Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0105

Chapter 105 – A Waitress Outfit


“Yes, the sequence of order as well as the table numbers are all correct. It’s both efficient and effective, well done.” Mike smiled nodding his head in approval. Abbé Mia’s ability was quite astonishing, but he was very satisfied with this unexpected surprise. This was exactly the type of staff he wanted.

“Sister Mia is so awesome!” Amy clapped her hands and looked up at Abbé Mia with adoration.

“No… not really.” Abbé Mia waved her hands awkwardly, but behind her red faced embarrassment, was a rarely seen glow of happiness.

Her memory had always been good, but it had always been ridiculed by the other back kitchen staff as a useless skill. She really hadn’t expected to be adored by Amy for it, nor to have Mike’s admiration. She had never experienced this kind of praise and appreciation before in her life, this boosted her confidence a little.

“Aside from memory skills, this job is really taxing on the body. Otherwise we won’t be able to complete a whole day’s work. Do you think you can take it?” Mike looked at Abbé Mia, who looked thin as a board under the oversized clothes, when he helped her in just now he estimated that she probably weight less than 50 kilos.

“Of course I can!” Abbé Mia puffed up her chest, somehow lifting the front of loose shirt by quite a lot. It looked like she didn’t mean to do it, since she quickly turned red and deflated (literally) almost immediately. She said hurriedly, “I may look thin, but I’m really strong. I can move a whole side of pork by myself in the kitchen, and often worked non-stop from morning till night. My strength is much better than any of the other male kitchen hands.”

Mike pointed at one of the wooden tables and said, “Alright, please pick up this table up.” The table was made of thick hardwood weighing at least 120 kilos. Personally, he would have trouble moving it anywhere.

“Like this?” Abbé Mia walked over, placed her hands alongside the table and nonchalantly lifted it 20 centimetres off the floor, she looked over at Mike inquiringly. It did not looked like she was at all bothered by the weight.

Mike frowned, this girl looked so thin and weak, but her true strength was quite frightening. If she could lift that table so casually, this means she would be able to lift things over 120 kilos quite easily. He nodded, “Good.”

It looked like her small and thin figure was the result from lack of food, if he properly nurture her, she would probably be able to grow up well.

“Wow! Sister Mia, you’re really strong, ah.” Amy stared at Abbé Mia as she replaced the table to its original place.

Abbé Mia gave an embarrassed smile, in her previous workplace, the others staff gave her the nickname of Monster Girl, which naturally made her unhappy. To think that Amy actually liked this side of her so much.

Mike was also quite satisfied with Abbé Mia, excellent memory skill, strong; this girl fitted most closely to the ideal he had in mind of a helpful staff. He looked at the still slightly awkward Abbé Mia, and smiled, “I hope to give everyone who steps into this restaurant a warm and comfortable experience. The philosophy of this restaurant is: Courtesy, Distance and Equality. There’s no need to revere any one customer, we don’t have to treat them like gods. As providers of customer service, we will maintain a certain distance from the customers and present a courteous to all who walks in so that they may feel comfortable and welcomed. We treat all our customers with equal courtesy as a sign of our respect for them. Now, shall we see a sincere smile from you?”

“Courtesy, distance and equality.” the previously anxious Abbé Mia listened to Mike and sank into a thoughtful silence.

Equality. This was a concept that had nothing to do with her . Ever since she was born, she had lived with inequality all her life. In her previous restaurant, orders that came from elves were always given a priority, followed by demons, trolls and finally humans. Halfbreeds were not allowed to even set foot through their doors. There was no equality at all.

However, here was Mike telling her to treat every customer with equal courtesy. If she could receive other mixed bloods like her as customers, how wonderful would that be? When she thought of this, a smile of pure joy bloomed on Abbé Mia’s face.

Like a small white flower blooming on dry and dusty land, she was neither delicate nor frail, but bloomed with a clean beauty that purified all that gazed upon her.

“If you want to, come and start working tomorrow.” Mike said sincerely to Abbé Mia.

Abbe Mia’s smile showed a little fang that was quite cute. The little fanged smiled had a curious appeal to it, and it made people feel oddly comfortable. This kind of innate skill was quite rare and as a bonus, Mike didn’t even need to warn her to keep from forming personal relationships with customers.

“Really?” Abbe Mia’s looked like she couldn’t quite believe her ears.

“En, of course, as for wages. We’ll consider the first month as a trial period so your wage will start at 4,500 copper coins. Lunch will be provided, but you’re on your own for breakfast and dinner. We also don’t provide lodging here. I know that you’re going through some tough circumstances, so I’m prepared to give you half a month’s salary in advance so that you can find a decent place to stay and take care of your two other meals.” Mike nodded as he looked at Abbé Mia in her grey and greasy clothes covered in random coloured patches. He muttered to himself for a while before nodding decisively, “The restaurant will also provide two sets of work clothes, I’ll bring them to you in a bit.”

“This…” Abbe Mia’s mouth dropped opened. To have such windfall dropped on her head so suddenly, she felt almost faint. All she did was memorized information on a few pieces of paper, lifted one table, and smiled once, and was immediately hired by Mike. Moreover, her salary will be 4,500 copper coins, in the previous restaurant, a months work would only earn her 800 copper coins, moreover, neither food nor lodging was provided.

“[System], show me some waitress outfit, I need to give my new waitress some presentable clothes.” Mike mentally sent a message to the [System].

“The [System] is an honourable and decent [System], we are not providers of female clothing.” [System] said severely.

“I will need two sets of everything, including two pairs of shoes. I’ll pay cash.” Mike also did not minced words.

The [System] sank into silence, then asked probingly, “What… of the rolling shutters, would you be willing to pay a slightly higher price?”

“I’m just buying things from you, if I were to buy two sets of everything, would you give me a cheaper price? Say, 5 gold?” Mike countered.

“Solo transaction has been completed, 6 gold have been successfully deducted. Automatic rolling shutters are now under construction, it will be completed in 10 minutes. If you spend a total of 10 gold coins, two full sets outfit would be included.”

“If it’s 10 gold, that should be reasonable enough.” Mike was tempted to ridicule the [System] for breaking their impasse first. However, after considering it, an automatic rolling shutters plus two sets of outfit and two pairs of shoes, all for 10 gold coins. This was was all quite reasonable.

Moreover, the [System] was going to install the shutter which certainly made everything much simpler for him.

Once the transaction had been agreed on, the [System’s] mood seemed to have improved. It went on to say, “What sort of female outfit would the host like? The [System] offers regular uniforms, Office Lady uniforms, frocks, garters, hoop skirts… sailor outfits, maid costumes, middle schooler swimsuits…”

“Wait a second, you seemed to have included a whole bunch of weird stuff there. I say, [System], could you please be a bit more decent! What’s all these sailor outfits and middle schooler swimsuits things…” Mike curled his lip in disgust, before saying neutrally, “I want to look at waitress outfits.”


[Translator: Lol, that [System] sure likes to mess with people.]





Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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