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Beautiful fantasy landscape of mysterious forest and fog

Strange World Alchemist Chef – B2C007 – Strange Lake

Strange World Alchemist Chef – Book 2

Chapter 7: Strange Lake 


Translated by Pill Bug


The Wu Clan and the Ten Thousand Medicine Shop group went forward together. Many demonic beasts pounced on the way, but they were all killed one by one by the nearby elders and the experts of the Ten Thousand Medicine Shop. With these experts escorting them, there was no danger to their lives at all.

As the group slowly progressed deeper, the surrounding spiritual energy fluctuations became heavier and heavier, and the white fog also became denser and denser. Just then, the elders and Zhao Tianlong of the Ten Thousand Medicine Shop both stopped and said, “Let’s cultivate here, everyone quickly sit down in the lotus position and cultivate, time is short, we only have one month!”

The surroundings of the place they selected is relatively empty, being a completely empty small plot of land. This was safer than cultivating in the forested area, as even if a demonic beast pounced, there was enough open space to kill it without getting obstructed.[1]

The crowd did not waste time; for cultivators, a month could easily pass in a blink of an eye. For this reason, they hurriedly sat down cross-legged, began to take Spirit Forging Pills and quickly started to cultivate.

Wu Xuan followed them and sat in the lotus position, took out the Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir he made and drank it, then began to follow them in cultivation. Just then, he was surprised to find that the spiritual energy around here was far more dense than the outside. Even stranger, it could nourish soul power, quickly improving both cultivation and spiritual power!

The effect was even more obvious when combined with the Muscle and Bone Strengthening Elixir to cultivate, the elixir completely and constantly being absorbed, no longer easily saturating like outside. It was likely that the special spiritual energy around the area had boosted the medicinal effect.

According to this speed, in a month’s time, he would be able to raise to at least the peak level of Body Refining 9, and if he was lucky, even break through to the Body Refining 10! When the time came, he could immediately take the Breakthrough Pill to break through to the Spirit Refining Stage. If he could analyze the ingredients of the Breakthrough Pill, then make the Breakthrough Pill dish, it would naturally be better. With the experience of the first few attempts, he firmly believed the Breakthrough Pill dish he made would have an even better effect!

Slowly closing his eyes, Wu Xuan no longer continued to waste time and began to cultivate. Only the elders and experts of the Ten Thousand Pill House were still vigilantly watching the situation around them. With their cultivation level, though the special effect here was somewhat affecting them, it was no longer considered significant.




The Imperial Royal Family team continued to probe deeper into the former Phantom Forest. Old man Chen Mie at the head of the group said in a deep voice: “The eccentric Phantom Forest lives up to its name, the fog here is simply impenetrable, I wonder what is so peculiar about this place that it can attract the attention of the higher ups……”

Chen Mie turned back to the others and shouted: “All of you search carefully, do not miss any place, understand?”

After Chen Mie exhorted a few words of advice, he continued to proceed while searching around. The search had begun when they first came in, but they didn’t find anything peculiar at all, just some spiritual herbs.

Spiritual grasses may be precious to ordinary families or clans, but for the imperial family in charge of the empire, they were nothing at all. Unless there were seventh or eighth grade spiritual herbs and spiritual fruits, they would not attract the least bit of attention.

Other than spiritual herbs, there were only the demonic beasts that suddenly pounced on them. With their powerful team, as soon as one appeared, it would be killed instantly. Don’t forget, the leader Chen Mie was at the Void Spirit stage, in the entire Dragon Empire, he was among the more powerful beings.

Such a powerful cultivator was sent down by the imperial family to investigate the situation of the Phantom Forest. The situation of the Phantom Forest was too special; if there were no peculiar treasures there, it was impossible to have this situation.

For that reason, strong people were sent down this year to investigate the Phantom Forest, but so far, they have not found anything peculiar. It made Chen Mie feel very distressed, if they couldn’t find anything this month, they would definitely shoulder blame once they got back.

“Venerable Chen, I found a lake ahead, it feels a bit strange!” One of the middle-aged men came to report.

A glint of joy flashed in Chen Mie’s eyes and he nodded, “Go take a look!”

Chen Mie led the group towards the lake found by his man, quickly rushing to the lake area, and with their speed they arrived at the destination in less than a moment. Just as they arrived, they could clearly see a large piece of empty area through a few trees. To be exact, in this place surrounded by this forest, there was a large lake![2]

With the sunlight shining overhead, the lake surface looked like a reflective mirror! This large lake was completely frozen into a huge block of ice. Although the surroundings were cold, it was not cold to the point of snowing.

But this lake in front of them actually formed into a giant piece of ice! The most peculiar thing was that there was no fog at all, the sun could be seen rising high up if they looked up. Here, and only here, there was no fog, while other places were wrapped in dense fog.

Seeing a lake in the forest was not a strange point. However, the same could not be said about seeing a frozen lake in a forest without any ice in the surroundings.[3] It was obvious that there had to be something under the lake. 

Lackeys were sent to explore the area, but they could not crack the ice even when using their full spiritual power. Chen Mie was shocked at this, but more so pleasantly surprised.

“Let me break through the ice and see what’s down there!”

Chen Mie’s face was full of joy, it looked like he actually found what he was looking for. It was believed that the things below were certainly what he needed.

Immediately, he flew towards the bizarre ice lake. The clothes on his whole body slightly bulged up, and an extremely strong pulse of Qi surrounded his body to form a cyclone, hanging around the trees emitting bursts of sound.


With a low grunt, a shadowy figure emerged from behind him. What could be distinguished through its blurry form actually looked like a hammer! A domineering, indestructible hammer!

The whole area, at the same time this shadow appeared, trembled nonstop. The subordinates who were watching from the side looked at it with admiration.  How long would it take them to also be at the Void Spirit stage?

Chen Mie leaped up high and grasped at the air, as if he really had this huge hammer in his hand. He then waved it twice in the air, then smashed it against the ice lake!


Bang! This attack smashed onto the huge ice lake, and a terrifying wave of Qi swept around the trees, blowing fiercely at the eyes of everyone in the crowd until it was difficult to keep them open. Looking around, dense cracks instantly formed on the ice lake. Receiving this heavy blow, it still was not broken!

Chen Mie was more than surprised, but he did not stop his hands, waving them and continued to strike down with force!


Crack, boom!


Again a heavy blow fell, a big hole finally being gouged into the ice lake. But at that very moment, a huge figure leapt out of the lake, accompanied by an earth-shaking roar!




Before Chen Mie could react, he was already sent flying by that huge figure. The rest of the people saw clearly what jumped up – a huge bull! A giant beast of five or six meters in height, with snow-white fur and an extremely angry look, all these were characteristics of a bull spirit!




This bull spirit once again let out a loud roar, and the entire Phantom Forest seemed to riot. Vaguely, one could hear that the rest of the demonic beasts in the distance all began to roar!

With a rumbling sound resounding through the Phantom Forest, all the demonic beasts started to riot!


Gumihou: At this point, we were wondering why we are torturing ourselves…

Pill Bug: …money is hard to earn


Pill Bug TL Notes:

[1] Added some explanation.

[2] What a long winded paragraph for “They found a lake.”

[3] Removed some repetition.


Cultivation stages:

  1. Body Refining Stage
  2. Spirit Refining Stage
  3. Core Formation Stage
  4. Void Transformation Stage
  5. Void Spirit Stage
  6. Emperor Stage

Each stage has 10 levels, going from level 1 to level 10. Levels 1-3 are early stage, 4-6 are middle stage, 7-9 are late stage, level 10 is peak stage.

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