Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0055

Chapter 55 –


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“Maybe this is a fake ugly duckling….” Michael looks at the orange and white kitten that was meowing at Amy.

How to explain this? A cat that hatched from an egg? This is something that he had never heard of.

After thinking about it, maybe in this world, the egg-hatched cats are more common than the live-birth cats? This is, after all, a fantasy world.

Of 10 orange tabby cats, 9 are fat, and 1 is super fat.

On Earth, he had a dog and a cat. That cat is also an orange tabby cat, and it is as fat as Garfield.

Looking at the half-open eyes of the kitten that is no bigger than the palm of his hand, Michael almost could not resist the temptation to pat it. This kitten is ultra cute!

“But… it hatched from an ugly duckling egg? That is an ugly duckling egg, right? Then it must be an ugly duckling!” Amy nodded her head confidently. She looks at the kitten with a hint of disgust, “You are really ugly! You have two more legs and does not know how to swim! In future, your name will be Ugly Duckling!”

“Er…. Maybe we can give a nicer name? For example, Orange Orange, Little Orange, Big Orange etc.” Michael tried to change Amy’s mind. This is obviously a cat and not a duck. To name it ugly duckling is a bit…. too much?

“No! Papa, it is definitely Ugly Duckling! You cannot change a creature’s name as you please!” Amy looked at Michael and shook her head.

“Meow ~” The tabby cat seemed to understand what Amy was saying, and meowed in protest as it shook its head. It seems to indicate that it does not like this name.

“En, I know you like this name, right?” Amy smiled and nodded her head, totally disregarding the opinions of the tabby kitten. She reached out and took away the eggshell on top of its head, and look very strict as she called out, “Ugly duckling, if I call your name you must respond! From now on, before you become a white swan, I will treat you well!”

Saying this, Amy drooled and salivated again.

“Meow~~” The tabby kitten immediately gave up, and meowed in response.

“So it be – this cat is named Ugly Duckling….” Michael pitied the tabby kitten. In his daughter, Amy’s eyes, regardless if it is a griffin, a phoenix or another creature, as long as it hatched from the ‘ugly duckling’ egg, it must be an ugly duckling. And this is Amy’s pet. She had the right to decide the name of her pet.

But this tabby cat will probably never become a swan. Therefore, Amy could never realise her dreams of making it fat and eating roasted swans.

Frankly speaking, Michael doubted that this is an ordinary tabby cat. After all, the vendor informed him that this egg was taken from a steep cliff. The rope marks on the vendor’s hand and body indicated that he was not lying. Try as he might, he could not discern anything about this kitten, other than its superior intelligence in understanding human speech. It does not have wings on its back.

Who knows what will it becomes when it grows up? Maybe it is a winged tiger? Maybe a Sphinx? Or a dragon cat?

Then Michael shook his head and discarded these thoughts. It is still too early to tell. Who cares what what it really is? As long as Amy likes it. He just hopes that this cat will not be too fat!

This kitten looks like an ordinary kitten, except that it is a bit bigger, and looks like a cat that is about 2 weeks old. It is also a bit more active than most kittens that had just been born and immediately tried to get out of the eggshell.

But it is still too small and weak, and could not get out of the massive shell on its own. It just stared at Amy with its large, blue eyes in a pitiful expression, and meowed twice, as if it is begging for help. The kitten seemed to have acknowledged Amy as its owner.

“I guess I have no choice but to help.” Amy’s mouth may seem unwilling to help, but her body is honest – she reached out to grab the kitten.

“Hold on, we must first clean it!” Michael immediately called out, and took a clean towel. He gently lifted the kitten from the egg and rubbed it clean. Then he used the towel to wrap it so that it will not too cold. Only its head was sticking out, as it glanced at Michael and Amy.

“Papa, I feel that it looks delicious!” Amy looked that the kitten that was wrapped in a towel and her eyes lit up.

“Oh, like a spring roll.” Michael wants to laugh out loud. This girl is obsessed about food.

“Meow! Meow!” The kitten seemed to understand Amy’s words and immediately cried out in panic. It struggled to get out of the towel.

“Ugly Duckling, be good, I will not eat you now. Be good, and do not be afraid.” Amy patted it on its head, and smiled as she stroked it.

The kitten calmed down almost instantly and fell asleep.

“Let it sleep, I need to prepare some food for it to eat.” Michael informed Amy. Looks like it took a lot of effort to hatch. It should be hungry once it wakes up.

“The Ugly Duckling is really lazy! I just patted it and stroke it for a while and it fell asleep!” Amy reluctantly withdrew her hand that was stroking the cat, and looked at her father, “Then what should we feed it? Rainbow fried rice?”

“No. A newly born kit… Ugly Duckling could not eat rainbow fried rice. It must drink goat or cow’s milk. Let’s go shopping and purchase some milk for it.” Michael shook his head.

The super fat tabby cat that he had on Earth is raised by him when it is only a kitten, and he is experienced in caring for cats.

“System, do you sell milk bottle?” Michael asked.

“I am not a department store and do not sell baby products.” The system replied.

“I do not have much cash now. You better be honest about your prices. This kitten will soon be able to lick from the plate itself, and I no longer need the baby bottle.” Michael remains calm.

“High-quality milk bottle. Buy one and get one free pet collar. Only 5 gold coins!” The System immediately replied.

“If you give me 2 pet collars, I will purchase one set.” Michael bargained.

“High-quality milk bottle, 2 pet collars are delivered into the first drawer of the counter table. Please check.” The System voice rang out.

Michael opened the drawer and found a new feeding bottle and two lovely pet collars.

As for why he did not purchase the milk from the system, he thought that the system will not sell any ingredients to him that is not used for cooking. Even if it does, the price of the products from the system would be very high, and the milk probably comes from exotic places.

Right now, he does not have much cash on hand. He needs to save money to purchase an increase in his body constitution. He is still too weak and he really wants to carry Amy. He should be more careful in his spending money.

“All right.” Amy nodded her head in agreement. She carefully lifted up Ugly Duckling and placed it into the basket used to hold the egg. The eggshell had been removed from the basket and it would serve as a sleeping place for the kitten. Then she covered it with a towel, and held Michael’s finger as she proceeds to go out with Michael.

On the way out, she looked back at the basket and asked with a worried look, “Papa, if we go out and Ugly Duckling wakes up, will it be afraid? That Ugly Duckling seemed to regard me as its mother.”

“It should not wake up so fast.” Michael shook his head. It should not take long to purchase some milk. Amy’s instincts are really sharp. She could sense that the Ugly Duckling had already acknowledged her as its owner and trust her.

Despite her fierce exterior façade and words, it is fairly obvious that Amy really loves and care for her first pet.

“All right, then we better go out and come back quickly.” Amy agreed, and immediately pulled Michael’s fingers as they head out of the door.




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