Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0109

Chapter 109 – No Need to Fear, I am No Good Man


Though Mike loathed to have Klaus anywhere near Amy, he had no good excuse to ban the man from entering his restaurant.

After all, aside from wanting to take Amy in as a disciple, Klaus had not violated the restaurant rules in the slightest. Also, he was not the wizard’s equal in terms of strength, therefore it was not like he could forcefully shoo the man away. In the end, he could only remain watchful and do his best to prevent Amy from being kidnapped.

At Amy’s words, customers who were at the restaurant when this promise was struck smiled knowingly at each other.

“That’s right, go ahead and order whatever you like, I’ll treat you.” Klaus smiled agreeably as he sat at Amy’s table.

“Then, I’ll have a [Yang Zhou Fried Rice],” a smile bloomed across Amy’s face, she looked seriously at Klaus. “Though I’m the one eating it, you still have to give me money later. You already promised me.”

“Well, I’ll hand the money to you right now, here’s 6 gold coins.” Klaus reached into his robe and drew out a money pouch. Though there was still some general awkwardness in his expression, he looked genuinely cheerful.

“Thank you, Half Beardy Old Man,” Amy happily collected the gold coins, lifted her head to give Mike a glance. Her little face beaming with the smug happiness of a successful scheme.

Mike could not help himself as he laughed and shook his head. At any rate, this was Klaus’ personal promise to Amy. Though he had cooked up this plan to get her alone with him, in the end he was the one who had fallen into her trap , this should teach him just how clever Little Amy was.

Furthermore, the end result of the old man’s scheme revealed good news for Mike. If a famous wizard like Klaus wished to take Amy in as a disciple, it’s clear that her potential had to be quite considerable. It’s entirely possible that she’ll grow up to be a powerful mage.

As Klaus said, only those with great strength could survive well in this world.

Of course a different course was available for Mike, with strong capital (money), and the [System] by his side, he could survive well in this world.

After all, when it came to physical powers, Mike could only cultivate it slowly and depended entirely upon the [System] to properly develop it. Making money and buying useful things from the [System] remained a much more straightforward path for him. Moreover, he could use money to upgrade and fortify his restaurant, which will increase his survival rate in this world.

Abbé Mia cleared the plates and was soon standing next to Mike with a smile that mimicked his. Despite that, her posture was stiff, her legs rigid as pillars, her heart thumped loudly in her ears and for a moment, her brain went blank with anxiety.

“Yi? And who is this, Boss Mike?” Harrison looked over at Abbé Mia curiously, though he knew with a glance that she’s a half dragon, the girl was dressed in a unique style that he had never seen before. His eyes brightened at the sight of the collarbone exposing blouse, the black and white stocking outlining a pair of delicate calves, and the white headband tucked in her hair.

Quite a few of the customers were also looking curiously at Abbé Mia and Mike, they’ve been speculating over this person’s identity ever since they’ve arrived in front of the restaurant and therefore very invested in the answer.

Since Amy was a half elf, her mother had to be an elf, therefore Abbé Mia could not be Amy’s mother.

Nevertheless, though this person was a half dragon, she gave off a really nice feeling when she smiled. It was like standing in front of a spring breeze, gentle, purifying and cool.

“This is Mia, she’s our new staff.” Mike smiled as he introduced this new addition to the first group of customers for the day. They were all regulars who were perfectly comfortable Amy’s mixed blood status and therefore the best type of customer for Abbé Mia to cut her teeth into the hazardous path of customer service.

“See, I told you guys that she’s the new staff,” Harrison snapped his fingers in elation, he turned around to beam Jacques, before rushing up to Mike with his thumb held aloof, “Boss Mike, you certainly have a good eye for staff, she really matches well with the ambiance of this excellent restaurant.”

Mike nodded with a little smile, he also felt that he had a good eye for staff and was quite gratified to hear this from Harrison.

A small blush rose on Abbé Mia’s cheeks, but it wasn’t shyness, the feeling  was closer to excitement. This was the first time she heard compliments from customers, though it was directed mostly at Mike, but, to think that someone would actually say that her appearance matched such a wondrous restaurant, how could she not be flattered?

“That’s right, her smile is very nice, and it gives off a really good feeling.” Jacques added with a little nod. Then he and Harrison made their way happily towards their seat.

Other customers also dropped the odd compliment and smile, perhaps it was due to their exposure to Amy that the usual prejudice against mixed blood people was largely non-existent. They only felt that Amy looked especially cute for a little girl and that Abbé Mia’s presence added to their pleasure of being in the restaurant.

Abbé Mia’s smile grew more genuine as the compliments and nods added up, her spine grew straighter and her anxiety decreased. On the other hand, there was an added weight of responsibility on her shoulders. From here on she will have to rely on her own effort to give a good impression on behalf of the restaurant to the customers. Boss Mike trusted her ability and she could not must not disappoint him.

“Relax, there’s no need to be so anxious. I will take the orders of the first ten customers, you take the next ten, alright?” once the line of customers had entered, Mike closed the door and looked at Abbé Mia.

“En,” Abbé Mia nodded seriously, her right hand clenched in a fist, clearly still a little nervous.

“Do your best, Sister Mia,” Amy came up with Little Ugly Duckling in her arms, she held up a little fist in encouragement, then looked down at the kitten signalling it silently to do something.

“Miao~” Little Ugly Duckling gave a little obligatory mew.

Abbé Mia nodded, the encouragement from Mike, Amy and even Little Ugly Duckling really warmed her heart.

Mike did not bother to say more, he headed towards the dining room and began to collect orders from the customers.

“Boss Mike, I’ll have three [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], send two out immediately, and the third order a little later.” Klaus said with a little smile at Mike.

“Alright, please wait a moment.” Mike nodded in acknowledgement, clearly one of the portions was meant for Amy. Once he had the rest of the nine orders, he made his way towards the kitchen to start cooking.

Abbé Mia was clearly a little nervous, and a few times she even tripped over her words while speaking to the customers. But, she kept the smile on her face and collected the orders from the rest of the customers.


The door chime jingled.

“Welco-” Abbé Mia found herself looking at a large demon carrying an iron chair. It was Sargerass, with his big bald head and lava vein patterns, he looked really scary indeed. She unconsciously swallowed.

Sargerass looked down at Abbé Mia with some surprise. Who knew when this restaurant found itself a new waitress, more importantly, this person looked frightened by his presence. He quickly flapped the hand not carrying the iron chair a little agitatedly, “Miss, no need to fear me. I am no good man. I’m merely a demon.”


[Translator: Aww, minimal drama and maxed out aww factor!! Was there ever a novel filled with such nice characters? Furthermore, nice characters that were not also rich, handsome, beautiful, clever, sensitive, pure of heart, justice inclined, poverty stricken…]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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