Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0049

Chapter 49 –


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“That’s right! Today, there is a new dish. For those who have invested in the restaurant, you can try the new dishes today.” Michael smiled as he saw the familiar figure of Moby.

“Great! Although I love the taste of the Yang Zhou Fried Rice, I should try the new dish that Boss Mike cooks. It would be a pity to miss the fine food. Today I will have one plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice and one portion of the new dish.” Moby sat on his favourite seat as usual, and smiled at Amy, “Good morning, young boss.”

“Great, please wait a moment.” Michael nodded his head, and returned to the kitchen.

“Good morning, Grandpa dwarf Moby.” Amy greeted back. She continued to sit beside the window as she watched the disappearing figure of Luna.

“Little boss Amy, I have a request. Can you please do not call me dwarf when you address me?” Moby asked nicely.

Amy continued to watch Luna until she disappeared from sight, then she turned around and nodded her head, “All right, Grandpa Dwarf Moby!”

“…..” Moby felt that he was tricked. But looking at the innocent face of Amy, he thought that she is not doing this on purpose. What could he do? Moby had no choice but to accept this. He is, after all, a dwarf. Moby gave up.

Luna took the bag as she walked towards the direction of the Chaos school. The Chaos School is just a bit further away from the main shopping distinct of Arden Plaza. The only problem is that this Arden Plaza is too big, and to cross it, she needs about 15 minutes.

The tantalising smell of the juicy hamburger continuously a.s.saulted her nostrils. Luna had lost count

of the number of times she swallowed her saliva. Unlike most humans, she does not like to eat meat. Her diet is mostly vegetarian in nature, and she only eats meat occasionally. But right now, it is taking all her willpower to resist eating the juicy hamburger.

Finally, she gives up trying to resist the alluring smell.

“Just one bite. Just to try it?” She asked herself.

She stopped walking and rested under the shade of a big tree. After looking around to make sure that there is no one watching her, she immediately took a bite.

The white colour bun that was filled soft and tender pork was easily bitten into. Then the juices of the hamburger flowed into her mouth. Her taste buds were cheering and dancing in delight, and she closed her eyes at the pleasure. After swallowing the burger, the sensation taste becomes even more wild, as if recharging her blood. She could not help but moan in pleasure.

Luna finally opened her eyes, and used a face to cover her face. Her face was beet red with embarrassment. That moan of pleasure – did it really comes from her mouth? So embarrassing! How could a noble like her make such an embarrassing sound?

Luna glanced around. Luckily, there were no one nearby. This alleviated her embarrassment somewhat. Looking at the juicy hamburger in her hand, Luna’s expression was a bit perplexed.

This juicy hamburger is too delicious for words to describe! What is it made of? How come after eating this, she felt that her blood was rejoicing in delight, and this made her moaned in pleasure.

Now, Luna feels very glad that she had not eaten this juicy hamburger in the shop. If she were to moan with pleasure in front of Michael, it would be super embarrassing! Luna would find a hole to hide her face in.

“Should I eat it or not?” Luna hesitated. Her raging blood finally calmed down. There is no longer any sense of discomfort. When combined with eating the Yang Zhou Fried Rice, it feels very relaxing. Her entire body feels very refreshed and comfortable, and she felt much more alert than usual.

But her face is still a bit red, and she still feels a bit hot. If she were to eat this, and experience the same effects, would her face will be red for the entire day? Then how is she going to teach?

While she was mulling things over, the evil and seductive aroma constantly whiffed out, and tempts her every time she breathes in. Luna’s mind goes blank, and her hands could not control itself as it slowly lifts the burger towards her mouth. The lure of this juicy hamburger is too tempting, and her mouth took another bite.

“Damn it! I do not care anymore! This taste is to die for! Who cares about being a bit red in the face? Today is really hot….” Luna made excuses for herself as she grabbed the burger with both hands and took big bites. For a short while, she was lost in the delight of consuming the hamburger.

Luna looked at the empty wrapper. She sticks out her tongue to lick her lips, and exclaimed, “Oh, it is super yummy!” [1]

In the span of one morning, she had experienced the two tastiest dishes that she ever had the pleasure to taste. And these two dishes are cooked by the same man. This is indeed an interesting breakfast.

The feeling of her of her blood and hormones raging quickly died down, and her face also slowly returned to normal. It was like she had just worked out. Luna had not exercised yet, but her body feels in top condition.

Feeling the positive change in her body, Luna guessed, “What a strange and amazing food. Don’t tell me that he is a mage as well? To be able to combine mage and food so that consuming the food brings about a magical effect. This is a rare genius!”

Luna looked around for a dustbin to throw the wrapper into. But she suddenly saw the figure of a little girl at the wrapper, and she just froze there as she examined the picture in more detailed.

Of course, she could recognise the grey out figure. This is none other than Amy! It is quite obvious to all who knew her!

Frankly speaking, putting an attractive image or logo is nothing new in the City of Sin. In order to let the customers remember their shop name and brand, the merchants really racked their brains.

Even then, none of the business is willing to use a half-elven girl as a logo. This is because this could create a lot of unnecessary troubles for them.

There are many half-bloods [2] in this City of Sin. But these half-bloods are often looked down upon by the pure-bloods [2]. The pure-bloods are larger in numbers while the half-bloods are a small minority.

The fact that Michael was willing to use Amy silhouette as a logo may bring him a lot of trouble. After all, there are many that bullied the half-bloods within Snow Moon City.

“He may be a good father, but I should advise him about this the next time I visit theI visit the restaurant. The drawing is really nice.” Luna talked to herself. Seeing that the wrapper is quite clean, she immediately placed the bag into her pockets instead.

“Oh, I am doomed! Today I will late!” Luna looked the watch on her hand, and immediately become pale. She no longer cared about looking good or anything, and lift up her skirts as she ran towards the school.

“Boss Moby, how come you are later than usual this morning?” Michael placed the Yang Zhou Fried rice in front of Moby and smiled as he asked.

“Last night I was thinking of something, and I end up oversleeping. Once I ate the plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, I will recover from my exhaustion and become fresh and ready for work again.” Moby immediately helped himself to the food.

Then he glanced at Michael and asked, “Boss Mike, I ask you something. If there is something that could release a large amount of energy at one shot, how would you use this energy to create a weapon that could shoot at enemies from afar?”

“Gun?” Michael was stunned. Looking at Moby, he was surprised. Notes

[1] Grr… I had McDonald’s hamburger for lunch. It did not taste half as good. The picture at McDonald’s looks so appetising though.

Author, please spare a thought for the poor translator. He is hungry after translating your novels, and the hamburger (Chinese or Western) here does not taste half as good as you described.

[2] I adopted the term ‘Half-blood’ for all kind races with mixed bloodlines. E.g. Half-dwarf, half-elf, half-orc, half-demon, half-dragon, etc.

For the races that are pure, I will use the term ‘pure-blood’. Normal humans, elves, dwarf, dragons, orcs, demons, etc.

I guess I read too much Harry Potter.




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