Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0158

Chapter 158 – This is Robbery, You Know?

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


“En?” Mike suddenly stiffened. He really hadn’t expected the [System] to pop out a mission so suddenly, furthermore, it’s a mission that limited the sale of [Beancurd]?

Has the [System] suffered a fever from thinking too much about money? A single sale of [Beancurd] would only earn it 40 copper coins in ingredient money, surely it would be more interested in high volume sale, ba?

“{System], the restaurant has only be in operation for a short time, surely it’s not the time to limit sales, ba? What if the customers became dissatisfied over the lack of food? The trend now should be to let customers eat as much as they like as long as they could pay, ba.” Mike said with a frown. After a while, he said curiously, “Also, what the heck is this [Master Chef Lucky Dip]?”

“The [Master Chef Lucky Dip] is created to fan the host’s enthusiasm to advance his ability. This Lucky Dip, which could also be called the [Master Chef Wheel of Fortune], is created after much consideration. You will be given an opportunity to strike prizes such as [Exquisite Pastry Making], [Ice Cream Making], [Top Grade Wine Brewing], [Stamina Points]… as well as other prizes. Great prizes to be won! You’re guaranteed to strike big!!” the [System’s] voice sounded unusually excited.

“Ice cream! Top Grade Wine! Stamina Points!” Mikes eyes glimmered brighter and brighter, Amy would love the ice cream, very few kids would actually reject the taste of ice cream after all.

The Top Grade Wine was the one that tempted him most, though he was no alcoholic, there was nothing like having a good glass of wine before going to bed. This was how one should enjoy life.

Of course, the one that excited him the most the Stamina Points. Finally, the [System] put up Stamina Points as a reward. In a few days, he would have enough money to increase his Stamina Points up to 2.0. Thus, restoring his stamina up to normal people level. This was currently the most crucial task.

If he could actually gain another 0.5 Stamina Points, his physical ability would be at a whole other level. He would be able to raise a sword and execute some of those sword techniques in his mind, thus increasing his self defence ability a bit more.

“Well, I guess those things barely passed as rewards,” Mike said with a mild expression, then he switched the subject. “Never mind about that, let’s talk about this mission, ba. How about you change some of the details? Let’s say, a total sale of 1,000 [Beancurds]?”

“As your supervisor, it is the [System’s] responsibility to guide you onto the right path. The [System] did not interfere with the sale of your first two dishes, however, restricting the number of dishes a customer could purchase would be beneficial to the restaurant. It would promote higher customer turnover and allow even more customers to taste delicious meals, thereby increasing their enjoyment. Customers who had lined up, but unable to enter the restaurant, and could only stand there and watch other customers carry off three or five takeaway portions home would suffer great negative mental impact.” was the [System’s] long and grave explanation. It also added, “The restaurant’s popularity had reached a stable level where such short term restriction would not impact it greatly.”

This time, Mike was the one who sank into silence. What the [System] said was something that he had noticed two days earlier. [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] was available through their business hours, but the cooking time was a little slow.

On the other hand, the [Juicy Burger] was something that could be prepared earlier, and was a kind of fast food that was sold out quickly, leaving a lot of disappointed customers.

In fact, there was one customer who could not line up early due to his work, and left empty handed for three days straight. He was so disappointed that Mike was tempted to make one especially for him. Right now, thinking about that man’s stooping shoulders and disappointed back view, Mike still felt quite sorry for him.

It was as the [System] had said, if the [Juicy Burger] had been limited to one portion per customer, even if there had been 300 customers, each would have been able to get their hands on at least one [Juicy Burger].

On the other hand, [Juicy Burgers] were considered a main meal item, big eater customers like Harrison and Sargerass would not be satisfied with just one burger. In fact, having just one burger might be even more torturous than having none at all.

“The soybeans came from the Evening Ray Forest deep in orc territory. The soil there is moist, rich and fertile, resulting in soybeans that are particularly rich in protein. There’s only one such land with such unique qualities in the whole of Nolan Continent. It has yet to be discovered by anyone and thus far, I am the only one who has developed the land. The soybean plants here received 14 hours of daylight, and were protected against insects by nano robots.”

“It’s a completely organic, pollution free planting, where the absorption of nutrients from the special soil is five times more than ordinary beans, resulting in crops that are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. People who eat these beans will experience immediate beautifying effects, in fact, the more you use, the better the effects.” here, the [System] paused for a moment, before continuing, “however, the potency of its effects is so great that taking too much of it would result in gout and other high protein related diseases as the body struggles to cope with access nutrients.”

“So, you’re saying that [Beancurds] created using these soybeans is more powerful than 5 bowls of regular [Beancurds]?” Mike said with some astonishment.

“To be precise, the protein contained within a single bowl of this special [Beancurd] is about 4.5 times more than regular [Beancurds],” [System] admitted.

“Then, would Amy and Ugly Duckling suffer side effects from the two bowls of [Beancurds] they ate today?” Mike was starting to feel anxious.

“Two bowls is about the limit one could take, moreover, their bodies are still at the developing stage and required greater amount of protein than adults. The host may be at ease over this matter.” said the [System].

Mike sighed with relief, it’s good that the [System] explained this crucial point so clearly. After some thought, he asked again, “That’s right, I should be allowed to buy the first set of Stamina Points, what’s the cost of the next level of Stamina Points, ah?”

“50,000 gold coins.” the [System] said mildly.

“Five… hey [System], this is robbery, ah!” Mike’s hackles all rose up. It took him a good half month to earn that 10,000 gold. 50,000 gold was a lot of money, even if he spend money on nothing else, it would take him at least a month and a half to get it.

However, the thing that pissed him off most was the sudden jump in price. To think that the price Stamina Points would cost five times as much as the first level, just how much would the third, fourth or even fifth level cost, ah? According to this awful trend, it could be 100,000, or even 200,000! Though the restaurant was doing well, if the price continue to rise, he would have to abandon the plan to quickly increase his stamina with money.

“The [System] had never encouraged the host to use money to improve your health. As an Isekai Master Chef, your main job is to complete missions set by the [System] and reap the rewards thereof. This should be your true path to greater strength.” the [System] said seriously.

“Is that so?” Mike still sounded quite suspicious.

“If the host insist on buying, the [System] shall continue to sell out of the goodness of our heart. However, we insist, on principle, for the host to continue to do your best to complete missions.” said the [System] in the most deadpan voice possible.

“I see.” Mike’s lips twisted as he pondered upon the new missions that was flashing away in his mind. After calming down, he finally nodded to himself, “I accept this limitation mission, however, I wish to get rid of the option for [Top Grade Wine Brewing] in the lucky dip.”



[Gumihou: hmm, hmm looks like the [System] has some reasonable arguments. Otherwise, it’s just a money making novel, work hard Mike!]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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