Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0054

Chapter 54 –


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Harold’s story is told in a simple way, and the tragedy also made others sigh.

“This is a tragic story.” Michael gently said.

“Yes. For many years, Marcus did not appear in the Stone Rock Tribe. No one expected him to lead a group of orcs to raid the gold mine. My brother and him will have a showdown, once and for all.” Harold nodded his head.

Harold was a bit crestfallen. When he was young, he often followed his brother and Marcus and played with them together. Marcus would often take care of him. Right now, because of the mine, the two tribes are at war. Who had expected that the friends of yesteryear become the foes of today?

“Forget it, sooner or later, they will have to sort out the mess themselves. From the time that Gress fell, I know that there will be a blood debt between the two of them. Only one may live.” Harold took up the spoon, and eat his plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice. He did not say another word.“Boss Mike, bill please.” Conti smiled as he greeted Michael.

“All right, it is 3 hamburgers, and 9 gold coins. I will subtract this amount from the contract.” Michael smiled and nodded his head.

“Great.” Conti stood up, picked up his long sword, and tapped Harold on his shoulder as he pa.s.sed by on the way out.

“Brother, he will win~!”

“En.” Harold grunted, and continued to eat.

Conti looked at the counter and discovered that Amy did not greet him goodbye. He was a bit disappointed as he left.

Very quickly, other customers arrived. Some of the guests heard that there is a new product and insist on trying it. 300 coppers are much cheaper than 600 coppers for a plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, but compare to the prices of other food, it is still quite expensive.

By now, Michael had become used to the strange moans, grunts, roar, burps as the guests took the first bite of the hamburger. He chose to ignore these sounds. All his customers could not resist this juicy hamburger taste – one bite and they are hooked.

The morning business hours were soon over. Michael walked up to the door, turned the sign to ‘Sorry, we are closed’, and locked it. Then he cleared all the plates on the table and placed them in the dishwasher.

He was about to wipe the tables and mop the floor when he heard Amy’s excited cries.

“Papa, come over here, quick! The ugly duckling is going to hatch soon!” Amy excited cries rang out. Her voice was surprised and elated.

“Now?” Michael was surprised. He walked towards the counter and squatted down beside Amy. The egg had ‘Sha sha’ sounds coming from within. Unlike yesterday, the sound is clearer and more frantic. It is as if the life inside wants to be hatched.

“Amy, did you whispered anything to it?” Michael looked at Amy with curiosity. This is just an egg, and yet it seemed to be very scared and desperately wants to be hatched.

“I encourage it!” Amy nodded her head innocently.

“Then how did you encourage it?” Michael was puzzled.

“Ugly duckling, be obedient and come out. Or I will use my fire to to burn you. I am super fierce!” Amy clutched her fists as she took on a fighting stance and earnestly demonstrated.

Michael’s jaws dropped. What kind of ‘encouragement’ is this? This is a threat, pure and simple. No wonder the bird in the egg keeps scratching against the eggshell as it frantically tries to hatch.

“Papa, does it thinks that I am lying to it? I had called so long, but it still is not willing to come out. May I use my fire to burn it for a while?” Amy looks at Michael and asked.

Beads of perspiration dripped down from Michael’s head as he despaired for the egg. ‘If she really used her super hot fire to burn it, then we will end up eating a boiled egg instead.’

Michael was thinking of how to teach Amy the virtue of patience when a loud crack suddenly appeared on the surface of the egg.

Amy and Michael looked at each other in surprise. They widened their eyes as they stare at the crack on the egg surface.

“Ugly duckling, quickly come out! I know you are ugly, but I am pretty!” Amy looked at the egg as she ‘encouraged’ it to hatch.

“She is as acid tongue I was! This must be my genes.” Michael looked at Amy and thought. Her acidic tongue is natural and savage, and needs no one to guide her.

Amy can be described as a premium piece of jade. If he were to guide her and teach her, with her adorable face and soft voice, her tongue could make people annoy yet they could not bear to be angry at her.

As a result of being transmigrated here because of his acidic tongue, Michael was much milder now. He may occasionally be savage to the system, but he is nice and polite to the inhabitants of this world.

It is not that there is nothing to criticise about this world’s food. He could easily criticise their food – but what he afraid of is that he would die and transmigrate into another world. He could not bear to leave Amy.

But Amy is different from him. She can be savage, and a.s.sign people names, but no one could bear to be angry at her, and forgive her quickly because of her age. Therefore, she need not worry about this issue.

“Looks like it is time to teach her how to best infuriate people with the power of words alone.” Michael nodded his head as he looked at Amy.

Amy had totally memorised the multiplication table. She is now earning the decimal addition and subtraction, and well as calculating the 2 digit multiplication table. Most of the basic and common everyday Maths that she would use in her daily life had been learned. Amy is a bright girl and learns very fast.

There are more and more cracks on the surface of the eggshell. And the cracks spread all over the shell of the egg. Very quickly, the cracks covered almost all of the eggshell.

Michael was looking on with anticipation. What will this egg hang? It is hatched from an egg, and is placed in a high cliff. Therefore, it is highly likely that this is a bird’s egg. Judging from the sizefrom the size of the egg, it should not be just an ordinary bird. Maybe it is a powerful beast.

“Ugly Duckling, I countdown from 3. If you do not come out, I will release the fire.” Amy had no patience whatever and looked at the egg. Then she lifted up her hands.


The top of the egg cracked, and a hairy, small head immediately popped out from the sh.e.l.l. Its half-opened eyes looked around in fear as it glanced left and right. Then it looked at Amy, and opened its mouth and cried, “Meooww~~~”

“Orange Cat!!!” Michael eyes almost pop out of his head. The creature inside the egg is an orange and white colour kitten. Its head was still covered with an eggshell, and its eyes were not fully opened. There were traces of egg white on its fur, and looked at Amy with its eyes half closed. This is really adorable!

“Woahh… So cute!” Amy blinked her eyes in surprise. She wanted to pat and pick up the kitten, but she withdrew her half stretched arms and looked at Michael in puzzlement, “Papa, didn’t you say that the ugly duckling will become a swan when it grows up? Then why does it not look like a roast swan?”

Cat in an Egg

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