Little Cooking Saint – 0228 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (e)

Little Cooking Saint – 0228 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (e)

Chapter 228 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou

The thoughts and actions of one character have been recalibrated as they went against the regulations of the newly established Society for the Prevention of Out Of Character Shenanigans, otherwise known as SPOOCS.

Gumi nearly ded…


It was the final struggle.

[1a] Everyone could feel it in their bones. They all leaned forward, hardly daring to breathe as they stared at the platform with rapt attention. Afraid to miss even a single second of this historical moment.

Qing Chen said nothing. His eyes never left the stage.

“Has Lin Fan gone crazy? Is he really planning to fight Fire Wolf to the death?” Dong-Fang Zhen said with a frown.

“He’s not such a reckless person,” said Shiyu calmly. “I’m sure he has a good reason for what he’s doing. It’s pointless for us to worry about it now, so let’s just trust him.”

Suddenly, she felt the Spiritual energies around her rushing towards the centre of the platform. Lin Fan’s black sword suddenly turned a brilliant dazzling red so bright that it cast weird shadows on Lin Fan’s face.

Opposite him, the red aura around Fire Wolf exploded around him like flames. The aura grew bigger and bigger until it formed the silhouette of a fiery red wolf around his body. Then, with a mighty roar, he pounced forward.

Lin Fan’s sword exploded with a brilliant light. This time, [1b] instead of leaping out of the way, Lin Fan stood his ground. When Fire Wolf leapt at him, he held out his sword defensively before him. [1c] [2] Hearts in their throats, everyone kept their eyes on the platform, not daring to look away even for a second. Just as Fire Wolf was about to strike him, Lin Fan’s arm whipped out and sent the sword flying towards [4] Fire Wolf.

[2] Fire Wolf barely managed to dodge the flying sword, losing a little momentum before charging towards a weaponless Lin Fan.

[2] The crowd shrieked.

A loud bang resounded across the stadium and Lin Fan was sent bouncing off the floor. [2] However, he managed to recover himself and roll with the inertia and got to his feet. He coughed and spat a mouthful of blood.

[1d] [2] The audience automatically switched their gaze back to Fire Wolf… who was now standing in a slightly lopsided position. It took a couple of blinks for them to realise what was wrong. Fire Wolf has a sword sticking out of his shoulder blade! It was a black sword.

[2] [4] The same sword that Lin Fan had thrown at Fire Wolf just now!

“Cough, cough,” more blood spilt out of Lin Fan’s mouth, but it did nothing to disguise the rare grin on his face.

“I admit defeat,” he said calmly.

Admit defeat?

Just like that?

The audience began to mutter at each other:

[3] “Wei, why are they stopping in the middle of a fight when it’s just getting exciting, ah?!”

[3] “You still have all your limbs, why stop, ah?!”

[3] “Shut up, Lin Fan isn’t the type to give up without trying his best, maybe he’s really badly injured!”

[3] “Hah! Your Lin Fan is just a coward!”

[3] “You!!”


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[5] With a great show of flexibility, Fire Wolf pulled the sword out of his shoulder with his other hand. Still bleeding freely from the wound, he threw the sword at Lin Fan’s feet. “You wish to admit defeat?” [1f]

“Can’t I?” Lin Fan bent down to pick up the long sword that had returned to its black ruler condition and had to press a hand against the pain in his chest as he coughed up more blood.

Under Fire Wolf’s intense gaze, he stepped off the platform.

As soon as he reached his friends, Feng Luo quickly supported him and made him sit down. Then, he began to nag, “Just what were you thinking? Don’t you want your life anymore? You nearly got yourself killed out there. If anything happens to you what are we going to do about the team match?”

“I’m doing this for the sake of the team match,” said Lin Fan, his voice was light but his eyes were heavy with meaning as he cast Shiyu a look. “I’ll leave the next part to you,”

Now that he had admitted defeat, the Fire Wolves have a total of five points to their name. If Shiyu lost her match, it would be mathematically impossible for them to win.

Qing Chen said, “Your decision is correct,”

Lin Fan smiled, “Well, this is a team fight after all,”

[1g] Feng Luo blinked his eyes slowly, “Huh, how daring.” He turned to Shiyu, “Look at all these big men hanging their hopes onto you, Little Shi.”

Shiyu pushed Feng Luo aside and handed a cup of medicinal liquor to Lin Fan. “Did you somehow guess I have something like this? Is that why you risk injuring yourself?”

“The risk is worth it,” Lin Fan accepted the cup and took a sip. “However, whether we get into the team fight or not depends on you.”

“What amazing pressure.”

“It can’t be helped. However, I think you should have a slightly better chance of winning your battle compared to the rest of us.”

[1h] [6] “How sneaky,” Feng Luo smirked. “So that’s why you admit defeat so quickly.”

[6] Dong-Fang Zhen gave a bitter smile, “If not for our low Cultivation realm, the team would not have to resort to such desperate tricks.”

[6] He was the third weakest in the team and did not even have a special skill for the group fight. As the Crown Prince and someone with comparatively high Cultivation, how could he not be ashamed about dragging his teammates down? If he was stronger, would they have to resort to schemes like this?

Feng Luo placed a hand on Shiyu’s shoulder. [7] He gave her thumbs up with his other hand, “It’s all up to you now!”

Shiyu, “… …” What’s with this pressure as [7] great as the mountains, ah, ah, ah?!

“No need to be nervous,” Qing Chen said. “Your opponent is a Wood Attribute Cultivator. Fire trumps wood. Although he’s two levels higher, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically lose. Just do your best.”

“That’s right, it’s no big deal if you lose. The worse thing that could happen is the Dean handing out some treasures to them instead of us,” said Feng Luo blithely.

“… Feng Luo, the Dean is staring at you,”

“Really? Dong-Fang, ah. You shouldn’t let the Dean come up with all the reward items all the time. Get your father to take out some treasures now and then,”

Dong-Fang Zhen, “… …” This has nothing to do with me!

Shiyu decided to ignore the silliness happening beside her. “Then, I’ll be going,”

“Good luck,”

“Don’t force yourself,”

“Your life comes first!”

Qi Chuyun looked at the people cheering Shiyu on. She felt a little envious of their bonds of friendship. They all treated Shiyu so nicely and so intimately.

How long before she could get along with them like this?

“It’s enough to have the heart for it,”

“Hm?” Qi Chuyun turned to Feng Luo.

Feng Luo smirked. He did not look at her but was staring up the platform where Shiyu was now standing on. “Things happened in life for some reason. We could credit it to luck or coincidence. However, if we look back far enough, it is clear that we reap the result of what we planted long ago. Therefore, it’s useless to rely on wishful thinking alone.”

Qi Chuyun focused her gaze on the stage, her expression thoughtful.

Shiyu was now facing her opponent. This was the great turning point of their fight. The College Champions would have an opportunity to redeem themselves if Shiyu wins this fight.

If Shiyu loses, it would be the College Champion’s first loss as a team.



[Gumihou: Author-san, why pull down Feng Luo’s IQ to Usagi level and then make him say all those mysteriously enlightened crap? He’s not a magical girl]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9
[1] Deleted Some Stuff:

[a] Everyone thought in their hearts…

Instead of saying ‘they all thought in their hearts’, showed their anticipation.

[b] …he did something that no one could understand…

For some reason, author-san is desperate for readers to understand that no one understands Lin Fan.

[c] Was he sure that he could defeat Fire Wolf’s aura charged attack? Don’t forget, that guy is still building up his strength ah!

… Fire Wolf already ‘pounced forward’ one paragraph ago, so why is he ‘building up his strength’ here? =_=

[d] Everyone quickly followed the direction of Lin Fan’s eyes…

Dear, let me remind you that the tournament is taking place at night? Also, the platform is surrounded by flickering lights? Moreover, most of the audience should have something like a bird’s eye view and can’t really see Lin Fan’s eyes? Therefore, unless Lin Fan’s eyes detached themselves and shoot towards Fire Wolf like a pair of glowing balls, this scene is not possible.

[e] …the audience felt as though they did not possess enough brain cells to understand the situation

Again, this desperation to show that no one understands Lin Fan. So mysterious! Anyway, even if people don’t understand things they won’t think like this. Especially city people. They’ll just quarrel blindly as per Note [3].

[f] …he had been badly injured twice already by this brat, so he was not willing to end the fight so quickly…

Show don’t tell, also flip flopping POV, very distracting.

[g] …Feng Luo looked at them confusedly, “What are you two talking about? Why can’t I understand?”

Author-san, please don’t turn Feng Luo into a ditzy Sailor Moon just to make Lin Fan look good.

[h] …Feng Luo felt even more depressed. He still can’t understand what they are talking about, ah!

Please don’t lower your character’s IQ points for exposition purposes. Why don’t I show you how it’s done, via Note 6?

[i] However, who wants to lose?

Deleted weak ending.

[2] Show Don’t Tell: Action packed words in place of ramblings

[3] Changed Passive Sentences into Dialogues: It was describing what the audience was thinking. Decide to just let them say what they want to say instead of getting by with ‘audience are confused’ etc.

[4] Changed Details, because Fire Wolf isn’t actually dumb. Also, USMiC applies here because Fire Wolf is depicted as a character with deeper thinking. If Lin Fan had ‘thrown the sword to the side’ as per text. Fire Wolf would immediately be suspicious. He’s a veteran fighter and would instinctively know that something’s up.

Also, the weapon attacked Fire Wolf from behind, so logistics wise, it would make better sense for Lin Fan to throw the sword at Fire Wolf, allowing one of two things to happen: a) Sword strikes Fire Wolf, b) sword misses Fire Wolf but was summoned back by Lin Fan immediately and strikes Fire Wolf in the back.

[5] Added Details due to Logistics Purposes: “Lin Fan stood up (when?) with his sword which had been plucked from Fire Wolf (seriouslywhen?), clutched at his chest and limp away…”

There was a gap between the time where the sword was in Fire Wolf’s shoulder blade (how did he get it out?) and then in Lin Fan’s hand who was on the floor?


[6] Refer Note [1h]

Don’t take shortcuts by cutting your character’s IQ.

Oh, and we have to adjust Dong-Fang Zhen’s answer since Feng Luo is no longer an idiot.

[7] Replace pun related internet slang joke with an oboxious thumbs up from Feng Luo. The original joke was ‘Alexander’ or 亞曆山大 (ya li san da), which is actually a pun for 压力山大 (ya li san da) meaning ‘Pressure as great as the mountains’.



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