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Little Cooking Saint – 0321 – Fragrant Noodles (b)

Chapter 321 – Fragrant Noodles (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


As soon as they entered, Shiyu called out, “Eleven! Serve tea!”

However, after a short while, there was no movement from Eleven. Thinking that this guy must have gone looking for Ling Xiaoxiao, she did not bother to look for him and went to the kitchen herself. Qing Chen followed her, studying the place where she had been staying all this while.

“This is treehouse is not bad. You certainly know how to treat yourself well no matter where you go,” he commented.

“But of course, after all since I have the ability, why should I not make my life more comfortable? Here, this is our speciality, milk tea. I’m sure you’ll like it,” said Shiyu as she poured a cup of tea for him.

As he inhaled the sweet scent, Qing Chen smiled, “It’s rare for you to remember my preference,”

“It’s something I must do! I might not know anything else, but I do know everyone’s preferences very well. After all, this is my field of expertise [1],” she pulled him by the arm to sit down on a nearby tree stump. “Now that you’ve reached Divine Transformation realm, what are your plans?”

Qing Chen said, “I’m already here, what do you think my plans are?”

“You’re here to help me?”

“I’m here to watch you overturn the clouds and rain with your hands,”

“That’s too much of an exaggeration. I don’t think I’m capable of that. I’m just doing what I can. Once I’ve cleared things here, I can leave for the Eighth Realm without any worries.” After all, once she leaves for the Eighth Realm, she has no idea when she’ll be back again. Therefore, it’s fine to take things slow for now.”

“Then, I shall assist you,”

The two chatted together and the talk eventually winds towards Eastern Empire and Dong-Fang.

“Speaking of which… is Dong-Fang getting along well with the empress?”

Qing Chen was silent for a long moment. Finally, he said, “There is mutual respect on both sides.”

“That’s not bad,” said Shiyu, nodding. Then she had to ask, “What’s the empress like? Do you know?”

There were no two ways about it, her gossipy nature was coming out.

“Still not bad, at least they won’t pick a fight with Dong-Fang in the near future.”

“… why do I feel like there’s something wrong with this statement?”

“Because the empress is a man [2].” In the end, Qing Chen just outright revealed the matter. Well, it’s not like he was planning to hide it.

“!!!” Shiyu was stunned. “A man??? Didn’t they say she’s a princess?!”

“The princess ran away. Her twin brother came to take her place. If the princess could be found, they will secretly replace him. If she could not be found, he will quietly fake his death and leave. At least, that’s what Dong-Fang told me.”

Shiyu was speechless. Well, this kind of plan does seem to suit Dong-Fang’s character.


“What’s the name of the empress?”

“Song Lian ♂.”

“… …” a sudden flash appeared in Shiyu’s mind. “Wait, is the twin sister called Song Lian ♀?”

“En,” Qing Chen looked at her. “You know them?”

“No, no, no,” Shiyu really had no idea what kind of expression she should make right now. Could she say that the brother Song Lian is one of Xuan Yin’s harem members in the original work?

Now, brother Song and Dong-Fang, these two harem members are… married to each other… although it’s just a stopgap measure for political reasons, don’t you know that you are recruiting wolves into your wife’s harem, ah…

The world is unpredictable. Yes, she could only say that the world is unpredictable.

Moreover, now that Brother Qing Chen had deviated from the original work, who knows what else would happen in the future… however, that’s all Xuan Yin’s business. Shiyu believe that the heroine will know how to handle this matter properly.

After talking about Dong-Fang, Qing Chen told her something else.

“I have a nice surprise for you,” 

“A nice surprise? Are you giving me money?”

“When did you become so devoted to money?”

“I can’t help it, ah. My shop is losing money every day. After spending so much money, I am pretty much bankrupt now.”

“You may choose between the nice surprise and money,” said Qing Chen.

“Oh? Since you word it that way, the surprise must be worth more than silver. Let me have the surprise. I’m all ears now.”

“The three Panda Brothers have come with us. However, to avoid trouble, they are now staying at the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range north of here. If you feel that it’s safe, you may go and fetch them.”

“So, they are here too!” Shiyu couldn’t help laughing. “This is certainly a nice surprise. Go, go, go, let’s go and find them.” She really couldn’t wait.

After they left, Ling Xiaoxiao, who had searched the whole treehouse finally came outside to find Gan Ping packing up his stall for the day. “Where’s Eleven?”

“Oh, that brat is out picking up girls,” said Gan Ping. “Recently, there is this really cute young lady who came to the restaurant every day. Eleven and she got to know each other and the two of them often went out to have fun together. You should be tired since you’ve just returned. Why don’t you go and rest? He’ll probably be back by tomorrow.”

Ling Xiaoxiao was a little shocked, “A cute young lady? Oh, alright. Thank you, Uncle Gan. That’s right, here are some snacks for you. I’ll go and rest first.”

She shoved the items in her hand into Gan Ping’s arms, turned around and went off. Gan Ping was a little unsure what just happened. Not knowing what else to do, he opened up the small package and found that it contained snacks from Eastern Martial Empire.

This little girl was certainly attentive. To even remember to bring him souvenirs from home. He just happened to be a bit peckish now.

While pondering over the attentiveness of young people nowadays, Gan Ping happily ate the snacks as he returned to the treehouse…


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The Grand Martial Empire was a little far from Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. However, with Shiyu’s current speed, it did not take much time for her to reach it.

When they reached the sky above the Mountain Range, Qing Chen gave a piercing whistle and soon, three figures flew up to meet them.

“Brother Qing Chen!”

To these three fellows, the one who feeds them would be their closest relatives. Thus far, Qing Chen had been the one taking care of their daily needs. Right now, they saw Qing Chen as their eldest brother.

When Shiyu saw them hopping about in such a lively manner, she guessed they must be recovering well.

In fact, when they saw Shiyu, their enthusiasm doubled.

“Little Sister Shi!” one rushed up to hug her. His face was so close that he might as well be kissing her cheek. This kind of intimacy was… how to say, brought to mind the stickiness of the pandas and their caretakers back in her previous life.

Then again, she might as well be their caretaker in this life. At least partially.

Seeing them safe and well, Shiyu said, “It’s good that you’re here, come, you can stay with me.”

The three Pandas, who had been so happy just now took a step back and refused, “No need, no need, we can just stay here. If you need us to do anything, just come and find us here.”

Seeing their reluctance, Shiyu felt a tug on her heartstrings. The scars of what had happened still pained them, it had only been hidden away for a moment.

They are probably afraid of bringing harm to more humans…

Shiyu could not help but reach out to pat all three on their heads. In the end, she did not force them. She merely said, “You can stay here but be sure not to run around too much. If you happen to be in danger, come find us, alright?”



The conversation on Discord re Song Lian and Song Lian:


Erm, so Gumi has a dillemma now. There are two new names in the novel

宋廉 and 宋憐

The pinyin for both are sòng lián and sòng lián.

They are twins.

Basically Song Lian♂ and Song Lian♀

Bruh, aren’t their parents too creative (not) about their names?


Pill Bug: 

Dammit author is doing it on purpose, lol. Even the same pinyin so the confusion effect is the same in spoken Chinese.

If the twins were in an English gang story, I can see them being called Pitiful Song and Honest Song

Gumihou: Pffffttt!!


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[1] …lol

¯\_▒ – ﹏ – ▒_/¯

[2] …I think, I’ve read this novel before…

Also, brilliant job, mom. Why are the mothers in this world such bitches? While the dads are softies? Xue Qingge’s father literally died for her and ML’s father supported him leaving for Spiritual Beast Mountain Range with barely a question.


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