Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0160

Chapter 160 – Hubby, once more ~~

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


The sun was starting to set, at the entrance of Gaia Hotel, Sally collected sheets that had been drying in the sun. She breathed in the mild scent of Chinese honey locust and felt her mood lifted. She looked towards a woman who was sitting quietly by herself, embroidering a large golden bird onto a cloth, and said, “Ma’am, I’ll be going out for a bit, I won’t be back for dinner.”

The woman was probably in her forties, with a rather slender figure. Her long dark hair was wound up in a simple knot and held in place with a silver pin. Her features were ordinary, but there was a warmth about her that made her seemed more attractive than her looks imply. At Sally’s words she set down her needlework to smile and said, “Alright, be careful, dear.”

“I will.” Sally smiled and inclined her head in acknowledgement of the warning. She carried the sheets indoors, and was soon seen walking out again. The proprietress had resumed her embroidery by the time she left the building.

Though the salary was not high, the proprietress of the inn was very kind to her. Food and lodging were all provided for, though she had to admit that it was mostly plain fare, it suited her taste, except… well it lacked something. Naturally, she could not compare the homely food with that shockingly delicious [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“It’s fine if I just eat one portion, ba. It’s been a month since I came here.” Sally gripped her purse, nodded firmly to herself and quickened her pace.

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“Novo, you little brat. I must say you’re one loyal chap. While, I regret to cut our drinking short. It’s time for my dinner, we’ll drink again next time. Next time, you hear?” at the entrance of the Chaos College, Klaus waved his hand with a smile.

“Don’t go yet, Klaus, it’s been over ten years since our last meeting, ba. If you want dinner let me treat you at Freya’s Tavern, we can continue our drinking there, the roasted pork there is not bad. You definitely won’t get food as good as that in Lot City,” the man laughed as he pulled Klaus along by the hand, he wore a black and white changpao and looked to be in his 40s. He had perfectly groomed short hair with a squarish face that looked quick to anger, but the blush of drunkenness on his cheeks and the way he dragged Klaus’ hands revealed the playfulness in his character.

“What’s so great about roasted pork? I plan to eat the most delicious [Sweet Beancurd] tonight, that taste is just too unforgettable.” Klaus’ face was also similarly red with intoxication, however, even wine could not make him forget the taste of the [Beancurd].

“[Beancurd]? I thought you don’t things like cheese curds and milk curds[1]? Novo narrowed his eyes suspiciously at Klaus, “Don’t you hate these kinds of things? Just when did you develop the taste for it?”

“Nothing like those crude heavy things, it’s curd made from beans. The taste is a thousand, ten thousand times more delicious.” Klaus shook his head, laughing as he swung Novo’s hand. “I say, you’re already 80 years old and not a little brat any more. It’s about time you stop sticking to my backside all day.”

Bradley and the head instructor of the academy stood quietly to the side, their expression was a little off as they tried their best not to stare at Klaus.

Even the city lord and temple master dared not speak to the headmaster like that. In fact, the last time they temple master tried to meddle with the school affairs, the headmaster had stormed the temple halls and blew a huge hole in the roof of the main hall, which took months to fix. In the end, it was the temple master who had to back down under the wrath of Headmaster Novo.

However, what’s this thing happening before their eyes? Headmaster Novo was being treated like a sticky junior by an indulgent senior, this was just too overwhelming for their brain.

“I’ve missed you so much, it’s been too many years. But, since you plan to train your disciple in Chaos City, we can go drinking more often.” Novo laughed again. He sidled close and asked, “Is that [Beancurd] thing really that delicious? Should I come with you and try it?”

“Of course, ah. Not only the [Beancurd], and his other two dishes are pretty delicious too. The shop is run by my disciple’s father. Anyway, let’s not waste our time here, let’s go, let’s go. We need to hurry and line up.” Klaus nodded, tugging Novo along hurriedly.

“Headmaster, there’s a banquet at the City Lord’s palace tonight. An invitation had been sent to you and your wife, so, I’m afraid…” the head instructor hurried forward to say.

“Ah, I almost forgot. Klaus, looks like I can’t come with you after all. But, I must ask, have you accepted that boss’ daughter as your disciple for the sake of free food?” Novo nodded his head vaguely, as memories of the important banquet came to him. It was an unofficial gathering of the important people from the Grey Temple, City Lord and Chaos College. The three main powers of Chaos City would gather once a month for a meal and exchange information with each other about what was happening within the city. As the Headmaster, he was naturally required to attend.

“Do I look like someone who freeload off people? You do your thing, I’m going to line up.” Klaus raised a hand in farewell as he made his way towards Aden Square, muttering all the way under his breath. “Freeloading? Humph, I’ll consider myself lucky if that girl didn’t eat me out of house and home!”

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“Hubby~ One more time, dear~” a coquettish voice thrilled across a luxuriously decorated bedroom, doing its best to charm her husband over.

“Darling, spare me, ba. I really can’t… How about I buy you some dinner, I’ll go right now!” Wayson Neo nearly fell as the door opened under his hand. His clothes were dishevelled as he hobbled down the hall, using the wall as a crutch. Evening rays hit his face, causing him to squint his eyes, he sighed, “Once more, I am the one to admit defeat, how could this be, ah!”

Just before the door swung shut, a young woman could be seen lounging against headboard of a wide red bed, a quilt barely covering her body. The soft mounds of her breast could be seen and her skin was wonderfully lush and well cared for. Those red lips sighed as she sank under the covers, the blush of exertion receding from her cheeks as she smiled at direction of the door, “My darling seems especially vigorous today, how yummy….”

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“Boss, we’ve found the nest of the Flame Crow, why don’t we wait a bit more? It’ll definitely come back tonight. It should worth about five [Juicy Burgers], ba?” Kiel said as he hefted a metal stick on his shoulder as he stride along Sargerass.

Misty was carrying two sacks with a similar expression. The Burning Legion’s first party mission was proving to be very successful and he was loathed to end it.

“Well then, tell me again why we’re doing this?” Sargerass did not slow his steps.

“For [Juicy Burgers]!” Kiel and Misty yelled together.

“It’s almost time for the restaurant to open, we should return to the Chaos City Guild, cash in our find, and make ourselves presentable before we enter the restaurant. Since business is so good, the [Juicy Burgers] would probably be sold out if we’re late.” Sargerass said.

“We can’t have that!” Kiel and Misty picked up their pace and actually ran ahead of Sargerass.

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“Well, I predict there will be a lot of quarrel going on after tonight.” at the restaurant, Mike studied the menu on his hand with some surprise. A new item had joined the two sole dishes on it:

Beancurd – Sweet or Savoury option – 200 copper coin. Note: Each customer could only order 1 portion per person.

He could already hear the noise of people chattering outside the restaurant.


[1] The direct translation here is monkey brain and pig brain, a play of words on bean brain, the direct translation for dou fu nao, or Beancurd. Lol.


[Gumihou: Woah, I wonder what’s going to happen in the next chapter? So many characters coming together!]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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