Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0056

Chapter 56 –


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Michael and Amy returned very quickly. Other than teasing Charcoal Black and Green Beans when they passed by the potions shop, they purchased a jar of goat’s milk. It costs only 20 coppers, and the vendor even gave them a bamboo jar. Michael could not help feeling that he is too greedy.

As soon as they opened the door of the restaurant, they could hear the frantic meowing of the kitty.

“Ugly duckling, do not be afraid! You are too ugly and will frighten off all intruders. So you have nothing to fear.” Amy immediately rushed up and consoled the kitty.

“This consolation …. Is really fresh and unheard of.” Michael grinned as he entered the door, and placed the milk on the table. The clothes within the basket were scattered on the floor. Its two paws were on the basket and looked at Amy with its big kitty eyes that were almost in tears, if as if it abandoned.

“All right, all right, I will bring you out with me next time. Sigh, there is no help for it!” Amy sighed and stroked Ugly Duckling’s head.

Ugly Duckling loves and welcomed the stroking, and rubbed its head against Amy’s hand as it purred and closed its eyes in delighted. It stopped meowing.

Michael also grinned. Although Amy’s mouth was filled with words like eating it when it grows up, he was sure that she would become attached to it and would not eat it.

He does not want to scold Amy for her words and adopt a wait and see attitude. If Amy could value her pet and other animals naturally, this would be the best – just like she could make friends with Charcoal Black.

As for her fixation on eating roasted swan, Michael was sure that it is just a childish desire that she would outgrow one day, and nothing more. She would not eat the cat once she and they had bonded together.

Michael took out the milk bottle that he had purchased from the System into the kitchen, and boiled the bottle to kill germs. Then he heated up the milk and poured it into the milk bottle. He placed a few drops of the milk onto his hand, and make sure it is warm but not scalding hot.

Satisfied, Michael left the rest of the jar into the fridge and took the milk bottle out.

“Papa, what is that?” Amy look at the milk bottle in Michael’s hand and asked with curiosity. The milk bottle was in a clear glass and there is even a soft rubble thing resembling a suckle on top. What could this device be used for?

“Meow~~” Ugly Duckling’s eyes were transfixed on the bottle, and it seems to smell the milk. Its eyes become shiny like stars as it licked its nose. From the way, it reacts, it is very hungry.

“This is milk bottle. It is used for feeding babies and little animals. Just like this.” Michael smiled as he placed the suckle into the mouth of Ugly Duckling. The little cat quickly begins to suck the milk and lap it out hungrily. Some white colour milk even leaked out from the corner of its mouth on to its fur. It looks like it was enjoying its meal.

The goat’s milk had less lactose compared to cow’s milk. As a kitten that is born in the wild, it should be adapted to goat’s milk. Michael thought. If this does not work, then he will try to purchase some cat milk powder. But the price of this product is a lot more expensive.

“So cute! Papa, may I feed Ugly Duckling?” Amy’s eyes lit up and she looked at Michael with anticipation.

“Of course you may! But Ugly Duckling could not take a bath yet. If it is dirty, we will have problems with hygiene. Therefore we must first make it wear a collar.” Michael passed the milk bottle to Amy and took a small collar from the drawer.

He was intending to take away the bottle and put on the collar first. But the kitten refused to let go of the milk bottle. In the end, Amy had no choice but to hold the bottle high, and while it is feeding, Michael placed the collar around its neck.

“Then, Amy, you feed it. One bottle is enough for it. I will prepare the ingredients for this afternoon business.” Michael informed Amy.

“All right, I will feed it.” Amy nodded her head. She looked at Ugly Duckling that was enjoying its meal with relish and asked, “Is it really that tasty?”

Ugly Duckling seemed to have high intelligence and understood Amy. It continued to suck the milk while it nodded its head.

Michael washed his hands and took out some slabs of meat. He sliced them and put them into a large bowl to marinate.

The most important thing about the juicy hamburger is, of course, the hamburger patties. The meat that he had marinated in the middle of night should be enough for today and maybe, tomorrow as well. By tomorrow morning, it would be the optimal time to cook it to maximise the taste of the patty.

Therefore, he needs to marinate the meat so that he had enough meat to make more patties for the day after tomorrow. In this way, he could ensure that the taste of the dishes is optimised. At the same time, he wanted to ensure that the taste of each hamburger is consistent.

When Michael had seasoned and marinated the meat and placed it in the fridge, he decided to check up on Amy. As soon as he left the kitchen, he was surprised to see Amy sitting on the floor and happily sucking the milk from the milk bottle. Ugly Duckling was in the basket, and looked at Michael with its big, pitiful eyes, then looked at Amy, and almost cried.

“Sigh, I should not have let a foodie feed the animal. She even s.n.a.t.c.hed the cat’s food….” Michael could not help sighing and giggling at the irony of it. “Amy, you ate its meal, then what is it going to eat?”

“I am worried that it eat too much and will be too full…. That’s why I tried to help it eat a bit.” Amy sucked one more mouthful and looked at Ugly Duckling, “Is that right, Ugly Duckling?”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling cried out, and looked at Michael pitifully. It waved its little tail.

“This kitty does not even have any pride.” Michael looked at Ugly Duckling and grinned. He used to have a fat cat. It was very proud and picky eater, and will only eat if the food is placed near its mouth.

“Amy, do you like the taste of goat’s milk?” Michael asked Amy who was enjoying the milk from the milk bottle.

“En En, it tastes good.” Amy nodded her head.

“All right, then I will also prepare one for you in future.” Michael smiled and nodded his head. In the past, Amy seldom had the chance to drink milk. These few days, he was focused on his business, and forgot about it.

He purchased another milk bottle from the system. Michael had no choice – he could not have his daughter and the cat share a bottle. Then he warmed up ½ a bottle for Ugly Duckling and ½ a bottle for Amy.

When he saw the sight of his daughter and the kitty sucking the milk from the milk bottle at the same time, he felt warm in his heart.

“[New task]: Sell 1000 juicy hamburgers in 10 days. After completing the mission, new dish [Beancurd] will be unlocked. So far you have sold 48 hamburgers.”

“1,000 again? System, can you have something new? Your tasks are all boring!” Michael pouted. This time he had heard the difference in tasks. The system had changed the task from selling the ingredients to selling the products. After the last crowd-funding attempt, the system had become smarter and it is becoming more difficult to exploit it.

“Selling a number of the dish is to allow the name of the restaurant to spread far and wide. Please do not try to exploit any loopholes to complete the task, work hard, and manage the restaurant is the purest and surest path to the route of becoming a G.o.d of cooking.” The system begins to preach.

“All right, this does not seem to be hard. But I am more curious about this: The soy beancurd that you have mentioned, are you talking about the sweet or savoury one?”




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