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Reborn-Super Chef – 038 – The Plot Thickens

Chapter 38 – The Plot Thickens


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Han Yuyan words stunned everyone. The entire corridor, which was filled with furious chattering a moment ago, is now deadly quiet.

Ye Chui was also shocked, what did this sentence mean?

Take home as a one-night stand or does it means gigolo?

Han Yuyan suddenly turned red with embarrassment as she realised that she had used the wrong choice of words, she immediately let go of Ye Chui’s hand and explained, “What I mean is, you go with me and become my grandfather’s personal chef!”

Become Elder Han’s personal chef?

Hearing these words, everyone also dumbfounded, and immediately shown how much they envy Ye Chui. Even Tian Xiaodu was not spared from this feeling of jealousy.

After all, Elder Han is one of the richest men on the planet. He is also one of the world’s most famous food critic. If someone can become his personal chef, this is an exciting and challenging job, but it is also very rewarding.

In the culinary world, if your resume had the words, “Personal chef of Elder Han”, you are considered a top grade chef.

After Han Yuyan had made her request, she smiled at Ye Chui. She was waiting for Ye Chui to say yes. She thinks that Ye Chui will definitely agree. After all, no chefs that had heard her request will decline this honour.

Everyone was also waiting for Ye Chui to say yes. They were thinking that this guy had struck gold. One week ago, he is just a mutton skewer seller in the night market. But now that the dishes he had cooked made Elder Han happy, he will become the personal chef of Elder Han. This is a rags-to-riches story.

No matter how much they envied him, they have no choice but to concede. The thought that Ye Chui will not agree had never even crossed their mind even once. After all, if it were them, they will grab this opportunity.


“Sorry, I am not interested.”

Ye Chui did not even consider it and immediately declined.

Everyone could not believe their ears and their mouths dropped open in amazement. What did he just said?

Han Yuyan was surprised, and her eyes widened, “What did you just say?”

“I said that I am not interested.” Ye Chui grinned and reply.

“Why? Han Yuyan could not understand this. She had thought that all chefs will jump at the chance. It means wealth. It means fame. It means power. But he declined them all?

Ye Chui shrugged, “Not interested means not interest. I want to open a restaurant of my own. Therefore, I have no interest in becoming someone’s personal chef.”

“It is not someone’s personal chef! It is my grandpa’s personal chef!” Han Yuyan retorted.

“So?” Ye Chui asked.

Ye Chui is not interested in working for others. To have a restaurant of his own is his dream, and he will not stray from the path that he had chosen. Also, is Elder Han personal chef something to crow about?

In his past life, he had met and served all kinds of VIP that wanted him to be their personal chef, and he declined them all. For example, the Presidents of some countries had requested him to serve as their personal chef, and he had declined.

Ye Chui still remembers the chief of a large tribe in Africa who tried to kidnap him to be his personal chef when he refused.

Han Yuyan was annoyed, and her face turned red. She gritted her teeth and stared at Ye Chui, as if she will immediately attack him.

Ye Chui remained calm. He was sure that she will not attack him.

Yang Yong suddenly interjected, “Mr Ye, maybe you do not understand what being the personal chef of Elder Han represent. Those who can become the personal chef of Elder Han are the elites among the elites. If you work for him for 1 or 2 years, in future, you can have your pick of working any 5 stars restaurant within the country. “

“Hence, as a personal chef of Elder Han, it does not mean that you cannot be the head chef or main chef in a restaurant. Elder Han owes many restaurants, and as a personal chef of Elder Han, you are welcomed to work in any of these restaurants. Maybe you could even get a share of the profits of these restaurants. This is much more profitable than opening a restaurant of your own.”

One week ago, Yan Yong mistakenly thought that Ye Chui had some background, and was very respectful to Ye Chui. After he had found out that Ye Chui is just mere night market mutton skewer seller, he was angry.

Right now, Ye Chui got the approval of Elder Han, and is invited by Han Yuyan to be the personal chef of Elder Han. This means that he is somebody, and he must respect this man.

For someone who manages a restaurant and serves customers every day, Yang Yong is someone who can quickly adapt to the way the winds blow [1].

After hearing Yang Yong’s words, Ye Chui remains unmoved, “I only want to have a restaurant of my own. As for the other issues, I am not interested. But if Elder Han loves to eat the food I cooked, he could come to my restaurant, and I will be glad to serve him personally.”

“You….  how can you be like that? My grandpa frequently travels all over the world. Does this mean that each time he wants to eat the dishes you cook, he must make a trip to Xizhou?” Han Yuyan was flustered.

“Of course not!” Ye Chui smiled. “I will include a delivery service in future.”


Han Yuyan felt that she could not communicate with this man. All the chefs also felt that Ye Chui is foolish. This is a golden opportunity, and he gives it up without so much as a second thought. Even Fang Tao, who hate Ye Chui, also felt that this is a pity.

Only Tian Xiaodu did not try to probe the reasons for Ye Chui’s rejection of the offer. Rather, he was impressed.

Han Yuyan shook her fists at Ye Chui. At this moment, she is no longer the ice-cold beauty, but rather, a frustrated young lady. She grits her teeth and asked, “I am asking you for the last time. Will you work for us or not?”

“Even if you asked me 10 times or 20 times I will not agree to work for you.” Ye Chui shrugged his shoulders and calmly replied.

“Oh….” Han Yuyan was really angry, she stepped back and lowered her centre of gravity. The kneels of her legs were slightly bend, and it looks like she is going to kick him.

Ye Chui suddenly felt a chill going up his spine. He was about to say something. At this time, a sound of something collapsing suddenly rang out from within the VIP room.

Everyone was stunned. There is only Elder Han in that room. Han Yuyan immediately turned around and pushed open the door as she rushed into the room.

Ye Chui frowned and followed after her.

“Grandpa!” Han Yuyan cried out.

The sound that everyone heard just now is the sound of Elder Han collapsing onto the floor. He was shaking and foaming at the mouth and look as if he was in great pain.


Seeing this, everyone was stunned, then they all turned around and stared at Ye Chui.

“What happened to Elder Han? Is he sick? Quickly call for an ambulance!”

“He was all right a moment ago. After he ate this dish, he suddenly becomes like that!”

“It must be because of these dishes….”

All the chefs saw that Elder Han was in pain, and immediately direct their rage from their envy, hate and jealousy to Ye Chui and blamed him for this. They felt that Elder Han had become like this after eating the dishes, and these dishes were cooked by Ye Chui. The ingredients were also brought here by Ye Chui. Therefore, he should be the one to be blamed for this plight.

Ye Chui ignored all the suspicious looks that everyone was giving him, and look at Elder Han with a surprise expression. He rubbed his nose and he recapped everything. How did things become like this? He was very sure that the food he cooked had no problems. So the problem must be with Elder Han’s body.


Oh dear, something bad had happened!

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[1] 见风使舵 – ‘adapt to the ways the winds blow’ means ‘to change and act accordingly to the situation’.





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