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Imperial Chef Rookie – Chapter 06

Chapter 6 – Do You Have Salted Pig Hand


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This chapter is 1.5 times as long as a normal chapter. I did not spilt it up, but it took a long time to translate, meaning that there are fewer chapters for today.






The time I spend in the [Ju Xiang Ge] restaurant is very fulfilling.


My Shifu will teach me how to cook a dish every few dishes. Occasionally, he would test me and see if my cooking skills had improved.


Most of the time, I help out my Shifu in the kitchen by preparing the ingredients, or I stand at one side to observe and learn from my Shifu.


When I am bored, I am permitted to go window shopping or sit at the door and enjoy the warmth of the sun. It is so comfortable to have the cooling wind breezed by, while lying under the warm of the sun.


The days passed idly by.


Until that day, my Shifu said that my cooking skills had improved a lot.


He wants me to cook some dishes for the customers to try and said that only in this way could I know where I am not good enough. This would be beneficial for my learning.


Then he retreated to the back garden to enjoy his tea and relax.


“Arh… Shifu wants to laze around, and did not say it out loud ~” I thought and grumbled in private.


But I am a person who likes to do rather than watch, and I have been tired of watching him cook.


For some time, I have been itching to try it for myself. This is an opportunity for me.


I immediately called Xu Mo and Ting Er to help out.


After I had changed, I washed my hands. Then I examined the orders from waiters, and cooked accordingly to the recipe and teaching of my Shifu. I prepared one dish after another.


These dishes may not be as good as my Shifu’s but I think that it should not be too bad. It also contains my unique flavours. At least, I was very satisfied with them. However, I am scared that the guests would not like the food that I cooked.


Therefore, in the entire morning, I dare not relax, and is on pins and needles as I am scared that I would screw things up.


Only when I heard from the waiter that the guests seemed to enjoy the food did I finally heave a sigh of relief.


It at night, when the waiter informed me that there are two very handsome men who arrived at the restaurant.


The request is very strange. All they say is that they do not want the dish on the menu. Rather, they want to try the dishes that I am most familiar with. Also, they had a strange requirement: I must personally serve the dish to them.


“How do these two men looked like? Have you met them before?”


The waiter thought for a moment, and shook his head.


“I have not seen these two men before, but from the way they dress, they are rich and well-to-do. The one who ordered the dish looks extraordinary. I am very sure that they are very wealthy patrons.”


Hearing this, I was filled with curiosity and suspicious at the same time.


Since when did I know any wealthy people? And they wanted me to serve the dish to them personally. Don’t tell me that these are Wei Qi’s friends?


I cooked my specialities and took the dishes upstairs.


The waiter had told me that they are in the Heaven Number 1 private room. Hearing this, I was astounded. Heaven Number 1 private room is our grandest and most expensive room. Those who can come here to dine are all wealthy people.


I knocked on the door of the room, and heard someone asking me to enter. I pushed opened the door.


But when I opened the door, I was stunned by what I have seen.


“How come it is you?”


The person in front of me is none other than the ‘lady’ that I have saved.


At this moment, she was seated at that table, and smiled as she looked at me. She looked as if she was expecting this.


I looked at her again. She looked different from that day when I saved her life. Maybe at that time, she is unconscious, and very pale.


Today, when I saw her, she is much better looking. Even though she was dressed as a man, it could not hide her beauty.


I have never seen such an enchanting pair of eyes before.


Her eyes are as clear as water, and seem a bit cold; her facial features are very refined, the red cheeks flushed with a redness that would make one think of a pure, petal-like, delicate and graceful person. She is like a fairy who descends to earth, and her looks are enough to make most men swoon and women green with envy. Her fingers are slender, the skin is soft and white like a cream. For some strange reason, I thought that they resemble the snow and ice…


Just by dressing in this way as a man, she had already captivated the hearts of many men and women.


She noticed that I was stunned at her appearance and could only look at her in surprise.


And indicated to the person to beside her to call for me.


I snapped back to reality. If not for the timely call, I reckoned that I would have drooled at the sight of her.


Aiyo, what an embarrassment! I am so embarrassed.


I feel very helpless and my face flushed red as I did not know what to do. I am a woman myself, but I can’t help being attracted to another woman. Heavens! What is happening?


She saw that my face had turned red, and she smiled. Her eyes seemed to indicate that she takes pleasure in teasing me, “Gentleman Song, we have met again? How have you been? Yuan Er, quick go over and help this gentleman to take the dishes over. He is tired from standing there.”


She instructed the man beside her. It looks like this ‘man’ is also a woman, and is her maid.


That ‘man’ replied politely and immediately walked towards me.


Oh~ Why I am standing here in a daze at the doorway, and my face even flushed red? It looks like a man who has seen his wife.


No, I must not lose control of this situation. I cleared my throat loudly and walked in, and placed the dish on the table.


Then I said, “There is no need to trouble this gentleman. I can do it. Oh yes, may I know how you know my surname? That day, after we had parted ways, I have not seen you for you a long time. May I know your name? Where do you live?”


“My surname is Mu and my name is Zhen. I live here in the capital. Last time I was in a hurry to go home and did not have time to thank you. Yuan Er, please go out for a while, I need to speak to this gentleman Song in private.”


“Mu Zhen? Mu Zhen….. this name is very familiar, I seemed to have heard it before. Why couldn’t I recall where I hear this name from?”


She continued to smile. But watching her smile made me all the more flustered.


Look like she is not friendly. Did she discover that I had touched her breasts?


Damn it, Damn it, I am doomed.


When that servant had left, she slowly opened the box that contained the food that she ordered.


She took out one dish, and tried it. Then she tried another. But she did not say a single word.


The room is quiet. Very quiet. She may be eating, but she eats without a sound. From this, you can tell that she is from a very wealthy family who is well versed in ladies’ manners.


When she had finished the entire dish, she wiped her lips.


“The food that gentleman Song cooked is very tasty. May I ask if you have a dish called, Salted Pig Hand [1]?”


Damn it, I am finished. I knew that I could run, but I could not hide forever. I could not keep this a secret. Oh, why did I touched her breasts that time? Now I am in deep trouble!


This person did not even ask me anything, but she could know so many things about me. This is not an ordinary person. Which fairy or immortal had I unwittingly offended?


Maybe she would let me off the hook? After all, I had saved her life.


In the worse case scenario, I will reveal that I am also a woman. But this is the absolute worse case scenario, and something that I will not do unless I could not help it. First, I will pretend not to know what she is talking about.


I immediately acted as a simple and native and pretend I did not know what she is talking about, “Xiran does not understand what you are trying to say. Do you want to eat pork shoulder? I also know how to cook it. I will go and cook one for you.”


Then I turned around and quickly tried to leave the room.


Mother, this is really dangerous. I should try not stay here for long. Sun Tzu’s art of war, the 36th strategy says if you cannot win, flee. I cannot afford to offend you, but I can run away.


“Stop right there! Are you really clueless or are you pretending to be clueless?”


The smile on her face disappeared, replaced by pure naked anger.


I stop there in fright and stood there, looking very pitiful.


“This beautiful, kind-hearted and generous lady, I am wrong. I dare not to do it anymore. That day arh, Xiran did not do it intentionally. All I want to do is to check if your heart is still beating. Please do not hold it against me. On the account that I had saved your life, please let me off! I have a 40 years old mother and a brother named Wei Qi. They are depending on me to support them…..”


I come with a string of lies on the spot, and made myself sounds very poor and wretched. I even cried.


I thought that this is all right. Even men have to blow down in the face of superior power, and I can also do it. The most important thing is to protect my life.


I glanced at her, but she did not seem to be pacified.


Looks like I could only use the ‘last resort’.


“You may not know it, but I am also a woman.”


As soon as I said this, she was not so angry at me anymore, and instead, she looked curious and suspicious as she evaluated me.


Then she stood up and walked towards me.


Then she touched my breasts. While touching my breasts, she looked very excited and even nodded her head.


Heaven’s what is this! Someone help me! There is a molester~!!


I immediately stepped back and used my hands to protect my breasts. Then I looked at her like a rabbit looking at a wolf. I may be flat chest, but I also have pride, ok?


She suddenly laughed out loud. Oh, she looks good when she laughed.


“Song Xiran, from now on, we are quits! You are so timid and easy to frighten. It is really fun to tease you. Since the dishes you cooked are to my liking, you come with me. I want you! Tonight, you pack up. Tomorrow, someone will come to get you.”


“What you mean by ‘You want me’? Where are you taking me to? Hey, say clearly!”


She had finished speaking and she left immediately, without answering any questions of mine. Leaving me alone in the room.


Last time she is also like this. Once she had said her piece, she just leaves! This time, she did not even say things clearly! So angry! How could she be like this?


Heavens, please tell me, what did I do to deserve this? How did I anger someone who is so rich and powerful~?





[1] 咸猪手 – Salted Pig Hand – is a slang used to indicate a molester that touches a woman inappropriately.


[2] Thank you for reading this chapter at prosperous food translations.


[3] For those who are wondering, a typical Chinese webnovel novel chapter is 2,000 words.  If the word count exceeds too much, I will spend more time on one chapter, and I do not have enough time to translate another chapter. Usually, I split this up to make it more manageable. this chapter had a whopping 2,998 words (almost 3k words).






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