Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0016

Chapter 16 –


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After Moby had placed his order, he felt a bit embarrassed. Just a moment ago, he was full of suspicions. Right now, he suddenly placed his order. It was like slapping his face, and it hurts.

‘The thing is, this young lady enjoyed eating so much that I could not resist…..’ Looking at Amy who was still enjoying her meal with relish, he tried to placate himself and rationalised his decision.

He stopped staring at Amy, and immediately put on a cool face, “Actually I do not want to eat it so much. But I feel that I should give this young lady some face, and just try the food once.”

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael nodded his head. He did not say a word and his expressions were as emotionless as ever. But when he turned around and headed to the kitchen to fulfil this order, he could not resist grinning. This proud dwarf is quite interesting.

“Grandpa Dwarf, rainbow fried rice is super yummy!” Amy swallowed a spoonful of rice, and scooped up another spoonful, “Look, doesn’t it look extremely beautiful, and appetizing?”

Moby looked at the spoonful of rice. It was coated in golden colour egg and also contains a wide variety of colours. The rice seemed to gleam under the light of the crystal chandelier and is very attractive. Glancing at the young lady who was looking at him with her big, innocent looking eyes, he could not help but nod his head.

“Then I eat and show you, arh.” Amy nodded her head, and opened her mouth wide. She placed the spoonful of fried rice in her mouth, and as she chewed, she wiggled with happiness, and exclaimed, “Deliciousss…, really delicious!”

“…..” Moby opened his mouth. Looking at the young child who was absorbed her own world after eating the fried rice, he wanted to say a lot of things. But for some strange reasons, he could not say a single word.

If the person sitting opposite him is a grown man, the hammer beside him would have bashed into that man’s skull. But looking at the child who was happily enjoying her meal, he could muster the heart to be angry at her.

Amy was too adorable.

Moby had been working all morning at his forge, and was really hungry. Looking at the kid that was attacking her food with relish, his stomach growled with hunger. If he did not control himself, he would have rushed up and snatched the plate of fried rice from Amy.

Very quickly, Michael placed two person’s share of rice into the rice cooker. Then he picked up a plate of fried rice that he had just cooked, and gently placed it in front of Moby. With a smile, he said. “Your [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].”

Moby’s eyes were fixated on the plate of fried rice in front of him. The smell of the green onions and eggs drifted toward him, and his saliva seemed to be uncontrollable as he drooled. Never before in his life had he smell an aroma as  alluring as the plate of fried rice right in front of him.

Each grain of rice was coated with a golden colour egg coat, and seemed to shine with lustre. Under the bright light of the crystal chandelier, the rice seemed to sparkle, as if they grains made of gold. There are other ingredients that added a myriad of colours to the rice, and made the dish extremely good looking. It looks as if these ingredients are the jewels in the sea of gold – red ruby, green emeralds, black opals etc.

So many ingredients are mixed together and are fried using oil? Unlike other restaurant, there are no extra seasonings such as salt or pepper on the dining table? Does it mean that these seasoning had already been added, or are these not needed? Moby was puzzled. This is a dish that he had never encountered before.

Michael stood at a short distance away and tried to not intrude on the guest meal. Occasionally he will cast a glance over. He looks very calm, but in his heart, he was filled with conflicting emotions. His feelings could be best described as a mixture of looking forward to the dwarf reaction and a bit of worry.

Although Amy had said that the fried rice is very tasty, the tastiest dish she had ever eaten is pancakes. Therefore her opinions are not a good indicator of what the rest of the population feels about this dish.

Moby, on the other hand, is the first customer. His reactions and response is much more valuable. From these responses, it may be possible to judge if the dish [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is suitable for the people in this world.

“What type of cooking style is this? Would it be tasty?” Moby was sceptical, but the smell is too seductive. He could not resist the enticing smell, and pick up a spoon. He scooped up a large spoonful and placed the rice into his mouth, and slowly chewed.

The egg dissolved immediately, and the bamboo and green peas added a refreshing taste. After the egg dissolved from the rice, the rice itself gives off a slightly sweet flavour. The soft and tender ham was infused into the rice, and there are traces of the taste of prawns. A wide array of flavours seemed to be contained in just one mouthful of the fried rice. After he swallowed the mouthful of rice, he felt as if his body is feeling warm and refreshed. Licking his teeth, he could still taste the fragrance that the rice left on it.

Moby’s eyes immediately shone.

Woah, it is really scrummy! It is absolutely Yummy! How could such a tasty food exist in this world?

Right now, Moby could only think of one thing, that is to eat! The spoon in his hands seemed to move on its own and immediately gathered another spoonful of rice into his mouth. The more he eats, the more he desired to eat more of this luscious food. He grabbed the plate, and lifted it up towards his mouth, and used the spoon to push the rice towards his open mouth. One mouthful after another, he could not stop himself!

600 copper coins is very expensive? This food is so awesome that he did not mind paying 1,000 copper coins for a plate of this food.

When compared to this dish, Fayer Restaurant’s roast meat is just c.r.a.p. In the past, he could endure the slightly over-burnt taste. But from now onwards, after trying this dish, he could not accept that anymore.

This plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is like the works of a master chef. In his centuries of life, he had eaten all kinds of food, and this is the first time he had enjoyed a dish that taste as sensational as this.

As for his suspicions of Michael, it had evaporated and dissipated like the wind. Any doubts he had was gone. In the face of this amazing food, who cares about pride? Pride is worth jack shit!

What made Moby more surprise is that after he had finished the plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], the warm and refreshing feeling he had is not just a figment of his imagination. Rather, it is a real feeling. His body felt really comfortable, as if there is something that is recharging and soothing his body. The stress and fatigue he felt from forging a weapon all morning is quickly disappearing.

It was like he had drunk a bottle of restoration potion. But this effect is more gentle and more comfortable. Also, it did not have the same side effects of drinking a magical potion such as being weaken or fatigued when the duration of the potion had expired. This made him thought of the legendary elven scared spring – the spring of life.

“Grandpa Dwarf, isn’t the plate of rainbow fried rice super tasty?” Amy giggled as she saw the fanatical way in which Moby devoured the food. “I have already told you that you will love the taste.”

Michael stood at a side, and a smile was plastered on his face. Moby’s actions had already informed him of all he wanted to know. Seeing how much Moby had enjoyed the food, he need not worry that the restaurant will not do well. It could be considered a good start.

“Right, I have already fallen in love with this taste.” Moby put down the plate on his hand, and looked at Michael, “Boss, one more plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], please. This is really superb!”

“[System] recommends that [Master] restrict the number of food a guest may consume. This will increase the customers’ anticipation and appreciation.” At this time, the voice of the [System] rang out.

Michael was momentary shocked, and asked, “[System], I thought you are selling the ingredients?”

“[System]’s task is to teach [Master] how to cook, and provide the ingredients.” The [System] explained. It was upset that Michael had degraded it as an ingredient seller.

“Then let’s keep it that way. You sell your ingredients. This is my restaurant. I decide if I want to restrict the amount or not. Now that I have a customer, I am supposed to reject him? And restrict the amount he eats? Do you think that I am an idiot? I still have a task to complete!” Michael roared at the [System]. Right now, he would be delighted if the dwarf order 100 plates of fried rice.








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