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Little Cooking Saint – 0168 – Cold Serve Rabbit (k)

 Chapter 168 Cold Serve Rabbit (k)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Shen Lingfei quickly led Xiao Shu to the College, his senses alert against an attack from the demoness. It was only after they had passed a certain distance that he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Whatever, it’s all fine as long as that little bitch did not come after him.

It did not take long for them to reach the College. When Shen Lingfei escorted Xiao Shu to the Dean’s office, the two Deans of Dawn College were already waiting. A flash of satisfaction lit up their eyes at the sight of Xiao Shu.

“Excellent. Lingfei, ah. Here’s our letter of reference for you. Just bring this to the Imperial College and seek out Instructor Dai Yun. He will make all the arrangement for you to enter the College,” the Vice Dean said as he handed an envelope to Shen Lingfei.

In Shen Lingfei’s eyes, this letter of recommendation represents his future. As for the Shi Clan, with so many people aiming for them, they would no longer be able to strut about as they like soon. The only thing that made him a little regretful was not having the good luck of getting hold of those precious items for himself. It’s unlikely that he would ever encounter such great fortune again. Though it was certainly unfortunate, Shen Lingfei knew to quit while he was ahead. With the referral in hand, he bowed gratefully to the two Deans, “Many thanks to the Deans of Dawn College. This student shall take his leave now. This student will never forget the great favour granted to this student. This student vow to one day repay this great favour.”

“Haha, just make sure to not bring shame to us old men,” laughed the Vice Dean.

Xiao Shu, who had been ignored by the three men, suddenly pulled at Shen Lingfei’s sleeves, “You’re going to the Eastern Empire? Why didn’t you say anything to me?”

“I meant to tell you before this, but you avoided me when I tried to see you. Now that the matter had been settle, I must pack my things. Please stay and have a good chat with the Deans. I’m sure they can help you.” Shen Lingfei pulled his sleeve out of her hands and left the Deans’ office.

Once outside, he glanced at the reference letter and could not help smirking. Finally, he could leave this place and start a new life! Life would be very different once he reached the Eastern Empire, he was sure of it.

Xiao Shu watched as Shen Lingfei shut the door behind him. She wanted to chase after him but stopped herself. She came here to beg the Deans for help. [1] Blinking rapidly, she firmed her resolved and turned to face the Deans.

[1] And blanched.

[1] The Vice Dean has a rather hideous expression on his face. Frightened, Xiao Shu instinctively dashed for the door. Something about the Vice Dean’s greedy face set off alarm bells in her head. However, before she could even touch the door, a hand seized her throat.

The sudden pain caused Xiao Shu to struggle, but it was like trying to fight a firmly rooted tree. She could not move the man at all.

“D-dean…” Xiao Shu choked out, still unsure why the Dean had suddenly attacked her.

The Vice Dean smirked as this puny little girl struggled in his hand. He thought back to the embarrassing scene yesterday and hated that he could not wash the Shi Estate red with the blood of the Shi Clan. No matter, he would soon be able to avenge this shame.

“Don’t kill her,” said the Dean. His voice was cold, “If she’s dead we won’t be able to exchange her for the Jade Spirit Essence.”

Jade Spirit Essence.

[2] Xiao Shu stopped struggling. This, this thing again! Wh-why would the Deans of Dawn College, who look so kind and friendly just now would be so fierce with her? And… exchange? Exchange her for the Jade Spirit Essence?

[2] Suddenly, her body was flung across the room and her back slammed against the wall.

[2] “Agh!” The pain on her body shocked her so much that she almost forgot about her burning throat. Xiao Shu collapsed to the floor, her mind racing. She came here in hopes to get help from the Deans. However, it looked like the only way to help her family was to get out of this place.

[1] But she was too weak to get away on her own.

[1] Lingfei!

[1] Surely Lingfei was just waiting outside for her?

[1] Desperately, Xiao Shu focused Spiritual power around her throat to amplify her voice and screamed, “LINGFEI!!”

[1] Her voice exploded from her throat, at least half of the school should have heard her. Surely, surely, Lingfei will come to her rescue?

However, all she got for her effort was a slap in the face. The Vice Dean sneered, “Too noisy!” Then, he roughly pulled her up by the hair and bound her up with some kind of green vine that was stronger than any ordinary ropes. Her mouth was similarly gagged.

“Now that we have the hostage in our hands, I don’t believe that woman would remain stubborn,” said the Vice Dean. “However, once we get that item, we must leave this place immediately.”

“I will make the arrangements. We can escape into the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range and lie low there for a while. Once the storm passes, we can return,” this plan made sense since the Mountain Range was not a place that even powerful Cultivators would simply enter. Though their strength was not the greatest, it was still the best place to lie low for a while.


Neither of these calculative men mentioned how a single Jade Spirit Essence should be divided between the two of them. However, each has their own thoughts about it.

Xiao Shu was already bound and gagged and neither of the men thought her important enough to hide their conversation from her. The more she heard, the more she understood just how foolish she had been.

If she had not come, she would not be captured as a hostage, right?

[1] When is Lingfei coming…?

[1] As time passed, the burning hope in Xiao Shu’s heart slowly turned to ash.

Mother… I’m sorry…

[1] It was all her fault. Her mind played back her previous actions and all she could see was how stupid she had been. Why couldn’t she do anything right?

[1] If only she had been more careful.

[1] If only she had not been so stupid.

Suddenly, the door to the Dean’s room crashed open. [1] It was kicked in so hard that the door flew across the room and smashed into three pieces.

[1] Joy surged in her heart! Lingfei!

[1] Surely Lingfei is here to rescue her!

[1] “Mmm!”

[4] Then, Shen Lingfei flew in-

[4] -and crashed into the wall before falling on the broken door.

[4] “Mmm!?” Xiao Shu was shocked, what happened?! She glanced at the door and saw a meticulously dressed Madam Shi come striding in. Behind her was her personal maid followed by Third Huan [5].

“You little beast. You seduced my daughter and left her as a hostage in the hands of these two dirty old beasts. Still dare to leave just like that?” Madam Shi snarled.

Shen Lingfei scooted away, “Your daughter is the one who wanted to come with me. I did not threaten her at all.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Did you ask my daughter if she’s willing to play hostage before luring her over?” Madam Shi’s laughter rang out harshly in the room. Her eyes were vicious when she glanced at Xiao Shu, “There’s your precious sweetheart.”

Shen Lingfei said nothing. In his opinion, it did not matter if Madam Shi wanted to throw her weight around like this. The Shi Clan would be destroyed soon anyway. He just had to be a little more patient.

The Deans were not at all unhappy about having their door kicked in. In fact, they were ecstatic to have Madam Shi walk into their territory on her own. Now they don’t have to go all the way to the Shi Estate to threaten her.

“Madam Shi, your daughter’s life is in our hands. Surely your daughter’s life is worth the price of a Jade Spirit Essence?” the Vice Dean grabbed Xiao Shu by the neck and shook her roughly.

Madam Shi’s expression darkened. No matter what, that was her daughter in the enemy’s hands.

Just then, Third Panda Brother stepped out with his fists clasped together in salute, “Madam, would you like these two dead or alive? Also, can I have some extra chicken legs after the fight?”


[Gumihou: Creative writing is a skill]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9


[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Because drama is needed here to make it not trite. Also, to fulfil USMiC for the Deans.

[2] Thought Process – Xiao Shu: At least make Xiao Shu’s thought process more realistic and reduce unnecessary words to make her thoughts more immediate.

Also, the writing style was really weird…

The vice-president’s hideous face made Xiao Shu terrified, but fortunately, he quickly let go and slammed her against the wall, and her entire back hit the wall directly

Nope, nope, nope

No way am I going to squash feelings, action and reaction into one sentence.

Show don’t tell! Show don’t tell!

[3] Changed Detail for Logistic Purpose: I know that author-san wants Shen Lingfei to appear first and let Xiao Shu cheer before mummy comes in, but…

Unless mummy kicks or blast the door first and then shove Shen Lingfei at the door (gently) for dramatic purpose… (unlikely) because she came intending to thrash up the place.

Or Shen Lingfei is the one who kicks the door in (unlikely)

The scene that author-san wants is kind of impossible.

Also, the following dialogue made the above scene even more unlikely. The words were too aggressive. It’s a logistical issue because action and words are inconsistent.


Gumihou will fix it. Match violet dialogue with an equally violent scene.

[5] Typo: It said Third Ni, but according to Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni, Ni should be Fifth Ni, if these Pandas have a 5th sibling on Ninth Realm.


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