Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0106

Chapter 106 – Thank You Boss


Whatever Mike may have to complain about the [System], their product range was certainly complete, with every kind of product for any kind of situation imaginable. Mike roughly looked through the list of waitress outfits on offer and selected two. Both were of similar design, with fairly conservative skirts, one in black and white, while the other was in blue and white.

It looked like the [System] had pirated the outfit straight from Remu [1], that white cloth in front that looked like a cross between a sexy teddy and a prim apron with its curved frilly top that stopped just at a strategic angle to reveal the wearer’s bust and delicate clavicle. A white butterfly bow for the neck, as well as white headband. There was also a spare headband in black, 5 pairs of black and white stockings.

As for shoes, Mike picked out two pairs of flat bottomed shoes, one in black, the other pair in white. The style was simple, comfort was the most important consideration after all. The restaurant was a busy place and one has to be on their feet at least eight hours straight, those who wear high heels were just asking to be crippled.

“The total is 10 gold coins, once the transaction is made the products will be ready in five minutes.” the [System] said.

“Alright, go ahead.” Mike was fairly happy with his choice of fashion. In terms of skimpiness, it’s already fairly conservative for this world. Let’s consider these outfits as something like an unsavoury hobby, ba, and not something that he would be seeing outside of his own restaurant.

“Payment have been completed, measurements have been collected, the goods are under construction. Five minutes till completion.” [System] answered agreeably enough.

“Sister Mia, you’re really not dreaming. Outside is really Aden Square.” Amy was looking at the still dazed. Abbé Mia. She, too, was very happy with what Mike said.

“I feel, I think my wage is too high. There’s no way I can ever deserve that kind of wages. In my last job I only made 800 copper coins a month. It’s fine if you give me 800 copper coins, I’ll still work real hard.” Abbé Mia finally regained her senses, shaking her head rapidly at Mike.

“No, you’re really worth this much. Our restaurant serves upper middle income group. What we need is a staff with your level of enthusiasm and skill.” Mike shook his head at her words, and opened one of the menus on the table. “I’ve already told you that I’ll be providing you lunch, which will be one [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]. Of course, you can choose to have two [Juicy Burgers] in stead. If this restaurant come up with a new dish, you can also chose to have that as well, as long as it’s within 600 copper coins.”

“600 copper coins!” Abbé Mia’s eyes popped wide open as she stared at the dishes listed in the menu. To think that just one dish would actually cost 600 copper coins. If she guessed correctly, the food she had just eaten was actually that 600 hundred copper coin dish!

If she had to judge it according to deliciousness, 600 copper coin was actually not bad, the only problem was her own lack of money.

Right now, Mike was saying that he will give her this dish for free every lunch, or any other dishes within the restaurant within that price limit. This kind of special benefit was even more valuable than her wages by quite a few times.

“Alright, let’s not talk about wages any more. That’s just your probationary wages. If your performance meets my expectations, I might even increase according to my own discretion. You sit here, I’ll bring you a glass of water and fetch your work clothes from upstairs.” Mike’s heavily hint for Abbé Mia to stay put, and left with her glass as he made for the kitchen.

4,500 copper coins was the standard starting salary for a Second Class waitress, with the general average being 5,000 coins. If one were to judge by looks alone, Abbé Mia’s face should be able to land her a First Class waitressing job.

The fact that Mike was now making use of a First Class waitress to do the work of a Third Class waitress while paying her Second Class wages, no matter how he calculated it, he definitely did not suffer any losses from this deal.

However, thanks to her being a half dragon, no restaurant would even consider hiring Abbé Mia as a Third Class worker. Otherwise, it was unlikely that a talented and good looking worker like her would faint from starvation in front of his restaurant. Therefore, he was not some evil capitalist exploiting the down trodden poor.

As for why he only provide lunch, well, the cost of ingredients was just too high. The cost of ingredients for [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] was about 300 copper coins. Which was way higher than her daily salary. If he had to provide her with two additional meals, it would be more cost effective to pay himself a higher wage.

There was actually a spare room on the second floor, however, Mike disliked the idea of having someone else around the house. Furthermore, since she’s an employee, a certain amount of distance should be maintained. It was good enough that he had decided to give her an advance in her salary for her to find some lodging on her own.

Abbé Mia gladly accepted the glass of water from Mike. She was still a little dazed. It seemed like, after she had woken up from her dead faint, her luck had turned around greatly. One after another, amazing pieces of luck kept falling on her head: delicious food, acknowledgement from others, and now, even an actual job. Moreover, it was her secretly hoped for job of serving in the dining room and interacting with the customers job!

Of course, the most important point was the monthly 4,500 copper coin salary! Also, the delicious afternoon lunches! These fortune all crowded so suddenly together that she still felt like she was half dreaming.

Mike himself did not rush her. These kind of sudden changes in life took time to adapt. When the [System] informed him that the clothes have been completed, he went upstairs to fetch them. The clothes and shoes were packed into three bags. He’d also not forgotten to ask the [System] to provide a picture on how the clothes should look when put on. After all there were no such clothing in this world as far as he knew, so it would be awkward if she didn’t know how to put them on. Furthermore, he was not at all a suitable person to teach her.

“These are your work clothes, wear these when you come for work tomorrow, ba. And here’s 25 gold coins. It should be enough for you to find a nice and safe place to stay, and last you for the rest of the month. The monthly wages will be paid out on the first day of the following month.” Mike placed the bags on the table and handed the gold coins to Abbé Mia.

“Thank you Boss, I shall do my best and work hard.” Abbé Mia closed both hands over the gold coins, her eyes moist with emotion. After so many years, this was the first time someone had shown her such concern and acknowledgement.

This was not pity, nor was it lust for her body, but an acknowledgement of the value of work that she could do. This kind of trust allowed her to find true meaning in life. It turned out that she was not such a loser in life at all, that at least there were something she could do.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll call you Mia. I hope we can work well together in the future and see more of your smile. You looked really nice when you smile.” Mike smiled at her, and nodded. “Well, go on, it’ll be much harder to find a place when it gets dark.”

“Do your best, Sister Mia, see you tomorrow.” Amy also waved her little hand.

“Goodbye.” Abbé Mia nodded at them, picked up the three bags, gave Mike and Amy one last grateful look and turned towards the door. She was kind of curious just what kind of clothes Mike had provided her and was really looking forward to seeing what was inside. The clothes on her back were the ones given to her by mother a long time ago.

“Daddy dearest, after this, does it mean that Sister Mia didn’t have to sell matches any more?” Amy asked.

“En, in the future, she’ll be our waitress.” Mike smiled as he looked down at Amy, looks like she and Amy should get along quite well.

With the staffing problem now solved, Mike felt that he could breathed a little easier. Next, he mentally instructed the [System] to install the rolling shutters. Upon confirmation that it was ‘under construction’, he lead Amy upstairs for a bath. When they came down, the rolling shutters were already installed and it was almost time for dinner. When the shutters were rolled down and crystal hanging lamps turned on, he could tell that absolutely nothing could peek through the shutters. As expected, the things provided by the [System] were top-notched.

The next morning, Mike woke up at 5 o’clock to prepare the ingredients. Before making for the kitchen, he hit the switch to make the shutters roll up, and there, standing beyond the glass window was a girl dressed in maid’s costumed. She stood stiffly outside, pouting at him.


[Translator: … I get the feeling that the author is a maid otaku…]


[1] Rem – a side character from a novel called Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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