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Little Cooking Saint – 0011 – Whipped Cream Cake (1)

Chapter 11 – Whipped Cream Cake


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When the last ray of the setting sun vanished beyond the sea, night fell and Qing Shan City suddenly became very lively. If day time was dedicated for work, night was when everyone relaxed and let their hair down.

The streets were filled with strolling citizens, tempting aromas from various restaurants permeated the air. Just a sniff was enough to set one’s stomach rumbling. One such customer sat down at his favourite noodle store and ordered his usual bowl of noodles. He was just idly waiting when a different wave of fragrance hit his nose.

It was a a pungent, spicy sort of scent that struck the salivatory glands quite well. Abandoning his noodles, he followed the scent and soon found himself standing in front of a small diner. There were already several people crowding in front.

Several tables and chairs had been set up under a large tree in front of the restaurant. A large pot dominated the front of the restaurant, filled to the brim with scarlet crayfish. Just the sight alone was enough to set people drooling.

“20 coins for 1 catty of crayfish. Place your order immediately. Once sold out that’s it for the day.”

Someone actually recognised the waiter in question, “Hey, aren’t you the kid that sold the steam buns outside of the city? Why aren’t you selling them anymore?”

Lao Er looked up and saw that it was one of their regular customers. He smiled, “We’ll be selling our wares here in the future, if you wish to buy our buns, please come in the morning. We sell crayfish at night, would uncle like to buy some?”

“It’s kind of expensive, ah” The customer hesitated.

“It’s not really expensive, a standard restaurant normally charge this much for a plate. Moreover, we’re selling by weight, so you’ll get your money’s worth. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

Remembering the taste of the steamed bun, the customer immediately nodded, “I’ll have one catty, then.”

“Please wait a moment.”

The customer took a seat. Next to him, another customer was already eating, his sweat fell like rain and his mouth kept moving, “Delicious! Waiter, three more catty for me.”

The regular looked at the half decimated crayfish and gulped, he was filled with anticipation.

In a short while, the crayfish arrived. Lao Er set a bowl of sour plum soup next to them, “This is our opening day complimentary drink, it goes wonderful with the crayfish.”

There was no ice during the summer months. To keep the sour plum soup cool, it was pre-made in a large bucket and lowered down a well to keep cool. Even without ice, a sip of the sour plum soup was incredibly refreshing.

Their regular customer nodded, and reached for one of the crayfish. The shell came off easily, revealing snow white flesh covered in spicy sauce. When he popped the meat into his mouth, it was like an explosion of flavour.

Spicy! Yummy!

Swallowing the first crayfish, he took a sip of the sour plum soup and sigh.

This dish is worth every coin!

Too amazing!

When he cast an eye at the pot, half of the crayfish were gone! He quickly ordered another 3 catty.

No matter what, he plan to eat his fill today.

Shiyu was well prepared, and the customers were fully satisfied. Only, when they closed shop that night, the crayfish they’ve collected over the past few days have all disappeared.

The shop’s crayfish dish achieved an overnight fame. A lot of customers tried to place an advance order, Shiyu could only give a bitter smile at this request. She had already decided to implement a first come, first serve rule.

Once they shop had been properly cleaned up and closed for the night, everyone slumped over chairs and tables in exhaustion. However, when they saw the pile of money collected, they grew excited again.

“So much money!” The beggars have never seen so much money before in their lives, “It’s like a dream.”

Shiyu smiled, “We shall have more in the future. In fact, money might become as common as dirt to you and you’ll want things that are more important than money.”

“Aren’t grandpa, elder sisters and brothers things that are more important than money?” Xiao Qi said curiously.

Shiyu stroke her head, “Xiao Qi is really smart.”

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The next day and the day after, business was very good.

The number of customers increased, when night fall a line would form even before they open their doors. While Shiyu felt proud of this achievement, a faint worry underlined her feelings.

The better you do, the more envious eyes are cast at your direction.

Qing Shan City’s Crayfish Diner have no backer behind them, and were manned by an old man and children. If someone were to use force against them, they would be powerless to resist. However, who in the world would just accept their fate lying down?

“Lin Fan, you should have awakened your powers by now?” Shiyu muttered to herself. After some thought, she sent Lao Er and Xiao Qi over to invite Lin Fan to their diner.

Since we need to hug someone’s thigh[1], let’s go hug the thickest thigh. Once Lin Fan rose to power, Lin Clan will become the undisputed ruler of Qing Shan City. By then, who would dare to make trouble for her family even if she’s not around?

Who knows whether by luck or fate, Xiao Qi immediate encountered Lin Fan as he was leaving his family compound and handed the invitation over to him. Lin Fan agreed to come, and even said he would bring his little sister over.

Xiao Qi reported this news promptly to Shiyu, who’s hands immediately stopped moving.

Lin Fan’s sister?

According to the novel, because Lin Fan was deemed useless, none of the Lin Clan members associated themselves with him, aside from that one treasured sister.

Since it is like this, she should prepare something…..

That evening, Lin Fan appeared at their shop with a slender and elegant looking girl. She was dressed in light green, her features were very fine and delicate looking. Her beauty was certainly eye catching.

“Oh, so Qing Shan City’s famous crayfish were sold by you guys, ah!” The Lin Fan in front of them was nothing like the depressed creature from before. He appeared very lively and confident.

He must have discovered the secret of that pendant.

Shiyu shrugged, “Well, we do need to make a living. When business is too good, it brought its own troubles. I’ll be frank, I’m hoping to invite you to be our backer.”

“Why would you need a backer?” Lin Fan was surprised.

Shiyu knew what he was talking about, and could only laughed mockingly, “I know it’s hard to believe, but, we’re all ordinary people here.”

Lin Fan suddenly caught hold Shiyu’s wrist and felt her pulse. After awhile, his eyes widened, “You’re really an ordinary person?

“As you have verified.” Shiyu smiled tightly. “Also, if you don’t let go, your little sister is going to be jealoua.”

“… ..” Lin Fan let go of her hand. There was a troubled expression on his face, as though someone had discovered his secrets.

Haha, this teenage boy, what’s with that scheming face?

Shiyu laughed again and invited both to sit down, while she went out to get the dishes she had prepared. Once they have been properly fed, she will negotiate with Lin Fan and hug his thigh to the end.




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[1] thigh hugging – getting a backer or support. You should know this if you’ve read enough Chinese novels, lol



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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    When business is too good, —> When business was too good,
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