Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0098 – I Can Do This

Chapter 98 – I Can Do This


“Because, it’s really ugly, ah.” Amy said seriously, and added, “it also came out of an egg. I’ve never seen such an ugly little duck.”

“It came out of an egg? If that’s really a duckling, it’s really ugly, ah!”

“That’s right, a duckling that looks like a kitty is really weird, no wonder it looks different from other cats. But, it’s so ugly that it’s cute.”

After Amy’s explanation, the little children all accepted that this Little Ugly Duckling was really a duck that looked like a cat, which made it a really ugly duck. However, it still look quite cute.

“Miao!” Little Ugly Duckling protested, it’s actually really very cute!

Luna looked at Little Ugly Duckling tucked in Amy’s arms, she also felt that this little fluffy thing was really cute and wanted to hug it for a bit. As for this thing turning into a white swan, no matter what it just seemed impossible. It’s possible that Mike was mistaken.

“I’m going to sing a song for Teacher Luna and everyone…” Amy, who had been acknowledged by everyone was a lot more confident than she had ever been. She glanced at the window and caught sight of Mike’s smiling face. She continued, “The song is called the Mushroom Picking Girl.”

“This brat really knew nothing, ba.” Ignatz sniffed, but quieted down after a glare from Daphne. However, she still did not believe that Amy could sing anything good.

“En, I really look forward to it.” Luna said with a smile.

Little Mushroom Picking Girl, bamboo basket on mother’s back…” Amy hugged Little Ugly Duckling as she sang her heart out.

Her soft voice matched well with the light and quick song, attracting the attention of all the children around her. It was like having numerous tender little arrows piercing the softest part of their little hearts, smiles started to bloom on their faces.

“As expected, my daughter is the best.” Mike looked at the enchanted faces of the little children in the classroom, then at little Amy with great pride in his heart. This was the first time he heard Amy sing the whole song from the beginning, though there was no melody to go with the song, Amy’s voice was clearly suitable for singing, in fact, he felt that her singing sounded way better than the music box.

“Very, very nice!” Ignatz’s eyes were wide, the bean sprout on her head bouncing in her excitement.

“Amy is so wonderful, ah.” Daphne touched her chin with both hands, a typical example of a surprised little girl.

The other little children also showed similar expressions, they were all surprised at the suddenness of Amy’s transformation, growing slightly envious and a little worshipful at the same time; the change was just too amazing.

“What a wonderful song, why have I never heard it before? Is a song from a foreign land? Was it him who taught Amy?” Luna was also surprised, she had thought that Amy would sing one the songs that she had taught her, who would have thought that she would actually sing something Luna had never heard of before. Her eyes drew irresistibly towards Mike who was still at the window; could it be that this man taught Amy how to sing?

Once the song was over, Amy looked around a little shyly, and then at her own feet. She had no idea if she had sang well or not.

“Very good!” Ignatz was the first to clap her hands and the rest soon followed, breaking into applause and praises.

a big smile appeared on Amy’s face, this was the first time she had received so many acknowledgement in one go, moreover it’s from her peers, so the feeling was quite unprecedented.

“En, I also feel that student Amy’s singing is very good, thank you for treating us to such a nice song.” Luna also smiled as she nodded.

“Thank you.” Amy bobbed her head happily, then her eyes caught sight of the blackboard and she paused, tilting her head a little. “Teacher Luna, I can do this question.”

“En?” Luna was stunned for a moment, the question on the board was [7 x 8 = ?], and was something they were just learning today. The math was a little complicated and only a few, fairly bright students were able to solve it. Most of the students still could not get their heads around it after her best efforts. Amy hadn’t even come to class this morning, so how could she know how to solve the question?

“You definitely can’t solve it, this is a difficult question. Only I can solve it.” a young boy, dressed blue and white and seated at the first row said, a proud look on his little face.

“I think it’s really easy.” Amy said sincerely as she looked at the young boy.

“No way! Just try and do it!” the little boy was clearly dissatisfied, more than half of the students couldn’t solve the problem, so there was no way he was going to believe Amy’s words.

The rest of the students also had similar looks of disbelief on their faces, all of them were quite sure that Amy would never be able to solve the question, since this kind of questions could only be solved by Teacher Luna and math genius like Palmer.

Mike looked at the sudden debate in the classroom, and had to suppress a laugh. However, this kinds of question was just too easy for Amy who had memorized the time table.

It’s time for them to feel the fear of the being dominated by the power of the 9×9 multiplication table.

Teacher Luna was trying to calm down the rapidly heated atmosphere. it was so rare for her to see Amy with her confidence up, it would be bad if her self-esteemed was shot down by this.

“The answer is 56.” Amy said mildly at Palmer.

“Is it really 56?” the other children looked around curiously. Just now, after Teacher Luna had written down the question on the blackboard, they hadn’t actually made much progress with the calculation, so most of them did not know the answer and could only look to Teacher Luna and Palmer for the answer.

“You… you… how did you know!” Palmer was so surprised that he leaped to his feet, he stared at Amy, then at the answer on his book, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“I calculated it.” Amy said as she nodded to herself.

“The answer is 56.” Teacher Luna was no less surprised than her students. Amy’s learning progress was something that she understood more than anyone else. She was definitely never taught math up to this level of understanding, furthermore, she did the calculation without pencil or paper and just popped the answer out. This made her wonder if Mike actually gave Amy the answer while they were still outside the classroom.

“The answer is correct! Amy is so awesome.” Daphne laughed out loud happily.

Ignatz gave Amy an odd look, she felt like this was the first time she saw Amy. Just how did she suddenly turned into an amazing person like Palmer?

With Teacher Luna’s confirmation, the students all looked at Amy with different eyes. They couldn’t even begin to answer this kind of question, but Amy could answer it after just a glance. Perhaps she was even more amazing than Palmer.

“I don’t believe it, she must have gotten lucky. Teacher Luna, please come up with five questions right now, we’ll compete and see who could answer all the questions fastest!” student Palmer was felt like his throne of being the math genius of the their class was being shaken and looked to Teacher Amy beseechingly.

“I’m fine with that.” Amy said coolly.

Luna still planned to solve this problem diplomatically, but, when she looked at Mike who was still perfectly calm outside the classroom window, she hesitated, then nodded to herself and wrote down five mathematical questions on the blackboard.



[Oooh, we see Palmer now. I’m unreasonably excited to see his name.]


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