgence.

At her words, a [1b] middle-aged man appeared in front of her. His face was not particularly heroic or handsome. In fact, his face was on the ordinary side with salt and pepper stubble. However, his body was strong and powerful, with an oppressive aura that screams of intimidation.

Shiyu eyed him for a moment and said with some uncertainty, “Suo Lan?”

The middle-aged man sat down, “It is I.”

“I have not expected the banner carrier of our opponent to look like this,” said Shiyu with a smile. She called the teashop vendor over and ordered some tea and a few snacks.

The vendor answered her order and not long after that, a teapot with two teacups as well as several small plates of snacks appeared on the table.

Shiyu glanced into the pot and saw that it was a type of black tea. Thus, she took a small bit of honey and placed it at the bottom of her teacup before pouring hot tea over it. She liked having black tea sweetened with a bit of honey. The warm taste and gentle fragrance were very satisfying.

“Would you like some?”

Suo Lan watched as she drummed her fingers on the table and answered with, “No need.”

“Do you have some business with me?” Shiyu asked as she added more honey to her tea.

“Before Elder Huan left, he asked me to pass on a letter to you,” answered Suo Lan.

“Hm? Master left?” Shiyu was a little shocked. She accepted the letter from Suo Lan and read through it quickly. Her expression did not change much.

The thing that shocked her most was that the Second Master that she met was a doppelganger.

As for the original person, he was actually in some kind of boundary world… to think that he could split himself up to such a big degree and be so far away…

Looks like being a Master of Illusion offer a lot of possibilities in the future.

After reading the letter for the second time, she put it away and looked straight at Suo Lan. “There’s no need for you to tail me like that if you just want to hand over a single letter. Well, speak up, what else do you want to say?”

Suo Lan studied the girl before him. Seeing her honest and straightforward manner, and remembering her slightly whimsical and wilful words, he suddenly smiled.

This person appeared simple but it does not mean she was completely unguarded. Unlike most people, she did not openly display a guarded expression.

This kind of people might appear easy-going, but they are in fact, quite troublesome to deal with…


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[1] Deleted Stuff:

[a] For the sake of these things, she spent a whole month and a lot of energy at the same time.

As mentioned before, repetition reduces impact. Delete.

[b] an ordinary looking

If you’re going to describe him later, please don’t include a pithy description in the beginning. The impact would be reduced.

[2] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Original text was ‘the moment she arrived, she saw Elder Gu’… and…?


Like, what? Elder Gu is just chilling in the Dean’s office?

Added Details to solidify the fact that there was only Elder Gu in the office without having to wade through a lot of details before realising there’s no one else there.

[3] Pfft! Remember your rabbit fur and exploding octopus balls incidents? Of course, it was only explicitly displayed in this translation and not the original but there’s also your arrogance over life and death when dealing with side quest Xiao Yun.

I wonder what Elder Gu would think if he knew about this stuff.

[4] Changed Details for Dramatic Purpose: Chinese people like to speak in vague euphemistic terms, especially the older generations. This seems to be missing here so Gumi adjusted it for you.

[5] All those who could make a fortune within the Imperial Capital will have an opportunity to get their hands on the Fortune Pill [Gumi doesn’t understand this…]


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