Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0166

Chapter 166 – Can Amy Learn Cooking From Daddy Dearest?

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


When the fireball appeared, the air around her grew a few degrees hotter. They could see the very air wavered from heat emanating from her palm and people nearest to Amy grew horrified when they realized that tiny and cute fireball was in fact quite dangerous.

Looking at Little Amy’s cute appearance, one could be forgiven for forgetting that she had once burnt half of Klaus’ beard off, and had even forced Sargerass to a retreat.

It was clear that the heat from the little fireball might actually cook someone, the only question was how well done.

However, it was the written punishment behind the menu that made everyone anxious. If you break the restaurant rules, you may be banned for life from the restaurant. Not being able to taste such delicious food ever again would be a tragedy.

The entire restaurant suddenly grew quieter, the air was soon filled with the fragrance of soybeans tinge with sweet scent of candies and savoury sauce. Only the clinks of bowls being placed in front of customers by Abbé Mia could be heard.

“That little kid sure is incredible, she’s able to preserve order in the restaurant just like that.” Abbé Mia quirked a smile as she darted a glance at Amy. She flipped the menu over and scanned through the rules once again. She had already noticed the rules earlier, but studied them now with some astonishment. “These rules seemed quite similar to Headmaster Novo’s philosophy, if these two eminent men were to meet, surely they would have plenty to talk about.”


The sounds of people swallowing woke her from her reverie, in the unusually silent dining hall it was almost explosive.

The eyes of most of the customers settled itself on Haben, specifically, on the [Savoury Beancurd] in front of him.

Haben paused dramatically with his spoon, “My friends, I do hope you shall excuse me. I will eat first.” with a final sniggering laugh, he helped himself to the bowl of [Savoury Beancurd]. As the fourth person to enter the restaurant, he was also the fourth person who received his portion of the [Savoury Beancurd].

“[Sweet Beancurd] really matches well with [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]. as expected, it’s the pinnacle of deliciousness.” sighed Klaus as he spooned a portion of the [Sweet Beancurd] to his mouth. He stroked his half beard, his eyes half closed with happiness.

“[Savoury Beancurd] and [Juicy Burger] are the ultimate duo when it comes to gourmet food.” Julian took a bite of his burger, followed by a spoonful of the [Savoury Beancurd], a grumble of satisfaction rumbled from his throat. His hunched back straightened a few degrees, clearly the [Juicy Burger] was working to fix his body through his blood. The [Beancurd] soothed his body, bringing relief he had never thought he needed, it was a very curious sensation.

“This… this sensation is just too amazing, just what kind of magic is used to dissolve soybeans to such smooth consistency, turning an ordinary ingredient like beans into such wonderful gourmet dish?” a fat man, dressed like a rich merchant wondered after a single bite of the [Sweet Beancurd]. His face nearly melting off with happiness. He scooped another spoonful of [Beancurd], enjoying the sensation of sweet fragrant syrup melting together with tender [Beancurds], he was getting drunk on the sensations.

“Delicious!” Haben’s one word remark was perfectly straightforward. Without wasting any more words, he lifted his bowl and began to shovel the [Beancurd] into his mouth. His face beaming with happiness.

After Amy’s warning, and Abbé Mia’s quick serving, the people stopped arguing in favour of enjoying their food. In the first place, their quarrel happened mostly out of boredom, now that they were inside the restaurant, delicious food took precedence.

“Let’s leave the argument for later, that Boss Mike is so stubborn about keeping to the rules. It’s better not to do anything here.” was the current thought going through everyone’s head.

Customers who had received their [Beancurds] were now busy enjoying their food, happy sighs and exclamations of delight filled the air. Everyone was very free with their praises. Customers still waiting on their meals stared at the kitchen with expectant eyes, the restaurant atmosphere had reverted to its usual comfortable atmosphere.

“Very good, everyone should always be obedient like this.” Amy nodded with satisfaction and made the fireball disappear. She patted Little Ugly Duckling on the head. The little cat grabbed her leg and slide down to the ground, Amy also hopped down from her chair. She stood on tiptoe to grab the two empty bowls from the table, and headed towards the kitchen.

“Daddy dearest, I brought the bowls.” Amy declared, holding up the bowls to her father.

“En, very good.” Mike smiled as he placed them in the sink. He looked down at little Amy appreciatively, this little brat was certainly a good helper. Not only was she an excellent advertiser for their restaurant food, she was also very good at maintaining discipline without offending the customers too much. Other people might be able to do one thing, but not the other.

“Can Amy learn cooking from daddy dearest?” Amy stood on her tiptoes, looking at the rows and rows of bowls and containers, as well as the shiny stove. She tipped her head expectantly at Mike.

“Amy really wants to learn?” Mike looked down at Amy with some surprise.

“En, en,” Amy nodded eagerly. She said seriously, “I think daddy’s cooking is super duper delicious. Delicious food makes people happy, once Amy learns delicious cooking, lot’s of people will like Amy, too.”

“Silly girl, people will still like you even if you don’t learn cooking.” Mike said as he reached out to pinch her little nose. He shook his head helplessly, “Much as daddy wants to teach Amy, you’ll have to wait until you’re a bit taller before I can start teaching you.”

Amy was a bit disappointed by the rejection, but then cheered up by Mike’s later remark. Her eyes sparkled with hope, she approached the stove and measured her own height against it. She was about 10 centimetres shorter. She spoke solemnly to the stove, “Mister Stove, be good and don’t grow anymore, just wait, I’ll be taller than you one day.”

Mike grinned to himself, shaking his head helplessly at this little girl’s cuteness.

Amy stood for a moment to watch as Mike prepared a few more dishes, then she collected Little Ugly Duckling and went to sit at the high stool next to bar counter. All the better to survey the customers’ behaviour.

“Here’s your [Sweet Beancurd], and here’s your [Savoury Beancurd].” Abbé Mia placed the bowls in front of Sally and Luna. The [Beancurds] in the bowl wobbled for a moment, before settling down.

Both ladies stared into the bowls, their attention captured by the sparkling white cubes, the faint fragrance of soybeans seemed even more pronounced when intersperse with sweet and savoury sauces.

Luna picked up her spoon first, she gave Sally and odd look, that girl had been wearing a veil over her face ever since they met, surely she was going to take that veil off to eat, right?

While they were in the queue, a middle aged elf had given Sally a narrow eyed looked, clearly trying hard to remember something.

“Sweets always improve one’s mood.” Sally thought as she stared at the dessert in front of her. Almost subconsciously, she removed her veil and picked up her spoon, for a moment, she held the spoon in the air, watching as it sparkled in the light. She was going to draw out this moment as long as possible.

“What a beautiful elf girl.” thought Luna with some surprise.

“Miss Sally! So it is her!” the middle aged elf’s eyes widen at the sight of Sally’s unveiled face. He licked his lips and ducked behind an orc.


[Gumihou: Uh oh, pervert alert?]


Gumihou: On the matters of ‘ba’:

The ‘ba’ has multiple meaning under different context. It could function like a reference to previous information or something equivalent to the Japanese spoilt ne~, as well as an emphasis. Eg: Surely you can help me, ba?; surely you can help me, right?

Since readers without a Chinese language background might not be able to catch the references (considering that some sentences had to be reworded in the absence of a ‘ba’) I shall hence forth not use the ‘ba’ except under situation where it carries the spoilt ne~ meaning.

To make it clear, I shall depict is as ‘ba~’

As in:

“Let Amy help daddy, ba~”

as opposed to”

“Let Amy help daddy, ba.” which might be mistakenly read as Let Amy help daddy, bah!, which would just make things confusing. Lol!

This little ‘ba’ sure is troublesome.


Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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