Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0057

Chapter 57 –


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Soy beancurd followers were split into two factions: Sweet vs Savoury. These two are the biggest factions in the beancurd war, but they are by no means the only one: there is even a spicy beancurd faction, but this faction is very small and insignificant compares to the legions of fans who love either sweet or savoury beancurds.

As soon as this matter is discussed, regardless of which faction a person support, he or she will want to destroy a person from the other faction. This creates an ongoing war regarding beancurd that exists even to this day.

Michael loves the savoury flavour and favours a slightly salty taste of soy beancurd.

Some vegetables, shrimps, fungus, garlic and a bit of soy sauce is added the soft and tender soya bean curd – it is simply irresistible in the chill of the winter.

As for sweet soy beancurd, what the f**k is that? [1]

Michael did not have any ill-will towards the sweet soya bean curd. He would not draw swords without a valid reason. But he does feel very annoyed when he noticed stalls that only sell the sweet soy beancurds.

He still recalled the time when he ate at a well-known restaurant on Earth. It was in winter and he wanted some soya bean curd to warm himself up. But they had the gall to serve him the sweet soy beancurd. They did not have any other types of beancurd.

That time, Michael did not create any harsh or savage reviews for this shop. All he did is to take a photo of the restaurant entrance, took a name card to note down its address, then insert a photo of a mouth-watering savoury soy beancurd with the caption: In the chill of the winter, there is nothing like having a bowl of savoury soy beancurd here. This is really comfortable!

This is an advertisement for his hundreds of thousands of foodie fans who love to eat. This is also the first time that he did not even say a single word of criticism. He even sounded very positive about it.

As a result, that restaurant was swamped with foodies demanding to eat the savoury soy beancurd that it does not have nor sell. It had to face the wrath of these foodies.

To pacify them, the restaurant quickly come up a savoury version of soya bean curd and even managed to earn a good profit.

Due to this event, the boss of the restaurant had lost all creditability, and end up selling the restaurant. He opened a bar instead.

When he thinks about his past actions, Michael suddenly felt a slight feeling of remorse and regret. Perhaps, he was too much, and his being transmigrated into this world is karma.

As a savoury type, Michael wants to sell the savoury soya bean curd, just for his own selfish desire, and make savoury soya bean curd popular in this world.

“But does Amy like the savoury type or the sweet type?” Michael suddenly thought of something very important. Looking at Amy that was sucking the milk bottle happily, he was lost in thoughts. He was unsure if his precious daughter loves the sweet or savoury type of soya bean curd.

“If you complete the task, you will unlock the sweet and savoury type of soya bean curd at the same time.” The System

System considered for a while before replying.

“Oh, that’s great!” Michael nodded his head. Right now, he was worried that his daughter would like the sweet type. But if Amy joins the Sweet Faction, what could he do? Amy is his daughter, and he would have no choice but to accept and forgive the Sweet Faction, despite his personal tastes.

Right now, Michael is also the boss of a restaurant. He should stop thinking like a customer. If Michael only sells one type of bean curd, the people who like the other type will become unhappy.

Although this world does not have soy beancurd, as a restaurant owner, Michael should allow his customers to eat what they like. His mindset is slowly changing from a food critic to that of an enterprising restaurant owner. There is nothing he likes more than seeing the delighted face of his customers.

“All right, I will quickly sell 1000 juicy hamburger.” Michael nodded his head. He hesitated for a bit, then tried, “System, I desire to eat the savoury soyabean curd very much. Can we have a pre-sale?”


Michael’s head was swamped by a series of dots…………….. then it finally exploded in a raging voice, “Master, please focus on your task! Respect the system!” At the same time, the voice seemed to be cracking with electricity.

“Oh, I had offended it…. I had offended it….” If not for the fact that the system communicates directly into his brains, he wanted to cover his eyes. He did not expect that the system is so easily provoked.

Frankly, he was just pushing his luck. Right now, he needs to make a name for the restaurant. Something that is easy to make and could be taken out to eat is the best choice. In the next few days, he would be focused on promoting the juicy hamburger.

Michael looks at her daughter and the cat as they happily drank the milk from the milk bottle. He entered the kitchen and saw some milk on the stove. He suddenly recalled that the taste of goat milk is not so nice, especially before it is homogenized. But when he saw the two of them drinking the milk so happily, he could not help taking a sip in curiosity.

Michael’s eyes lit up. This milk had a strong scent that hints of sourness. But this did not affect the taste. Instead, it only whets his appetite. He ‘gu lu gu lu gu lu’ and finished the half bowl of milk. The scent of the milk lingers in his mouth and teeth.

This goat milk tastes better than the cow milk on Earth. No wonder the two of them love this taste. He did not anticipate that this world’s goat milk taste different to that of Earth’s.

“Looks like from tomorrow onwards, I should buy one flask of milk every day.” Michael inserted the marinated meat into the fridge. Right now, all 3 of them need some calcium for healthy bones and are growing. Having some milk every day is not a bad choice.

Ever since Ugly Duckling had hatched, Amy gained a new companion. She would smell more often as she played with it. But the kitten is very young and easily tired. It soon fell asleep again, and Amy carried it to the basket and tuck it.

During lunchtime, Ugly Duckling was carried by Amy, and watched on as Amy enjoyed the fried rice. It meowed a few times and looked very pitiful.

“Papa, can Ugly duckling eat the rainbow fried rice?” Amy could sense what Ugly Duckling wants and asked her father.

“Right now, it can’t. You need to wait until it is a bit bigger, and had grown some teeth.” Michael shook his head. This orange tabby cat had just been hatched from the egg. It could not take solid food yet.

“Meow Meow~~!” Ugly duckling seemed to understand Michael’s words, and immediately bare its fangs and milk teeth at Michael.

“Yi?” Michael looked at Ugly Duckling’s teeth in surprise. This world’ cat is really strange. How could it be born with teeth? Michael examined the small teeth and shook his head, “Even if you have teeth, you cannot eat it now. You need to wait for a few days.”

“Meow!” Ugly Duckling bowed its head in unhappiness and snuggled against Amy’s chest. It looked very angry at Michael and refused to face him.

“It is useless to be angry. You are not allowed to eat. But if you really want to eat…..”

Amy glanced at the Ugly Duckling that had raised its head as it looked at her. Then she smiled evilly and placed a spoonful of rainbow fried rice into her mouth.

“Then you can watch me eat…..”

Ugly Duckling meowed and looked like it was crying. It just sat in Amy’s arms and looked very miserable.

Micheal laughed and shook his head. Just watching their antics would amuse him to no end.

After eating his lunch,  Micheal cleared the table and heated up two more bottles of milk and give them one each. This is to prevent Ugly Duckling from s.n.a.t.c.hing Amy’s food.

“From now on, with the introduction of the juicy burger, this restaurant will be filled with guests!” Micheal opened the door and declared silently.




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