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Imperial Chef Rookie – Chapter 02

Chapter 2


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It had been 5 days since my mum’s last outburst. I have been imprisoned in the study for 5 days.

Every day, she would deliver some hot food to me, and occasionally chat with me. But all her ‘chats’ are asking me to study hard. She was also busy trying to make ends meet and did not have much time to care about me.

But, it is not my character or my personality to just meekly accept my fate and wait here. I will definitely think of a way to escape.

I hear that Wei Qi will be rushing to the capital to take the imperial examination. Why not tag along with him. He could take the examination and I could see the world and have a good time. This is a win-win situation, yes?

As soon as I thought about this, I immediately become very excited.

Why not take action and implement my plan? I thought about it, and suddenly I have a perfect plan.

That night, when mother delivered some food for me.

I had purposely informed her about Wei Qi and even pretended to be unwilling and sad as I told her this:

“Mother ~ Wei Qi and I are good friends for so many years. We grew up together and love each as a family member! Now that he is leaving, and it is unknown when he would be back, I do not know when I can see him again. Let me go and see him off – Just a little sister seeing her brother off. Hopefully, he could achieve great things!”

When I said this, my eyes were slightly red.

I am a good actress and know how to act well. Everything must be perfect so that my mother will not suspect a thing. After all, she does not trust me that much.

“Mother also knows that you and Wei Qi are best friends. I have watched him grew up as well. He is kind and clever, and I also could not bear to see him go.”

Yes! My mum seems to believe in me.

“He is really a good child and could enter the capital to take the imperial examination. You should learn from him. Mother does not expect you to achieve a lot – all I want is you to study and help out with your mum’s business, and not waste your mum’s efforts.”

She may be touched, but 3 seconds later, she immediately continued to nag as usual.

But for the sake of freedom, I endured!

I  smiled, “Mother, you are right. I should learn from Wei Qi and study hard. I will not let you worry about me.”

“Yi? How come you are so reasonable today? You are usually as stubborn as a mule! All right, since you have been here for some time, you are permitted to go with me to Wei Qi farewell dinner. It may be good for you to have some fresh air.”

Seeing how happy my mother was, I could not help being proud of my acting skills.

It is such a pity that with my acting skills I am not an actress. The fact that I decided to focus on becoming an imperial chef is a huge loss for the acting industry!

No matter what, my plan was perfect! Hehe, Captial, here I come!


Wei Qi’s sending off dinner was held in Ming Yue Lou restaurant. At the agreed time, all the neighbours nearby attended this sending off dinner. Everyone was chatting happily and enjoying the feast.

I searched around for Wei Qi’s figure and finally saw him in the middle of a group of 7-8 to elderly women.

I immediately slipped in, and pulled his sleeves, and indicated that he should follow me to the room nearby  – I had something to tell him.

As soon as the door was closed, I immediately told him my plan.

“Wei Qi, tell me, are we good brothers?”

As soon as Wei Qi heard me ask this question, he immediately assumed the worse. That’s why he looked at me with a face of fear.

“Xiran, did you have something up….”

“Arh, you could tell? You are indeed my good brother. Today I am having some difficulties. Will you help your good brother?”

I looked at Wei Qi as he grinned mischievously and I slowly approached him.

“I knew it! I knew you are up to something! If I can help you, of course, I will. But first, tell me what is it?”

“Can you help me to…. Make my mother drunk?

“Pui~~~ what did you say? Make your mum drunk? Why?”

As soon as he heard what I needed him to do, his jaws almost hit the floor.

“This is a long story. I wanted to go to the capital with you. But my mum will not a agree. Therefore, I thought of plan, and I need your help. Relax, there will not be any problems. Now in my time of need, you must help me!”

After he understood what I want to achieve, he still considered it himself. At the same time, he frowned and did not say a word.

I saw that he could not make up his mind, and smack him on his shoulders.

“What are you thinking about? If you do not say a word, I considered it as ‘silence means consent’. Haha~”

“No….. I …….”

“Shut up~”

After being interrupted by me, Wei Qi showed a helpless sigh. Under my skilful manipulation, he had no choice but to agree.

“I tell you, when you go out later, you must…. Then ……”

“Wei Qi ah, my future depends on you! You must act well, and not screw up! If we succeed, I will definitely treat you to a good meal!”

“I understand! You relax! Xiran, I will go out and entertain the guests first. In a moment, you come over.”

Seeing Wei Qi’s back, I know that I am one step closer to success.

After a short while, the drinking begins.

All the people enjoyed the wine as they chatted. My mother was very happy. It has been a long time since things are this lively.

I judged that the time is right, and winked at Wei Qi. He immediately took up a flask of wine and cups to my mother’s side.

“Madam, I am very grateful that you and Xiran had come to see me off. I must give you 3 cups of wine to thank you.”

“This first cup is to thank you for treating me as a son since I was young. Today I have this opportunity to take the imperial examination is all thanks to your guidance and love, madam. Wei Qi offers this cup of wine to thank you.” Wei Qi poured a big cup of wine for my mother.

My mother was very happy and excited, and said that Wei Qi is a good young man, and happily drank that cup of wine.

“Madam, this second cup is to inform you that should I, Wei Qi, succeed in the imperial examinations, I will definitely repay you for your love and guidance through all these years. All these years, you have treated me as a son. Today, your adopted son uses the wine to replace the tea, and offer this cup of wine to acknowledge you as my adoptive mother.” Wei Qi bowed, and offered the second cup of wine.

My mother happily drank the second cup of wine. In drinking this cup of wine, she had gained an adoptive son. Naturally, she is very happy.

“Adoptive Mother, Wei Qi must offer you this third cup. When I go to the capital to take the imperial examination, my home had no one to look after them. I hope that if adoptive mother had some spare time, you will visit my home as well. In this way, our two families can take care of each other. I need not worry about my family and could focus on the examinations. Adoptive mother, will you grant me my request? If you agree, I will be most grateful.”

My mother was a bit drunk by now, and very happy. Even if Wei Qi talks rubbish, my mother will agree. She drank the third big cup of wine.

This Wei Qi is really teachable. Just teach him one time, and he knows what to do! He is indeed my brother!

Then he winked at me, as if to say, “Mission accomplished.”

I smiled back at him! All right~

After 3 big cups of wine, most of the guests had left, and my mother is stone drunk and sleeping on the table.

Wei Qi and I arranged for a carriage and send my mother home.

After I placed her on the bed, I wipe her face and hands with some clean water. Then I left a bowl of soup for her so that she can clear her head from the hangover from drinking too much. I kowtowed to her and left a note for her.

“Mother, your unfilial child, Song Xiran, had left for the capital with Wei Qi. I had no choice but to do this, and beg for your forgiveness. When I achieve my dreams, I will definitely return personally and seek your forgiveness.”

“Mother, you must take good care of yourself, and not tire yourself out. Your child had placed a bowl of soup to help with getting rid of a hangover on the table. Please do drink it after you wake up. Yours sincerely, Song Xiran.”

Then I took the luggage that I had prepared in advance, closed the door, and left the house with Wei Qi.

When I reached a spot where I could not see my house anymore, my heart suddenly becomes heavy. I looked back, and my tears flowed out freely.

This is the first time I will be leaving my home for an extended period. I could not bear to leave this place or my mum. At the same time, I was excited about the upcoming adventures I would have.

My heart was torn between two antagonising choices. That of seeing the splendour of the capital and chasing after my dreams, and to stay with my mum. I am worried that my mum could not take care of herself. After all, I don’t know when I will be back.

While I am mourning in private, Wei Qi had already prepared the horse carriage.

He tapped me on my shoulder and informed me that he had already told his parents. His parents promised to help me to look after my mum, and he consoled me. He entered the carriage first, and wait there patiently for me.

I turned around, wipe my tears and board the horse carriage with Wei Qi. As the horse carriage trotted off, and the familiar scene disappeared, my attention was captivated by the different sights I saw as we made our way to the capital.

The place where I will achieve my dream – the capital. Capital, here I come!





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