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Chapter 45 –


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“Coming!” Amy immediately got up from the floor and climbed up a chair. She looked at the juicy hamburger that was still steaming hot. The white colour pancakes seemed to be filled with something. The inviting smell made her swallowed her saliva and widened her eyes in anticipation.

Michael placed the plate in front of her, and then he handed over the hamburger. He smiled and warned, “Be careful, it is hot! And you must eat from this side. There is some gravy here.”

“En, En.” Amy nodded her head, and her tiny hands immediately grab the two sides of the burgers. Her attention was captivated by the luscious hamburger. The white colour bun seemed to have some small circles on them [1], and her eyes lit up, “It is so pretty!”

And stuffed inside the bun were filled with minced pork. The aromatic smell comes from the meat within. Amy was initially a bit hungry. Upon smell the delectable aroma, she was even hungrier than before. She immediately lifts the burger with both hands and took a bite.

Ka Cha….

The skin is very soft and tender and immediately broke. The taste of the pork belly immediately flown into her mouth, and Amy’s eyes lit up.

This white colour bun is so much softer and nicer than the rock hard pancakes. It is so easy to bite into, and the taste of the pork is so succulent and savoury. This is such a refres.h.i.+ng change from the had pancakes that need a lot of effort to chew and make the teeth feel painful.

The most important is that this thing taste so much better!

The taste is probably a result of the meat contained inside. One bite and the juicy sauce will leak out from the mince pork, infusing the bun with its succulent, rich juices. The taste is simply sensational!

“Is it tasty?” Michael stood at one and asked with antic.i.p.ation.

“En, En, this is really super delicious! It is much better than the pancakes by 100 times. No, it is 1000 times, 10,000 times better.” Amy nodded her head harder, and immediately took another bite. She looks absolutely delighted as she chewed it in small bites, and her face was filled with happiness and bliss as she ate the burger with relish.

From time to time, the juice will overflow to her fingers, and she would hold the burger with one hand and licked her fingers. The sauce is really finger-licking good. It is sweet, and not too greasy with combined with the bun. And best of all, it is filled with the luscious taste of the pork.

“That is great! If you like it, there are more.” Michael nodded his head, and his face was filled with happiness. He glanced at Amy, and felt very glad.

Amy was like a squirrel as she held the burger with both hands and nibbled a bite from the burger every now and then. When she bites the bun, there is a soft cracking sound. She face was a picture of happiness and bliss.

Michael felt that the hellish and lonely experience in the training grounds where he did not rest or sleep for a long time, as well as the efforts he took to wake up in the middle of the night to marinade the meat, plus waking up at 5 am in the morning to prepare this meal were worth it.

Just for this smile of happiness on Amy’s face. He wants to protect this look of happiness.

When Amy had eaten about half of the burger, Michael entered the kitchen to make a burger for himself. He took a bite, and the soft buns and juicy pork delighted his taste buds. Because the buns have absorbed the greasy taste, the pork was not too oily, and is just nice.

The sweet, succulent pork combined with the bun continuously danced on the tongue. For a meat lover, the taste of the meat is sooo… satisfying. Once you have swallowed a mouthful, the taste of the sauce and pork continues to linger on the tongue, making you crave for more.

“This is delicious! It is

indeed a product worthy of my high standards. This is the ultimate juicy hamburger!” Michael’s eyes lit up and he could not resist taking another large bite.

He was tired of having Yang Zhou Fried Rice for all his meals, and the hamburger is a such a refres.h.i.+ng change!

After finished a burger, Amy looked at Michael and informed him, “Papa, I want to eat one more.” Her face was filled with excitement and joy.

“All right, I will make one more for you.” Michael smiled and nodded his head. He had specially taken so much effort to make this hamburger for his darling daughter. Therefore, he was pleased and considered it a compliment when his daughter desired to eat more of his cooking.

He put down his half eaten burger on a plate and begins to prepare another burger for Amy.

At the same time, he asked, “System, how much are the ingredient cost for a burger? Also, can you give me a type of paper with the texture of a plastic bag? In this way, it is easier for guests to hold on to it and eat it. If they are in a rush, they could grab one and take out. It would be ideal if the paper has our restaurant name on it. Oh, and use the picture of Amy as our logo. No worries, I will pay for this, do not be tense.”

“This pork belly comes from the shadow pigs that live in the demon lands in the forest of death….. blah blah blah….” The System immediately lurched into a detailed explanation of the origins of the ingredients.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! I am not interested in all these details. I know that the ingredients are difficult to procure. You let me know all these because you want to jack up the prices? Just tell me how much it cost for me to make a burger.” Michael immediately interrupted the System. It is almost time to open the restaurant for business, and he does not have the patience to listen to all these details.

“…..” The System replied with a series of dots, and was silent for a moment. Then it replied, “The ingredients cost of each burger is 80 copper coins. If you want the bag, I can sell it to you at 10 copper coins per bag.”

“Are you kidding me? Who would use a 10 copper coins plastic bag? No, 5 copper coins are all I am willing to pay. Your call.” Michael pouted. He could not negotiate the price of the ingredients. It is definitely worth this sum of money. But the wrapper for the burger is 10 copper coins a piece is too much!

“Then 8 copper coins?” The System had learned how to negotiate with Michael.

“4 copper coins.” Michael immediately barked back.

“All right, 5 copper coins! It is a deal!” The System finally gives in. “We are producing the paper bags. We need 5 minutes. You may collect these bags after 5 minutes. “

“Great.” Michael frowned. He is a good bargainer, but the system is also adapting at the same time. He calculated – it costs 85 copper coins for a single hamburger. He should sell a burger for 300 copper coins. This should be more affordable for his guests as it is only the half the price of a plate of fried rice.

And also, this figure makes it easier for Amy to count the money. It is a good way for her to exercise her 3 times multiplication table. Hopefully, she remembers 3 x 6.

A hamburger will net a profit of 215 copper coins, a batch of 16 hamburger will net 34440 copper coins. And the two doughs could make 64 hamburgers. If he can sell all 64 hamburgers, he can earn 13,760 copper coins. This is even more profitable than selling Yang Zhou fried rice.

Michael hands over a freshly made hamburger to an eager and hungry Amy, and entered the kitchen to warm up the pork and buns. It is almost time for breakfast hours, and he need not worry about wasting the food.

Right now, he is ready for business this morning. He ate his remaining hamburger as he waits for the system to ready the paper to hold the buns in.


Outside of the restaurant, (Teacher) Luna was looking at the restaurant with a dumbfounded expression on her face. On her shoulders is a white colour silk scarf with a lily flower embroidered on gold thread, and it stands out against her pretty face and luxuriant hair.

“Did I remember wrongly? Amy’s house should be here?” Luna looked around the area and could not understand the huge change. This is the last house on the Arden plaza. She could still recall the blacksmith next door.

But the old, shabby and almost collapsing wooden two storey building in her memories had disappeared without a trace. It had been only 5-6 days, and this building had become a grand and beautiful restaurant. One side of the building is even made with a large crystal. Also, there is a ma.s.sive crystal light hanging on the ceiling. Since when did the City of Sin has such a grand and imposing restaurant?

“Mickey restaurant…. Don’t tell me….!” Luna read out the name of the restaurant aloud. Suddenly her eyes lit up and she made a beeline towards the restaurant.



[1] I am not sure what the small circles 小圈圈 means. I think that is the sesame seeds on the bun. But this is a Chinese bun and not a western bun. So now I am totally confused by this term from the author. Remember, I am just a translator and not the author.

[2] For those who are asking, here is a photo of a Chinese hamburger that I have shown in the last few chapters. I am not sure if you can see this image on your mobile phone, so I add it below as an image and make it smaller so that it will fit on your phone




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