Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0097 – Why Call it Ugly Duckling

Chapter 97 – Why Call it Little Ugly Duckling


Mike looked down, goodness knows when the previously slumbering Little Ugly Duckling had woken up. After the initial mew, it looked up at Amy and mewed a few more times. It’s voice growing louder and clearer each time. Mike quietly wailed a silent ‘shit’ in his heart.

The classroom suddenly grew silent, Luna looked towards the window in puzzlement, wondering if some wild cat had sneaked in to the school and disturbing her student’s attention.

However, when she saw Amy at the window, her eyes sparkled and she quickly rushed for the door..

“It’s Amy! Long time no see, ah. Wow, your hair looks really nice.” a girl with a mushroom style haircut poked her head out, her eyes bright as she greeted Amy happily.

“Shhh, Daphne, you can’t say my name during class, and you can’t talk to me.” Amy hastily shushed her.

“Why are you here again? Don’t you know you’re making trouble for me just by being here?” another head popped out, this time it was a child with messy hair, and more interestingly, a tender bean sprout growing out from the side of her head. She was looking at Amy a little indignantly.

“Shut up Ignatz, otherwise I’ll pull that bean sprout out of your head again!” Daphne turned to give the demon child a fierce look, clearly huffing with anger.

“I’m not afraid of you.” Ignatz straightened up and snapped back.

“Little Ugly Duckling, not shouting! Or I’ll roast you for dinner.” Amy gave the cat in the basket a glare.

These were words that it had been hearing ever since it was an egg and it freaked Little Ugly Duckling so much that it cowered fearfully within the basket, afraid to make even a peep of sound.

Mike lightly stroked its fur to clam it down, it’s entirely possible that this fear will follow it for the rest of its life.

“Amy, you’re here…” Teacher Luna came out from a nearby door, a chalk still in her hand. She had just started speaking when she noticed the little basket behind Mike, and her words stopped.

“Teacher Luna, I’m here learn, and see you, and sing for you too.” Amy looked up at Luna, her little face filled with a happy smile. Then, she glanced quickly at the classroom and grew a little dejected, “But, it seems I’ve disturbed everyone again…”

“Apologies, I’m the one who brought the child here. Our silly cat wouldn’t stop mewing and disturbed Teacher Luna’s class.” Mike placed his palm on Amy’s head, looking apologetically at Luna.

Today, Luna was dressed in a light blue dress, as usual, a scarf embroidered with the pattern of a single golden lily, was draped across her shoulders. It looked like she really like that scarf. The moment she saw Amy, the smile on her face grew warm.

“How could this be, look how curious our little friends are about this cat. Also, after so many days not seeing Amy, everyone misses you so much.” Luna looked at the slightly drooping Amy and Mike who tried to take responsibilities onto himself, and smiled. She tenderly took hold of Amy’s little hands and said gently, “Come, let’s introduce your new friend to everyone first, then you can sing your song for me. Sing it for everyone, ba.”

Mike looked at Luna, right this moment there seemed to be a subtle glow around her and she seemed to be shining in his eyes. Such gentle encouragement touched his heart, what a wonderful teacher.

“Really?” Amy’s eyes brightened once more, looking at Teacher Luna’s  encouraging smile, she nodded rapidly and quickly picked up Little Ugly Duckling from its basket. She looked up at Mike, “Daddy dearest, I’m… that is, I want…”

“Go on ahead Amy, I’m sure you can do it.” Mike nodded at her with an encouraging smile.

Luna darted a look at Mike, to understand his daughter’s heart so, and knowing exactly how to encourage her, such an attentive father was certainly rare.

She thought back to the [Juicy Burger] she ate a few days ago and her heart raced. Though she had a slightly embarrassing reaction after eating the [Juicy Burger], she had to admit that the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and [Juicy Burger] from this man’s shop were certainly delicious. If she hadn’t spent her monthly allowance from home on food and snacks for the children, she would probably be tempted to eat there once more.

This man’s culinary skill was just too wonderful, she certainly never had anything better than this. Just thinking about the food made her swallow quickly.

“En,” having heard Mike’s encouragement, confidence brightened Amy’s face once more as she pulled Luna along by the hand into the classroom.

Mike stood by the window, smiling at at Amy as she rushed ahead in her purple dress, Ugly Duckling tucked in her arms.

Right now, she was no longer that little girl in tattered dress, he hoped that she could continue to gain confidence in herself in the future.

“Everyone, it’s been a quite a few days since we’ve seen Amy, does everyone miss her?” Luna smiled down at the little kids.

“Miss! I miss her to death!” Daphne was the first to shout out. To her, Amy looked like a completely different person with her new dress and nicely put up hair.

“I guess.” Ignatz shook her head, not taking her eyes from Amy. How could this person suddenly be so pretty, almost like a delicate porcelain doll.

The other students were also filled with curiosity as they stared at Amy. The half elf in their memory had always run around in patched dress and messy hair, how could she suddenly became so cute and pretty, in fact, they have to admit that she was much cuter and prettier than the elf child next door.

As for Little Ugly Duckling, when the little children saw the creature in Amy’s arms, their eyes lit up. Furry, fluffy and tiny, how cute, want to hug, want to pet; also, what’s with that orange and white stripe colours! Completely different from the normal cats they encountered which were either plain black or white, it looked so very cute.

It was the first time Amy found herself in the receiving end of so many envious and appreciative gazes. While it made her nervous, it made her happy too. It was completely different from the looks of pity or disgust she had been subjected to before. It felt very good and she couldn’t help but smile.

Luna was also smiling, although she had tried to let Amy have a little more confidence in herself, the little child would inevitably grow more depressed and gloomy after being bullied.

However, after not seeing her for a few days, Amy seemed to have completely changed. Not only in her clothes and looks, but more importantly, something inside her seemed have grown stronger and more confident. It seemed like she no longer  allow the fact that she was different from others to matter any more.

The person who brought this change was probably none other than Mike.

This made Luna even more curious, why did it seemed like Mike had completely changed into a completely different person, and suddenly pay so much attention to Amy.

“Amy has brought a new friend with her and prepared a song for everyone to hear.” Luna said as she smiled encouragingly at Amy.

“This is Little Ugly Duckling, it’s my…” Amy started to introduce Ugly Duckling, but stopped. It looked like she was stuck thinking of the best way to explain, before continuing, “Daddy said when it grows up, it’ll turn into a white swan. Until it grows up, it’s my pet, I guess.”

“A white swan?” the little kids’ curiosity were piqued. They all stared at the orange kitten in Amy’s arms. Just what part of this kitty was ugly? Also, it looked nothing like a duck, right? Would it actually turned into a white swan?

“Why call it Little Ugly Duckling?” Daphne asked curiously.


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