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Reborn-Super Chef – 016

Chapter 16 – Just Wait and See!


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On the next day, Ye Chui pushed his tricycle home. He had just returned the wet market after purchasing the mutton he needs for his business. When he reached the neighbourhood, he could see a car parked at the bottom of his block.


As he walked closer, the door of the car opened, and Fang Tao stepped out from the vehicle. He was asked by his Shifu, Tian Xiaoduo, to pick Ye Chui.


He was grinning. You could not tell if his smile is genuine or not – this man can hide his real face and thoughts well.


Ye Chui had just stopped his tricycle, and Fang Tao immediately came up to help Ye Chui. Ye Chui did not reject his offer of help, and immediately passed all the heavy lifting duties to Fang Tao.


Fang Tao’s eyebrows twitched, but he did not say a single word, and carried all the stuff into Ye Chui’s apartment.


“Mr Ye, the conflict two nights ago was my fault. I have only met Kang Cao once. He had asked me to help him with setting up a mutton stall. I did not think much about it and assist him. If I know earlier that he was intending to create trouble for you, I would not have agreed to help him. “


When he finished moving all the food, Fang Tao immediately tried to explain to Ye Chui.


Ye Chui was grinning in his heart. This man is so shameless! He could lie without getting red in his face.


But he did not reveal that he knew Fang Tao was lying. He just smiled and asked, “What? Your Shifu asked you to apologise to me?”


“He had said that if today I could not take you to Wan Lai Fu restaurant, he will severe the master-disciple relationship with me.” Fang Tao also smiled, and looked anxious, “Mr Ye, please do not make things difficult for me.”


“Relax! I will not renege on whatever I have promised.” Ye Chui smiled. He will definitely not decline to go to Wan Lai Fu Restaurant just because of Fang Tao. He was still hoping to a make a massive amount of money from them.


He quickly kept everything neatly in his home, and left with Fang Tao. With Fang Tao as the chauffeur, he rode the car towards Wan Lai Fu restaurant.


On the way to the restaurant, he continuously praised Ye Chui. He could see that Ye Chui is approximately about 17-18 years of age. He felt that if he buttered up Ye Chui, all the grudges Ye Chui had with him would be forgotten. But he did not know that if Ye Chui does not like someone, a few words of praise from that person could not change his mind.


On the way to Wan Lai Fu restaurant, Ye Chui suddenly thought of something, and asked Fang Tao, “Do you know Lin Wei?”


“Lin Wei”, Fang Tao was focusing on his driving, but he nodded his head. “I heard this name from Fang Tao before. Is there any problems?”


“Tell me more about her.” Ye Chui replied. Regarding this beauty, all he knows is that she is a kitty that loves to eat, and comes from a well-to-do family. As for the rest, he had no clue.


Fang Tao could tell that Ye Chui seemed to like this girl. He thought this young man was living in a dreamland. A night market mutton stall seller wants to date a rich and beautiful woman like Lin Wei? Just because he knows some long-lost recipes, he thinks he got a chance? Only rich and successful men like Cao Kang could stand a chance with a woman like Lin Wei. As for this guy, he is just daydreaming.


Even in courting Lin Wei, Cao Kang had to spend so much time and effort just to get her attention or date her.


Fang Tao secretly looked at Ye Chui, and in his heart, he could not help but sneer at this kid. He is so much better than Ye Chui in terms of career, status and money, and he dare not to chase after this beauty. Ye Chui really got guts …


But Fang Tao is a man who does not reveal what he thinks on his face. He just smiled and immediately told Fang Tao what he knew regarding Lin Wei.


Lin Wei’s father, Lin Zhengdao, is a tycoon. The Lin family business is very famous in China, and in Beijing, the capital, Lin Zhengdao had connections with the rich and powerful. But not long ago, he seemed to met with some trouble in Beijing and the entire family of his migrated here. He had purchased a property here, and it looks like he is here to stay for good.


Lin Wei is the only child of Lin Zhengdao, and was treated like a treasure by her doting dad. Because she is so pretty, she had a lot of suitors in Beijing. When she came here, there are also a lot of suitors in this city that was chasing after her. Cao Kang is one of them.


“Lin Wei had a lot of suitors, and many of them are rich and powerful. Mr Ye, if you want to successfully woo her, you need to put in more effort.” As he finishing speaking, Fang Tao smiled.


Hidden within his words is that Ye Chui is just a tiny chef, and could not hope to compete with Cao Kang and the other suitors of Lin Wei.


Ye Chui just smiled as well. He had, of course, understood the hidden meaning in Fang Tao’s words. He just could not be bothered to explain himself to Fang Tao. Time will tell if he is successful in courting Lin Wei.


While chatting, they had already arrived at Wan Lai Fu restaurant. At this time, it was only 10 o clock in the morning and there are few customers here. This is not a peak hour in the restaurant.


Fang Tao brought Ye Chui through the front door, and entered the kitchen. Along the way, he tried to evaluate Ye Chui. Wan Lai Fu is the city’s finest restaurant. Looking at the splendour of this restaurant, Ye Chui would surely be nervous?


Fang Tao was disappointed – Ye Chui continued to remain calm throughout the journey. In fact, Fang Tao could see that Ye Chui thinks that the grand entrance, the superior décor of the restaurant, the finest kitchen equipments etc are all not important to him. Not one of these things attracted Ye Chui’s attention.


For Ye Chui, he had visited hundreds to thousands of restaurants that were much grander in scale when compared to Wan Lai Fu restaurant. Just this level of décor would not make him nervous at all.


Therefore, Fang Tao antics were nothing but a joke to him.


When he entered the kitchen, there were several chefs dressed in white colour chef uniforms busily attending to their duties. They were engrossed in their task, be it washing the ingredient, cutting the ingredients, cooking the ingredients etc.


Tian Xiaoduo was wearing a very tall chef hat, and walked around the restaurant and supervising the chefs. He looked very strict and serious. But when he saw Ye Chui, he immediately smiled, and walked towards Ye Chui, “Thanks for coming! What do you think of the kitchen, here?”


Ye Chui glanced around the kitchen, and nodded his head, “En, it is acceptable.”


If Ye Chui used the word ‘acceptable’ in his past life, many chefs and restaurants will be delighted. But right now, in this restaurant, the chefs heard the same ‘acceptable’ word from Ye Chui and were furious at him. They begin to gossip among themselves. Where did this kid come from, and why is he so arrogant?


“All of you better go back to your stations and work!” Tian Xiaoduo looked annoyed at the attitude of the chefs. He shouted, and immediately all the chefs stop gossiping and returned to their tasks.


Tian Xiaoduo then turned towards Ye Chui, “Please do not be offended. These chefs are still wet behind their ears.”


“It is all right, I do not mind.” Ye Chui replied. From the way he speaks, if he does not have the skills to back up his words, then he is an Oscar-winning actor.


Ye Chui is a man of great skill in cooking. But the chefs in the kitchen did not know this and were annoyed by Ye Chui’s arrogant attitude. They could not understand why the head chef respects this rude and arrogant young man so much and is so courteous to him.


At this time, someone entered the kitchen. This is a short and plump young man, and he was wearing a pair of spectacles and dressed in a suit. As soon as he entered the kitchen, Fang Tao immediately greeted him, “Manager Yang!”


“Brother Ye, this is the manager of Wan Lai Fu Restaurant, Yang Yong.” Tian Xiaoduo immediately introduced them, “Manager, this is the young man that I told you about, Ye Chui.”


“Mr Ye, I heard that you know how to cook chicken?” Yang Yong looked at Ye Chui and evaluated him. From the way that he talks, it could be seen that Manager Yang looked down on Ye Chui.


In the eyes of Manager Yang, chefs’ skills could be determined by their age. The older they are, the more experienced they are and the better they are.


Tian Xiaoduo is a rare genius and the only exception to this rule. But Tian Xiaoduo had achieved a 5-star chef ranking when he was only 30.


This young man is only 17 or 18 years old. How could the dishes he cooks be any good?









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