Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0081 – Little Mushroom Elf Girl

Chapter 81 – Little Mushroom Elf Girl

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“Of course, you just have to press this part.” Mike looked at the two curious characters in front of him and reached out to press the play button for the music.

Colourful lights flashed twice around the borders of the wooden box. Then, the little elf girl began to move the violin bow. Music began to play, and the little figurine moved her mouth as though she was actually singing.

Little girl, picking mushrooms, bamboo basket on her back, her little feet bare… as she steps for the hills and forest… sei lo lo lo lo lo li sei, sei lo lo lo lo lo li sei”

When he heard the familiar melodies, Mike was stunned. He thought that the music box would play local songs from this world. Who would have thought that it would actually play a children’s song called Little Mushroom Picking Girl [1] from his own world. The only difference was that it was sung in this world’s language. Still, it was a very nice and cheerful song.

This music box was really well made, not only could the little figurine inside sing and play the violin, the base itself also rotated slowly. After two rotation, the little figurine’s skirt would flutter a little, making it seemed quite life like.

“[System], aren’t you worried that I would take all these 50 songs and become this world’s most popular singer and make money that way?” Mike couldn’t resist asking.

“This [System] has inspected the host thoroughly, we have found the host to be tone deaf and therefore not at all worried about this.” The [System’s] calm voice said.

“… …” Mike was speechless. Looks like the [System] also knew about this, however, his gaze fell on Amy and he began to smile again. “No problem, I can train this one.”

“The daughter has a 50% chance of inheriting the singing talent of the host.” The [System] threw out another blow.

“Don’t you worry, this girl clearly has good luck when it comes to the gene lottery. I’ll have her learn this song in three days.” said Mike confidently as he looked at Amy.

The elves were a versatile race, because of their long lives they spent a lot of their time honing their arts and hobbies, singing, dancing, painting… were some of the things they were particularly good at.

When the singing started, Little Ugly Duckling had been so shocked that he gave a loud cry and rolled away. Fortunately, Mike was fast enough to catch it just as it rolled off the counter.

Ugly Duckling still had a stunned expression on its face. Its eyes fixed upon the little figurine on the music box, before backing away very, very slowly into a corner. It’s eyes were filled with vigilance as it continued to stare at the rotating figurine.

Amy reached out a little hand, her eyes growing brighter and brighter as the song continued. When the song finished, she turned brilliant eyes at Mike. “Daddy dearest, this little person is really good at singing, is she a real person? Can she sing other songs?”

“She’s little Amy’s friend now, though she’s not a real person, she will sing lots and lots of songs for Amy from now on. Why don’t we keep listening to this song first, and then learn it before we listen to the next song?” Mike smiled as he nodded. He had no intention of letting Amy casually listen to all 50 songs just like that. It would be quite good if he could get her to learn a few of the songs.

He really looked forward to hear little Amy sing, Michael McGonagal had been a tone deaf guy too, so the only songs Amy had ever heard were one or two songs sang by Teacher Luna. After hearing it a few times, she would be able to sing it as well, so it looked like this little girl really liked singing, the only problem was that she had no opportunity to properly learn it.

“That’s great, Amy really loves singing. I’m going to learn lots of songs from the little elf.” Amy happily nodded as she reached out to touch the music box. She stroked the glass with a satisfied expression on her face.

“Little Mushroom Elf…” Mike frowned, he looked at the delicate and exquisitely made elf girl in the music box, to think that lovely little thing was given a such a strange name.

“But, daddy dearest, what was the lollipop thing mentioned by Little Mushroom Girl just now? She said she shares it with her little friends. Is it something delicious?” Amy asked Mike curiously.

“En, lollipops can be quite delicious, but I can’t magic any for you now.” Mike said a little helplessly. The weirdest thing about foodies was that when it came to songs, they might not remember whole lyrics, but they could clearly hear the names of food mentioned in the lyrics.

Even without his prompting, the [System] already told him that no lollipops would be provided, unless the recipe has been unlocked.

Mike realized that part of the [System’s] principle with food recipes would be uncompromisingly strict, therefore he did not bother to argue with it.

However, there was a sugar making factory in Aden Square, so if Amy really wanted lollipops, he could just go to one of the sweets making shop and get them to customise a lollipop like candy. Maybe he could even cooperate with the boss of a candy shop and launch a lollipop empire with him and challenge the soft sweets popular with children now.

“Okay.” Amy was slightly disappointed, but then when she saw the music box, she grew happy again. She stood up on top of the stool and reached out to hung on Mike’s neck and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, daddy dearest for the singing Little Mushroom Elf Girl, Amy really likes it.”

“As long as Amy likes it. Now, daddy needs to clear up the kitchen and prepare for the dinner rush. If you’re sleepy, just bring Ugly Duckling with you upstairs for a nap, ba.” Mike laughed as he stroked Amy’s little head, as expected, it is very satisfactory to see one’s gift properly appreciated.

Mike set the music box to play ‘Little Mushroom Picking Girl’ on the loop. He watched Amy happily staring at the music box with her chin in her hands for a while, before turning around to start cleaning up the kitchen.

These two days the number of new guests have increased, his workload also sky rocketed a lot. The ingredients have to be processed, cooked, orders have to be taken, food has to be served, tables have to be cleared… these were all done by Mike alone, and it was getting a little tiring.

Although [Yangzhao Fried Rice] has a excellent nourishing effects, the amount of work he had to do was mentally, if not physically, exhausting. It’s imperative to find a diligent employee post haste.

Once Mike packed up the kitchen, Amy had already sprawled onto the counter, having fallen asleep while listening to the music box. Ugly Duckling crawled forward slowly, its little face still quite anxious as it stared at the elf girl within the music box. Apparently, despite its fear, it was still desperately curious as it inched closer and closer.

“Go sleep upstairs, or you’ll catch a cold.” Mike looked at the still anxious Ugly Duckling, wiped his hands and gently picked up Amy, scooped Ugly Duckling with a spare hand, and climbed the stairs.

“Miao~” Ugly Duckling has a slightly dissatisfied look on its face, it stretched out its claws and scratched Mike’s hand. However, since its little claws have not yet grown in properly, it was more like being tickled. He gave its head a little rub, when it still tried to reach for the little music box on the bedside table. When it almost managed to gather up the necessary courage to challenge the music box, Mike’s hand grabbed it by the back of its neck and it was lifted away from its target…

[1] Little Mushroom Picking Girl – Here’s a youtube of the song


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