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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 007.2

Chapter 7 (Part 2) – Blame


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“Even if your meridians were unblocked, you are already too old. This will make it harder for you to cultivate your martial arts.”


After saying this, he suddenly changed the topic and smiled, “But the food that you made is not bad, and I was very happy with the meal. Later, come to the elixir pavilion and get two elixirs for strengthening your body from me. When you returned to your room, you put these elixirs into the water and bath in it. This will make your body much stronger.”


Wu Xuan’s eyes immediately lit up and he thanked the elder.


This elixir is used to strengthen the body, but Wu Xuan was more interested in the thing called alchemy and elixirs.


At this moment, Uncle Wu immediately pulled his sleeves. Wu Xuan understood what Uncle Wu was trying to ask him to do. He scratched his head awkwardly, and took advantage of the good mood of the elders as he sheepishly said, “Actually, I need to inform you something, 9th Elder. I hope to have your forgiveness.”


“Yi? What have you done that needs my forgiveness?” The 9th Elder thought for a moment. Wu Xuan had not done anything wrong.


“Err… I used your icy dragon grass to cook……”




The elders were enjoying their tea. When they heard Wu Xuan’s words, they immediately spat out the tea, and the table was filled with water from the tea.


“Hahaha! He used the icy dragon grass to cook. Only a chef like him could think of this…. hahaha… 9th Elder, this is a weird one!”


All the elders laughed until the tears come out of their eyes. There are many people who act stupid before, but this guy tops them all. When they looked at the bandages on Wu Xuan’s head, they believe that he is mentally retarded and had done this.


The 9th Elder’s eye widened as he said, “You use the icy dragon grass to cook? This is such a waste. Although it is not very expensive, it should not be so wasteful. Did you not know that if you cook them, the spiritual energy and spiritual properties of the icy dragon grass will be lost?”


The 9th Elder is the head of the elixir pavilion and loves the spiritual ingredients. When he heard that the grass was used to cook, he was so angry that his eyes were wide open and he was breathing hard. If not for the fact that he could not swallow his words, he would not hesitate to take back the two elixirs that he had gifted to Wu Xuan.


Wu Xuan’s eyes were sparkling. He did not mind the scolding – he deserved it. At first, he did not believe Uncle Wu. He thought Uncle Wu was a bit ignorant and did not know that it is possible to retain the spiritual properties of the spiritual grass by cooking it.


But he believed 9th Elder. After all, the 9th elder is the leader of the Elixir Pavilion and had no reason to lie to him.


Since they said that the ingredients could not be used to cook, then this should be true. The powers of the grass must be reduced.


But at the same time, he confirmed that special ability of his is unique.


“Then did you add the icy dragon grass in the meal earlier?” The 9th elder asked.


Wu Xuan shook his head, “I cooked it and tried it by myself……”


The 9th Elder’s face twitched. If it is placed inside the crystal dragon, he had eaten it and will not blame Wu Xuan. But this is eaten by himself….


The 9th Elder had never considered that Wu Xuan could retain the properties of the spiritual plant. In his mind, all the powers of the plant must have been wasted. It had never occur to him that Wu Xuan could have retained the special properties of the plant when he cooked it.




At this moment, Uncle Wu suddenly stood up, “9th Elder, Wu Xuan had injured his head, and his brain is muddled. He had made a mistake. Please forgive him!”


Wu Xuan did not care about the clan, but he was very grateful to Uncle Wu. For so many years, Uncle Wu had treated him like a son. It is a pity that the former him had passed away.


Hearing Uncle Wu’s words, the 9th elder glared at Wu Xuan and waved his hands, “The Icy dragon grass is not very expensive. I just felt that this is a waste of resource. I am not so mean as punish him severely just for making a mistake. I hope that you will not err any more or waste any more spiritual ingredients.”


As the head of the elixir pavilion, wasting spiritual ingredients is like cutting the flesh from his body.


Wu Xuan immediately bowed his head, “Understood, 9th Elder. I dare not do it again!”


In his heart, Wu Xuan had not given up. If there is a next time, he would not let them know about it.


“En, go and collect your elixirs. Let the disciples know that I am the one who approved of this.” The 9th elder dismissed them.


After Wu Xuan and Uncle Wu had left, the dining hall broke up into laughter again. This is the funniest thing that they had ever heard. This Wu Xuan is really dumb. But they were not upset at the loss of one spiritual grass. It does not matter so much to them.




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