Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0159

Chapter 159 – Sister! Sister!

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


“Luna, it’s been sometime since we get together like this so put that book away, it’s such a waste if a pretty girl like you turns into a bookworm.” seated at a garden pavilion, a girl in a blue dress snatched a book out of Luna’s hand. With a little titter she said, “Hey, tell me, has anything interesting happened lately? I have nothing to do all day, I’m bored to death already.”

The girl looked about 17 or 18 years old, with a face as round and smooth as a melon, delicate features, willow like eyelashes and fine eyebrows. Her hair was all tied back in a pony tail, revealing a shiny forehead. Though she was wearing a girlish long cheongsam, she exuded an air of force that made people want to lower their heads to her.

“Vivian, please return my book. I only have two chapters to go.” Luna laughed a little helplessly as she looked up at the girl in blue.

“No way, you can read those two chapters later, ba. I don’t even know when you’ll come see me next.”Vivian hid the book behind her, shaking her head vigorously.

“Just let me finish it, you know I’ll come see you next week,” Luna held out her hand.

“Hah! You said the same thing the last time you’re here, half a month ago.” Vivian lightly smacked Luna’s hand, placed the book on a stool and sat her pert little bottom on it. The pavilion was a dome shape building with a round stone table in the middle surrounded by four stone stools. On the table were two baskets containing some artfully arranged seasonal fruits.

“One of the children was sick last week and I had to take care of her for a couple of days, I’m really sorry for breaking our appointment.” Luna eyed the book under Vivian’s bottom rather helplessly.

“Is the child alright?” Vivian picked out a tangerine from the basket and began to peel it, handing out half of the tangerine to Luna and throwing a wedge into her own mouth.

“It was too late by the time we discovered the problem, she left very quietly.” Luna shook her head sadly, her eyes dimmed, her mood was clearly down.

Vivian went rigid, her mouth still full of tangerine. She looked at Luna who was still holding her half of tangerine just sitting there. Distress flashed in her eyes for a moment, she held the rest of the tangerine in front of her mouth and smiled. She said comfortingly, “Well, it’s probably a happiness for her to have you send her off. I’m sure having you there was a great comfort to her.”

“No, I’m alright. I’m pretty used to it.” Luna smiled, the smile was as tender and pure as the lilies on the scarf covering her shoulder. She bit into the tangerine given to her and chewed, she nodded approvingly, “Very sweet, this year’s tangerines are really not bad.”

“I’ll say, a young miss like you should be enjoying your life in Lot City, not mucking about Chaos City taking care of those children. You won’t even buy tangerines for yourself. You know, to take care of others, you must take care of yourself first. And you better start doing that or I’ll write to our dear old granddad.” Vivian was especially crossed with Luna today. Tangerines had been on sale for over two weeks now, for Luna to taste them for the first time today, meant that she had spent all her money on those children again.

“Grandfather is already 70 years old. There’s no need for you to report trivial things like tangerines to trouble him.” Luna couldn’t help her smile as she reached out to poke Vivian on the forehead. Her mood had gotten much lighter, after some thought she said, “I’ve just received my allowance yesterday. I’ve asked them to send me a little more money than usual. See? I’m really going to take care of myself. Oh yes, if you must know, I have some interesting news, or rather, news of an interesting person.”

“Ouch,” Vivian covered her forehead, but at Luna’s words she ignored the indignity of being poked and leaned forward inquisitively. “An interesting person? A man? Hoho, could a man be the reason behind your busy schedule?”

“What are you talking about.” Luna gave Vivian a strange look, for some reason her face suddenly felt hot. Though she did feel that Mike was a rather interesting and mysterious person, she never saw him as a potential beau. In the end he was Amy’s father. Moreover, it’s entirely possible that the mother might actually come back,, from Amy’s looks alone, she could only guess that her mother must have been a very beautiful elf, ba?

“Tsk, tsk, look at that blush, there’s a man! I’m sure of it!” Vivian was stunned, she surged forward, clapped her hands on Luna’s shoulders and stared into Luna’s eyes for an improperly long time. “Luna, could it be you’re tempted?”

“Tempted? What kind of temptation? He’s the boss of a restaurant, his daughter is one of my students.” Luna pushed Vivian away by that shiny forehead of hers, feeling quite cross.

“Hmm, so it’s just your student’s parent, ah.” Vivian looked quite disappointed, she eyed Luna for a moment then said solemnly. “You better keep your hands to yourself, only heaven knows if that man will actually become successful in the future, but you’ll definitely be in trouble if Chaos College caught wind of your romantic interest. You might even be fired.”

“Thank you for your concern, I’ve already resigned myself to dedicating my life in the education of the less fortunate.” Luna said with a smile.

“Now, now, let’s not be hasty. You don’t want to die an old maid.” Vivian shook her head, then pushed her face forward like an inquisitive cat, “well, what’s so interesting about some kid’s parent?”

“He’s very good at cooking, his dishes are incredibly delicious.” Luna said earnestly.

“Really?” Vivian’s eye lit up, “how delicious is it really? Is it anything like Freya Tavern’s roasted pork?”

“This… well, I don’t think you could compare them that way.” Luna said, after some thought she nodded decisively, and smiled. “How about this, the next time the mayor decides to let you out, you can go and taste for yourself. It’s called Mickey Restaurant, located in the corner of Aden Square, I plan to go tonight, actually.”

“Aaaaah!!! Luna, you’re evil. You know I have to attend a banquet tonight. Also, daddy refuses to let me out ever since that stupid accident, how could you just tease me with delicious food like this!” Vivian was literally hopping mad, having jumped off the stool to properly stomp her foot in anger.

“En, I know.” Luna nodded serenely.

The girls filled the garden with their bright laughter~~

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“Honourable father, you’re saying that tonight we’ll be going to that restaurant where you’ve been buying those delicious takeaways?” in a horse field situated just outside the main city, was a young man dressed in black jacket, brown riding breeches and a pair of black riding boots. It was Palmer, he was on a small white horse, looking up at Jacques who was riding along next to him.

Seated on another white horse was a child with a mushroom head haircut, he was only three years old and was holding onto the reins tightly, but looked stable enough on the horse. The little child was stunned silent for about three seconds before crying out in a childish voice, “Rainbow rice! Rainbow rice!”

“Yes, that’s the one. Also, the boss has a really pretty, really cute daughter. Palmer, you really like little sisters and Pablo likes elder sisters, right? I’ll bring you two over to meet her.” Jacques smiled down at his two sons indulgently.

“Really? A cute little sister?” Palmer’s eyes brightened.

“Sister! Elder sister!” next to them Pablo, who had been stunned for another three seconds by this unexpected news, clapped his hands happily.


[Gumihou: Uh oh, drama? Drama, not too big a drama, please.]


Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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