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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 008 – Conflict

Chapter 8 – Conflict

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“Phew, luckily the 9th Elder did not punish you, otherwise you’d be in great trouble!” Uncle Wu said as they made their way out of the dining room. He sighed with relief, his heart trembled that moment when he saw the 9th Elder’s mouth twitched in anger.

Wu Xuan only smiled, “Isn’t everything fine now? But thank you for speaking up for me, Uncle Wu. If the Elder really was mad, I would have been punished and lost my reward for today.” He was still grateful to Uncle Wu for his intervention.

Uncle Wu smiled, “I’ll be happy if you don’t do something like this any more.”

After bidding farewell to Uncle Wu, he made his way towards the Elixir Pavilion. He used his inherited memory to check out the directions and was still shocked when he stumbled upon the imposing building. It was close to dusk now, and majority of the Wu Clan disciples were moving about the courtyard, quite a few of them were making their way out of the Elixir Pavilion.

The Wu Clan had set up a proper system within the clan, in short, the more you contributed to the clan, the more benefits you obtain! Or, the faster your cultivation improves, the more benefits you’ll get! Those who concealed their strengths and bided their time for a better opportunity were idiots who did not know how to appreciate it when opportunity was clearly right in front of them.

Wu Xuan may have the ability to extract spiritual energy from magic herbs, but now was not the time to show this particular hand.

Quite a few disciples were surprised to see Wu Xuan make his way towards the Elixir Pavilion. Just what was this background support disciple, one who could not even cultivate mind you, doing at the Elixir Pavilion?

However, majority of them merely gave him a look, and then left, without making trouble for him.

When he was about to enter the Elixir Pavilion, a large figure stepped in front of him, “What is your business at Elixir Pavilion? I remember you, you’re that brat Wu Xuan, ba!”

Wu Xuan lifted his head to see an incredibly large man with a rough face, possibly 30 years of age. If he remembered correctly, this powerful looking man should be Wu Zixin. This man’s cultivation was not high, stopping at Level 5. However, this person had a rather bad attitude and tended to bully anyone with a lower cultivation rate than him. Unfortunately for Wu Xuan, he was put in charge of guarding the Elixir Pavilion Gate.

His memories showed that Past!Wu Xuan had been yelled at by Wu Zixin before, after which Wu Xuan had never approached the Elixir Pavilion, until now.

Wu Xuan decided to just explain his intention properly and said mildly, “I’m sent here by the 9th Elder to pick up 2 Body Strengthening pills.”

Wu Zixin began to laugh as though he had just heard the best joke ever, his lips curled, “So, the 9th Elder told you to come and take 2 Strengthening Pills? What a joke! Body Strengthening pills could only be used by those with at least a Level 1 cultivation. Have you even broke into Level 1 cultivation? Oh wait, forget about Level 1 Cultivation, you can’t even access your meridians, ba! I’d advice you not to use the 9th Elder’s name to trick me, or I’ll kick you away!”

Wu Xuan acted as though he had not heard Wu Zixin’s words, his eyes were calm as he said, “I have been sent by the 9th Elder to come, you may believe my words or not! However, no matter what I shall be entering the Elixir Pavilion today!”

“Yo~, after not seeing you for some time it looks like your gal have gotten fatter[1]!” Wu Zixin, seeing the confidence in Wu Xuan’s face, felt as though there was some truth in the other man’s words. However, his tongue remained sharp as he said, “No matter who told you to come, all who enter the Elixir Pavilion must be at least be at Level 1 Cultivation. At the very least you must demonstrate your cultivation by lifting the smallest stone. If you can do so, I’ll gladly let you in, otherwise, it’s against the rules!”

In front of the Elixir Pavilion were a row of rocks, ranging from the smallest to the largest. The ‘smallest’ rock weighed about 200 catty (100kg) whereas the largest rock reached above 10,000 catty (5,000 kg)! These were especially made to test a person’s cultivation level, those who could lift the first rock would meant that they’ve at least made it past Cultivation Level 1!

The cultivation level was basically a system in which the clan could estimate someone’s basic martial powers as well as their spiritual energy. The use of rocks to estimate one’s cultivation was merely a rough guess since a cultivator could use spiritual power to augment their physical strength and lift the rocks easily. In order to make sure that their disciples were properly cultivating both their martial arts along with their spiritual energies, special testing tools would be used instead of these rocks.

However, Wu Xuan’s body had not even broken through its meridians, he would not be able to lift even half of the smallest rock, ah! This guy was clearly making trouble for him, and did not believe that the 9th Elder had sent him over.

Wu Xuan’s eyes were cast in shadows, making it difficult to tell what he was thinking.

As for Wu Zixin, when no answer came forth, he sneered, “You can’t lift it, ba! Well, with a body like that, what can you expect? In my opinion, you’re just here to waste the Wu Clan’s resources. What’s the use of retaining a useless lump like you? Moreover, you’re not actually a real member of the Wu Clan!”

Wu Xuan’s eyes were cold. Ignoring Wu Zixin, he moved to step towards the Elixir Pavilion. Unlike the past Wu Xuan, he was not someone who was so easily bullied! Moreover, he had actual permission from the 9th Elder to come here.

“Is there something wrong with your ears! Only those who have achieved a certain level of cultivation could enter…” a hint of ferociousness flared in Wu Zixin’s eyes as he watched Wu Xuan trying to force his way through, “since you insist on being stupid, I shall teach you a lesson you won’t easily forget!”

Wu Zixin’s voice lowered to a growl and he threw a punch at Wu Xuan, spiritual energy enveloped the large fists, and in a blink, Wu Xuan threw up his palms in defence.

With a loud [Hong!], Wu Xuan’s body was sent several steps back, the palm of his hand numb from the attack. As someone with zero cultivation rate, there was no way he could beat Wu Zixin.

Wu Zixin himself was also a little surprised, he really had not expect Wu Xuan to block his attack. While it was perfectly normal for someone with even a low cultivation rate to block his attack, it was unheard of for his attack to be blocked by a practically disabled nobody, how could he not be surprised?

Wu Xuan remained calm on the surface, this hit almost sent him flying, however, his fortitude remained strong. The pain was nothing before his desire to become stronger. In his eyes, Wu Zixin’s attack was just too slow, was the man playing around with him? Although, he had to admit that the strength behind that fist was not something he could withstand.

“You brat, looks like you have some tricks up your sleeves. Well then, looks like I shall have to show you my true ability!” anger flared on Wu Zixin’s face, he felt shamed and irritated that his attack was blocked by this powerless nobody.

“Stop this at once!”

An imposing voice rang out, stopping Wu Zixin in mid action with his fist cocked back. He turned, and saw the 9th Elder striding over. Wu Xuan’s face remained calm, looks like he’d be able to pass through this obstacle smoothly.

“Just what is going on here? Why are you two fighting?!” the 9th Elder’s brows were thunderous has he glared at them. His sharp, spiritually augmented eyes swept around area and finally settled on Wu Xuan.

It was obvious, no matter how or what had happened, Wu Zixin had to be the one who started it. One was a Cultivator, the other was someone close to an ordinary person. After all, who on earth would actually challenge someone far beyond their strength, if there’s nothing wrong with their head?

Wu Xuan eyed Wu Zixin and said, “9th Elder, this disciple came here on your word to pick up some Body Strengthening pills. Brother Wu refused to let this disciple past, saying that he did not believe my words!”

Put on the spot, Wu Zixin quickly said, “9th Elder, he kept yelling about how you’ve permitted him to enter the Pavilion, but this disciple has the duty to keep riff raffs away, he couldn’t even…”

“Enough!” the 9th Elder yelled. “Does the Elixir Pavilion belong to you or me? Are you telling me I can’t let anyone I like through? Hmph! This had better be the last time you acted with such foolishness!”

The 9th Elder snapped one hand down, and strode past an awkward Wu Zixin.

Wu Xuan merely eyed the large man mildly, before trotting after the 9th Elder into the Elixir Pavilion.

Wu Zixin glared at the disappearing back of Wu Xuan with hateful eyes, fist clenched, teeth gritted tightly. It’s not like he did not believe Wu Xuan just now, however, he just could not bear the idea of letting some ordinary, disabled brat, with no blood relation to the Wu clan, enter the sacred realm that was the Elixir Pavilion.




[1] Your gall has gotten fatter – Basically ‘you’ve gotten braver’









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