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Imperial Chef Rookie – Chapter 05

Chapter 5 – So Easy


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That night, I returned to the inn, and reminisced about what happened during the daytime. I was elated.


Chef Lin actually loves the dishes that I have cooked. But looking at the criteria for a mere kitchen hand, he is someone with insanely high expectations. How do I become his disciple?


Although the waiter said that he does not have any disciple, I believe that there if you put in enough effort, even an iron bar can be polished into a needle [1].


I do not believe that he will not accept me as his disciple. Even if his heart is as cold as ice, I will heat it up until his heart melts~~


The next day, I packed all my belongings and reach [Ju Xiang Ge] restaurant.


Xu Mo brought me to the room where I can stay it. It is not very big, but is clean and tiny. There is only a bed there and a few daily necessaries.


I like this room that is clean and tidy, and thanked him.


Then he asked me to rest for a while and informed me that Chef Lin wants to see me in an hour time. Then he left.






“Chef Lin wants to see me? And he even took the initiative to so do? Shouldn’t it be the other way round? I had planned to cry and sob loudly and beg Chef Lin to see me. This change of pace is unexpected?”


I was excited and nervous at the same time. I could only wait until Chef Lin is ready to meet me.


One hour passed by very quickly.


Xu Mo knocked on the door of my room and told me that he is waiting outside. I tidy myself up using the bronze mirror and followed him.


To my surprise, he had prepared a horse carriage and lead me out of the capital, travelling northwards for several li. Finally, we reached a gate at the foot of a mountain, near a flowing stream of water.


We opened the gate and entered this place.


The place is quaint and quiet, with clear pools on the outside, and a ring of clear water flowing around the area. The river flows from west to east, around the area, and flows through half of the place.


The shore of the water is decorated with a verdant corridor. The corridor leads to a garden where ancient rockery trees are arranged in neat formation. Further now, two massive rocks loom. The two ‘mountains’ resemble stone curtains. As you enter the place and passed through the opening in the rock, you will be greeted by the sight of an endless forest filled with plants. This place had a unique charm, and gives off a cool, deep, ancient and clean vibe.


As soon I enter this place, I was awed by the splendour and looks of this place. Never did I anticipate that Chef Lin really knows how to enjoy life. This place is really unique!


I enjoyed the scenery as I followed Xu Mo.


Not far away is a small hut.


It looks as if we have finally reached the place that Chef Lin is residing in. Xu Mo knocked on the door and called out, “Chef Lin, are you there? I have brought Song Xiran here.”


When he heard a reply, he gently pushed open the door.


Inside the hut is a middle age man about 30-40 plus. He is very tall, and seem to be elegant.


He just sat there quietly, enjoying a pot of tea. There is no one else inside this hut, therefore, this man must be Chef Lin.


“This… is a chef?”


I was suspicious and dumbfounded.


His appearance does not resemble what I had imagined a chef would look like. I had imagined a fat, round man who loves to eat.


Then I recalled that my mum told me that my dad is also skinny and tall, and he is very honest and kind.


She told me that she likes the character of my dad, and feels that he is honest and trustworthy and married him.


I felt that the reality is different from what she had claimed. I believe that my father is the only man who can endure her endless nagging and cooks well.


He slowly used his mastery of fine food to capture her heart.


Considering my mother’s violent personality and endless naggings, I reckon that only my dad could stand her, and get along well with her.


Chef Lin saw that I surprised, and put down the cup of tea in this hand. Then he said, “You are Song Xiran? Yesterday, I did not meet you, but the golden beef soup left a deep impression on me.”


I thought that he was an aloof man with a heart that was as cold as ice.

So when he seems warm and friendly, I was surprised at his warmness, and did not know how to react.


He saw that I continued to stand there in amazement and continued.


“I forgot to tell you. I felt that your bowl of golden beef soup is very similar to the cooking of someone I know. There are many places are exactly alike. May I ask you a question?”


I nodded.


“Your father is Song Shizhen, your mother is Gu Xin, right?”


I was shocked. How could he know about this? He does not seem like the culprit that caused my father’ downfall, I better find out more from him.


“That’s right. My father is Song Shizhen, and my mother is Gu Xin.”


“As I suspected! Ever since I tried the golden beef soup you have made yesterday, I could not help feeling that the taste is familiar. I instructed my adopted son, Mo Er, to retain you and bring you to see me.”


“As soon as you enter, I discovered that you resemble your father and mother. I deduced that you are their child. Who would have expected that this is indeed the case?”


He looked very excited and should know my father and mother.


He continued,


“Your late father and I are brothers who studied under the same master. Your mother is the youngest disciple of our master and our little Shimei [2]. Who could have anticipated that your late father….. , sigh……”


Chef Lin’s face seemed to sigh in regret.


“Ever since that thing happened, I resigned from my post as an imperial chef and tried my best to find where your mother is. Unfortunately, I have no luck and did not hear from her. Finally, I heard that your mother had successfully escaped with you. All these years, how had she been?”


“In reply to Uncle Lin, my mother and I seemed to be doing well. We have food to eat and clothes to wear. Thank you for thinking about us all these years.” I politely replied.


“Sigh~ If I have not stopped him that time, your father would not be…..”


Saying this, he stopped, and he felt crestfallen.


Oh, so this Chef Lin knows my parents and had also trained under the same Shifu as my parents. But I had never heard my mum mentioned this before.

Mum, you should at least inform me that I have an uncle.


But when I asked about my father, my mother is very tight-lipped. All this while, I assumed that my father had said something wrong, or done something wrong that resulted in the bloodbath.


At first, I thought that it is normal to be beheaded just for saying the wrong things or making a mistake in the Royal Palace.


But now that I think about it, I had never heard of a case when a royal chef like my father was killed just for saying something wrong.


It seemed like there is something suspicious going on.


And today, based on what I had heard from Chef Lin, things are indeed not as simple as I thought.


Looks like I will need to investigate this issue.


Since Chef Lin seems to know about this matter, I could gather more information from him. But right now, the most pressing issue to have him accept me as his disciple. As for the rest, I can slowly gain the information from him.


Since he knows my family, it should be easier for me to get him to teach me.


I faced him and asked him nicely, “Uncle Lin, Xiran had a request.”


“Oh~ What request? As long as I can do it, I will try my best to help you.”


“Xiran wants to learn cooking from Uncle Lin. Please accept me as your disciple!”


He looked at me and seemed to mull things over. He did not say a word for a long time. After some time, he finally nodded his head. This means that he had agreed.


Woah. This is much easier than anticipated. Is this for real? I could not believe it! When Xu Mo called me, I snapped back to reality.


I immediately cried out, “Thank you, Shifu! Xiran will definitely work hard to master your cooking skills and will not let you down!”


Lin Ziye laughed and seemed very happy, “Today, I am very happy because I finally met the child of my long lost brother and sister, and gained a disciple!  I must definitely cook up a storm to celebrate this! Let’s go! Mo Er, please get the carriage ready. We will be going back to [Ju Xiang Ge] and dine until we are drunk!”






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[1] Proverb – saying that nothing is impossible with effort.


[2] Shi Mei – a sister from the same shifu.


[3] Mo Er – Xu Mo name end with Mo. And Er is a pet name for people who are on close terms. Mo Er is referring to Xu Mo.







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