Little Cooking Saint – 0229 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (f)

Chapter 229 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (f)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Note: This is the first time Gumi encounter a situation where fighting scenes… fight each other. Not characters fighting, but actual ‘fight scenes’ struggling against each other.



When Shiyu got onto the platform, her opponent was already there.

He was a thin man with shrewd eyes.

Shiyu’s first impression was: This guy will be hard to deal with.

Her main advantage in this fight was their opposing attribute. With her fire being superior to his wood. However, this was no time to be careless.

Taking a deep breath, Shiyu put her hands together and saluted her opponent. Now the battle has officially begun!

As soon as the greetings were over, a layer of green sprang up under her feet. Rather, the entire platform was covered in writhing green vines. Suddenly, a huge tree burst out from the middle of the platform, shattering the tiled floors. More trees exploded from the ground turning the whole platform into an island of green in the middle of an otherwise flat area.

The leaves of the trees were so dense that they not only blocked off the audience’s sight, but even the flickering lights of the torches had difficulty penetrating into the densely wooded area.

Caught in the middle of the forest, Shiyu found herself in near-total darkness.

Suddenly, shadows flashed behind her and vines shot out to grab her. Shiyu managed to duck and rolled away from these clutching vines. Blue fire flared in her hands and suddenly, the forest of green became a forest of fire.

From the audience’s point of view, the blank canvas that was the fighting stage suddenly transformed into an island of ancient trees. Everyone was just exclaiming with awe when the forest suddenly burst into blue flames. The fire grew higher and higher until the forest of trees was reduced to ashes.

The vacuum from the fire created its own windstorm that caused hot air to sweep across their faces. Right at the centre of the blue flames was a young girl. The eerie light of the blue fire giving her an unearthly appearance that was both beautiful and chilly.

“If your attribute is completely suppressed, how would you counter it?” asked Qing Chen.

“Direct attack,” was Lin Fan’s response.

The opponent might be stronger and more experienced, but Shiyu’s fire came from a Fire Spirit that could reduce most organic matter to ashes in seconds.

Look how quickly she destroyed the forest of trees.

Now that his cover was burnt away, the shrewd looking opponent had no choice but to take the direct approach. Green aura formed in his hand, transforming into a dagger made of Spiritual energy. He charged forward and slashed at Shiyu’s vitals.

Shiyu clashed with her own dagger and retreated, clearly not aiming to fight her opponent head-on.

The audience stared at the stage with increasing disappointment. After that amazing opening, you’re just going to play keep away?!

Are the College Champions really going to lose today?

At the VIP area, Patriarch Ge smirked as he stroked his beard. His eyes flashed towards where Lin Fan and the others were seated. His gaze heavy with hidden meanings.

“Something’s not right,” said Qing Chen. “Xiao Shi hasn’t made a serious move for some time now.” [1a]

“Is she planning to exhaust her opponent’s Spiritual powers?”

“It’s possible,”

It was not a bad plan. The only problem was, people with higher Cultivation levels would have correspondingly higher Spiritual reserves. Therefore Shiyu’s opponent should, theoretically, have the advantage.

However, with his Plant Attribute completely suppressed by Shiyu and the fact that none of his attacks could touch her… how is he going to win this match, ah?!

Shiyu’s mastery over Chasing Clouds & Moon did not quite reach Lin Fan’s speed, [1b] but it was still enough to evade the enemy’s attack. Again and again, his attacks were foiled. Each time, when it looked like he would finally land a decisive blow, Shiyu would flicker away in the last possible moment.

[2] At first, the audience was thrilled by these near misses. After 5 minutes of this cat and mouse game, however, they grew bored. Human beings could only stand being on the edge of their seats for a limited amount of time. Right now, the only ones excited were the gamblers and bookkeepers.

Another 10 minutes later, some of the audience began to yawn. If they weren’t curious about who would win in the end, some might have gotten up and left the stadium by now.

Suddenly, a firewall went up between the opponent and Shiyu. The previously dodging Shiyu dashed into the wall of flames and disappeared.

Oh? Are they finally going to end the fight?

[1c] Even Champions group sat up straighter.

As the audience watched, Shiyu suddenly reappeared behind the man. [3] Alerted perhaps by the audience’s sudden gasp of surprise, the opponent turn and was greeted by a full-frontal assault. This time, instead of escaping, Shiyu used Chasing Clouds & Moon offensively and slammed into the man, pushing him into the wall of fire…

[3] Fire razed around them. Shiyu was fine, of course, she could withstand even the flames of a Spirit Fire. The man screamed as his clothes burned, unable to keep his composure, he instinctively began to struggle. However, Shiyu’s momentum sent him falling to the ground, jarring his head against the floor-

[3] That was when Shiyu released the fine needle she had been sharpening in her mind.

[3] A second scream echoed across the stadium.

[3] Just as suddenly as it appeared, the blue flames disappeared and the blackened figure of Fire Wolf’s team member rolled out. Wheezing and coughing for air.

Shiyu dusted some imaginary dust off her sleeves and smirked. The mental attack she had sent to incapacitate her opponent was the mildest sort she could make. [4] Aside from saving her strength for the next fight, she did not want to make it look as though she had completely incapacitated her opponent. Not after that long cat and mouse game earlier.

[1d] [3] At any rate, he looked miserable enough with his charred clothes and blackened face.

“Still want to continue?” the question was directed at Fire Wolf.

Fire Wolf narrowed his eyes.

There was a long paused, but in the end, this crafty old wolf did not say anything.


[Gumihou: The original fighting scene is kind of messed up. Like two different fight scenes squashed together battling for literary supremacy.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Deleted some stuff:

[a] Shiyu had always been passive in her moves, and most of her moves were mainly dodging.

Extra unnecessary repetition, delete.

[b] … to leave mirages behind

This was not mentioned at all in the past chapters, author-san, you only talk about how Qing Dust turn into Qing Smoke, which I still think is more of an attempt to be funny than a serious attempt to describe a fight scene.

[c] Everyone was shocked

No kidding.

[d] But it was a bit too easy, wasn’t it? He didn’t even suffer any flesh wounds, he went down after a simple head butt…

Bro, just a few sentences ago you mentioned he fell into a fire! You wrote that he ‘rolled out covered in black’ and that it was an ‘appalling scene of devastation

You wrote it, not me and now he suddenly ‘did not even suffer any flesh wound’?!!

[2] Adjusted Details for more excitement: Rearranged some sentences and word usage.

[3] Adjusted Details for Logistics: Like, what’s this? ‘By the time the opponent has realised where she was and was turning around. Shiyu rushed at him, her legs kicking off the ground and rushing forward both hands grabbing at his weak point and banging her forehead against his forehead with a ‘dong’.

… Dear, even if you want to show off Shiyu’s brilliance by hiding her usage of her mental powers via head butt, isn’t this rambling of words too… wordy? Let Gumi show you a simple, plenty of room for error way of doing this.

Without head butts going ‘dong’


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