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Imperial Chef Rookie – Chapter 07 Part 2

Chapter 7 (Part 2) – This is a Brothel, You Know?


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I carried her into the room, and asked the Madam for some water.


The Madam was a bit suspicious, but she did not care so much as long as I pay and tip her generously. She just thought that I am weird.




I washed her face, and placed her dirty clothes on one side. Then I wonder how I should sleep.


Right now, it is very late. I do not have much money left. If I want to save her, the best thing to do is to save her in the morning.


“There is only one bed. We both are women. There is nothing wrong with sleeping together, right?” I asked her.


“Cough, Cough, Cough, if you do not reply, I take it as you have agreed~”


Then I lie beside her and thought of how to resolve the problem tomorrow.




I just looked at her as she sleeps so peacefully, and listened to the sound of her breathing.


Who are you? Why do you always get into trouble each time I meet you?


I was thinking. But I was very exhausted. After all, I have cooked for the whole day. I did not think for long, and also fell asleep shortly.


The next morning, I was awaken by a piercing shriek.


Then I woke up while I was flying in the air, and landed on the stone hard floor with a thud.


“Aiya~ So painful! What are you doing! It is really a case of good deeds do not pay! This is the 2nd time I saved you, but you treat me like this. I am really so poor. Good people end up miserable. Wa… *crying*~”


“I, I, I, how do I know it is you. I thought it is ….. and why are you sleeping beside me?”


She suddenly looked very worried, and her face turned red. She stuttered when she speaks.


“My goddess, there is only 1 bed! If I don’t sleep here, where do I sleep? Why didn’t you use your brains and think for a moment? We are both women. What can I do to you? How long are you going to let me sit here on the floor? Ouch, my poor back!”


Then she helped me up.


I massaged my back and sat on the side of a bed. Then I looked at her.


“Thank you. Where are we?”


“You don’t know where this is? Lady, this is a brothel! Yesterday that group of thugs sold you to this brothel. If not for me, you will be…..”


“Brothel? What type of place is this?”


“Lady, you do not even know what a brothel is, and you dare to go out in the streets at night?”


Looking at her clueless face, I could not help laughing at her. I may not have entered this place before, but at least I have some ‘common sense’.


Then I explained to her what a brothel is.


As soon as she heard my words, she was angry and embarrassed. She wore her shoes and clothes and wanted to leave. I immediately hold her back.


“Where are you going? Without any money to redeem you, you cannot escape. Let’s think of a way out. Why don’t you stay here for a moment? I will go back and take some money to redeem you?”


She did not listen to me, and just sneered.




“Arh, I do not believe that they dared to stop me. How dare they bring to me this place. They do not want to live anymore!”


Then she stomped out of the room in fury. I quickly followed after her, and was worried about her safety.


As soon as the madam saw that she is trying to leave, she immediately brought a group of thugs to stop her.




But she did not even flinch, and took out a piece of jade. Then the madam was frightened out of her wits and immediately kneeled down.


“If you do not want to die, get out of my way!”


As soon as she said this, the Madam immediately asked everyone to make way.


“Oh yes, there is a companion of mine. Bring him out.”


The Madam immediately instructed someone to carry out the man who was kidnapped here with her.


She is well versed in the ways of the rich and powerful, and is sure to recognise that piece of jade. She knows that she had offended someone she could not afford to offend, and to save her life, she disappeared without a trace.


Just like that, we walked out of the brothel.


I was curious. How come the jade is so powerful?


That Madam was frightened out of her wits?


En, this man is really not simple.


After leaving the brothel, she turned around and told me,


“Thank you for saving me again. You better go back now. Also, do not tell anyone what happened. As for these people, I will definitely teach them a lesson. Tonight, someone will come to get you. You go and prepare.”


Then they disappeared before I could get a word in.










Damn it. How did this lady flip her position faster than she flips through a book??


And you just leave like this? Why do you like to be so mysterious! This is the 3rd time! The damning 3rd time! Why do you never ask others for their opinion?




Although my mouth was saying the above, my heart feels different. “Aiya~ forget it. I could not do a thing! Once I get used to it, it should be fine. You are the daughter of someone powerful, and you look good, so I will not hold it against you.”


After she had left, I decided to find my Shifu. I need to consult him.


I rode a carriage all the way to my Shifu’s adobe. As soon as I entered, I noticed that Xu Mo and Ting’er are also there.


I immediately informed him that the lady wanted to take me away, and did not mention what happened last night.


When they heard me, the 3 of them have 3 different expressions.


Shifu looked worried, Xu Mo looked happy, and Ting’er looked reluctant.


But all of them were surprised.


“Do you know who is Mu Zhen?” I asked.


“Everyone under the sky knows her? She is the 2nd princess, and the favourite daughter of the Emperor!” Xu Mo looked at me as if I am an idiot.




“Princ…Princ… Princess? Mu Zhen? No wonder I thought that this name is very familiar. Sigh, I have really offended someone I could not afford to offend. No wonder that Madam in the brothel turned pale. I was thinking that this world had no laws. But she is the law.”


Finally, I reacted in shocked.


“Xiran, I do not know why the princess asked you to go with her. But you must know this. Inside the palace is not like the outside. If you must go, then you must be very careful in everything you do. I know you have wanting to ask about your father. Once you come back, I will tell you everything.” Shifu instructed.


I carefully paid attention to my Shifu words and remember it. Then I chat with them for a short while and prepare to go back.


As I reached the door, Ting’er chased after me, and said,


“Brother Xiran, you must be careful. If there are any problems, you can always run here!”


I saw that she had been crying, and her eyes were red.


“Relax, Ting ‘Er, your brother Xiran will be all right! It is not as if we cannot meet again. I will frequently come back to visit you and Shifu. Do not cry~”


I rubbed her head and smiled at her.


Frankly speaking, during this time, I have noted her attitude. I know that she does not regard me as just a ‘brother’. But I have never regarded her as anything but a sister. She is still young, and I believe that she will meet someone else that is more suitable than me sooner or later.


At about noon, I returned to [Ju Xiang Ge]. The one who was there to receive me had already waited there for some time. When I left, I did not bring anything with me, except a heart filled with fear of the unknown.


Will I be entering the palace? What does the princess want with me?


Would this be a fortune or misfortune?










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