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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0136

Chapter 136 – I Feel Exhausted

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


“I, too, had felt the same way, but then I took a fireball to the face.” Sargerass said with a frown. Next, he eyed both Klaus and Julian sitting quietly in their seats, and muttered, “However, if you feel that you could take on those two old men, you’re welcome to try it.”

Kiel also looked in the same direction. The Frost Dragon loomed large in his mind and was then smashed to bits by that old man in white robes, he gulped. “Why don’t we just buy normally like other normal customers, ba.”

It looked Kiel had dropped that stupid idea from his head, so Sargerass turned to Misty, “Misty, how do you feel?”

“Like I’m close to breaking through, but not quite all there yet. Perhaps about two buns worth of strength is needed.” said Misty after examining his own body condition.

“Two buns worth?” Sargerass’ eyes gleamed. He praised, “What an excellent way to describe a breakthrough method. I think this could be a new way for us lava demons to described our power levels.”

“As in, One Bun for Level One, or Two Buns…?” Kiel’s eyes brightened, he stood on tiptoe and slapped Misty on the shoulder, “it certainly seems very clear to me.”

“That’s right, we may use this method for Level Three or below to calculate our people’s ability. Even I do not know how many [Juicy Burgers] is needed for a breakthrough for Level Three warrior.” Sargerass nodded meaningfully, after some thought, he continued, “Also, the level we refer to is different from those human mages and knights by half. Our Level Two warriors can defeat their Level Four powerhouses for example, therefore we can use this method to keep our true levels secret. En, let’s decide on this, ba.”

“Hei hei, that’s a good thought.” Misty laughed sneakily, looking very pleased.

“Big Baldy, Second Baldy, Third Baldy, you’re not allowed to talk loudly in the restaurant. If you continue to be loud, you’ll disturb other customers. I can be very fierce when angry!” Amy glared at the three demons, her little hands clenched in tiny fists, doing her best to look fierce.

Klaus and Julian were also giving Sargerass a Look.

The pressure of their combined stare was like a huge mountain looming over him. In addition to the fear of not being able to eat Mike’s [Juicy Burgers], there were those two great deities standing behind Amy. None of them were people he could provoke, he quickly shove the two demon brothers down into their seats, “Hush, hush, we will all be hush now.”

Kiel and Misty shut up at once, but neither were at all angry. Happiness was simmering quietly in their hearts.

Kiel had already broken through, and Misty would be able to breakthrough after two more [Juicy Burgers]. At this rate, it would not be long before the lava tribe demons would once more stand at the summit of power on Demon Island.

Customers who had been ready to flee at the sight of the three blazing demons started to calm down when it looked like the demons have no interest in attacking or destroying anything. Even the tables and chairs next to them were not singed at all. Even now, the demons were obediently listening to the boss’ daughter. It looked like the safety of this restaurant was pretty good. The customers sighed in relief, and crept back into their seats to continue enjoying their meal.

A few customers seated close to the entrance had to blink a few times to make sure that what they were seeing was real. Who would have thought that this little girl would have such great intimidation power. Even though her ‘fierce face’ was so adorable that people were tempted to pinch her little cheeks.

“This restaurant is certainly interesting,” the thought flashed through the minds of most of the new customers, they were quite happy to have come to this restaurant.

Regulars exchanged knowing smiles with each other. For some reason, it felt really fun to see Amy threaten people in that really cute way of hers.

“Ah, we would like 8 more [Juicy Burgers] here.” Sargerass held up his hand timidly at Abbe Mia.

“Very well, please wait.” Abbe Mia said with a smile. This demon person was really cute, though he had a scary face, he was quite diligent about keeping the restaurant rules and was in fact very easy to talk to.

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The alluring smell of cooking food filled the air, seated customers happily eating their food was the best kind of advertisement.

However, when confronted by the 600 copper coin, 300 copper coin prices, quite a few potential customers had to quietly flee the restaurant. No matter how delicious the food could be, not everyone could spend this kind of money for a single portion of breakfast.

On the other hand, there were still plenty of customers who stayed behind. While 300 copper coins could not be consider cheap, they could still afford to buy one just to try and see whether it was just as amazingly delicious as the people around them seemed to expressed. A few customers who could not wait for a seat to open up just ordered a [Juicy Burger] to go.

“I want a [Juicy Burger] too. Please make it fast, I have to go to town and switch shift soon.” said a young man dressed in greyish white changpao, he looked like a store manager.

“I’ll have two, my wife would probably like one as well.” next to him, a tall thin young man scratched his messy hair sheepishly. He was dressed in some kind of loose clothing and was wearing wooden clogs on his feet.

Wayson Neo had been kicked out of bed early this morning by his wife to get breakfast. He had been feeling annoyed until that epic battle between two powerful mages happened in front of him. Feeling that his morning had not been wasted, and that this restaurant was not bad, he decided to just get some breakfast from this place and go home.

His wife owned about ten shop fronts in Aden Square and most of them were located near the plaza entrance. Every month, the rental collection could reach up to twenty or thirty thousand gold. A proper wealthy woman indeed.

When he married into his wife’s family, the nickname Super Moocher was stuck to him.

To be honest, Wayson Neo was not really bothered by the nickname. Though he was the son of a wealthy merchant family, as a bastard son, things like inheriting the business or whatever, had nothing to do with him. He had managed, on the strength of his face, married a wealthy wife, could anything be better than this?

As for life goals, well, his job was to collect rent every month, isn’t that good enough?

He had absolutely zero interest in fighting for a chunk of that family wealth.

Moreover, his wife was pretty nice too. Aside from being a little demanding in bed, and having a slightly lower social position in the family, he had plenty of money to spend. The only thing required of him was to not make too much trouble outside.

Everyday he left the house with heavy pockets, pretending to be a rich man. Unfortunately, he had a tail with him at all times and was not allowed to visit the brothel.

However, it was not like he particularly regretted his life. Once he had finished counting the grains, he will leave the house to walk about. His restraint was almost saint like, even if a beautiful elf girl were to strip tease in front of him, he would probably only eyed her for a bit, and move on.

“I’m so exhausted.” Wayson Neo yawned, he had been ridden on most vigorously all night, and was feeling hopelessly hollowed out. Looks like he’ll have to go and look for some kind of folk remedy or stamina medicine, again.

“Alright, please wait.” Abbe Mia collected the man’s information, smiled once in acknowledgement and sped off towards the kitchen.


[Gumihou: … should I pity this Wayson Neo?]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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