Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0033

Chapter 33 –


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“Oh?” Conti was surprised. He followed Amy’s gaze and looked into the kitchen. Within the kitchen, the figure of a skinny boss was earnestly cooking.

Conti smiled and shook his head, “No, they may share the same first name. But Michael McGonagall is a powerful and proud knight. He would not be cooking in a restaurant. Also, he did not have a daughter.”

Michael just shrugged his shoulders. Conti’s words were not wrong. If he had not been crippled, he would be a powerful and proud knight. He would not enter the kitchen, much less cook.

But after listening to the words of Conti, how come he secretly feels so pleased?

“My father’s rainbow fried rice is super yummy! In my heart, my Papa is the strongest and the best.”

“En, I also believe that the food that this boss cooks will be very tasty.” Conti smiled and sat down. He did not argue with Amy.

“En, that right!” Amy flashed a wide grin.

The doorbell rang again. Moby entered the door, and behind her were 2 two meters tall Orcs. Each of the Orcs was equipped with a massive mace that is as thick as the calf on a man’s leg.

“Boss Moby, when did the building next to your smithy has such a nice restaurant? Is there anything good to eat here?” One of the Orcs with a necklace fashioned from beasts’ teeth asked. This is named Harold. His voice is loud, and even Michael could hear him from the kitchen.

“This restaurant just opened about 2 days ago! Of course, the food here is delicious! That’s why I brought you two here to try the food. But first, we must make this clear: I am not treating you two.” Moby smiled sinisterly. He then turned around and greeted Michael, “Boss Mike, I am back.”

“You are much pickier about your food than us! As long as you said that the food is tasty, it must be so! As long as we can eat meat and drink lots of alcohol, we are fine with anything.” Harold nodded his head. He did not give the issue much thought.

His brother, Hagard, looked around the restaurant in curiosity. On the face of this was a large grin. He just smiled and did not say a single word when Moby and Harold were talking to each other.

“Welcome.” Michael had just finished preparing the ingredients. The rice inside the rice cooker is not ready yet. Therefore, he walked towards the entrance and greeted the new guests, “Please have a seat. There is a menu on the table.”

Michael’s face was as expressionless as ever while he evaluated these two burly and muscular Orcs. They were dressed in a leather apro.n and a cardigan. The cardigan exposed their muscular and hairy chests. They are much taller than humans by at least a head. Their skin is brown-black in colour and their teeth are at least 3 cm big. Michael immediately thought of the Orcs in .

These two Orcs are brothers. They resemble each other a lot. But the one on the left wearing a necklace made from beasts’ teeth is rowdier. The one on the right is smiling, and despite being an , he looks quite civilised and reasonable.

“There is no need for me to see the menu. 3 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, please. Today there are more orders and I am tired.” Moby immediately said, and immediately made a beeline for his favourite table. He looked at Amy and greeted her, “Good afternoon, young ‘un.”

“Grandpa Dwarf Moby, a very good afternoon to you too!” Amy nodded her head, and introduced Conti, “This is a new friend, a dragon slayer knight!”

“Dragon slayer knight?” Moby looked up in surprise at the young knight.

“Humph, a dragon slayer knight? I guess he could not even defeat a !” Harold pulled the chair opposite Moby and sat down. He was sneering at Conti. This human may be wearing armour, but he does not have any corns or callus on his sword hand. As well, his face is so white, he is more than likely to be a rich man and less likely to be a skilled fighter.

“I am determined to be a dragon slayer knight. I have never fought with an orc before, therefore I did not know about your words that I could not even win a fight against an orc .” Conti looked at Harold, and he continued to smile. He did not take offence at Harold’s words.

“Since you said that, do you think you can defeat me?” Harold stood up. His muscular body begins to tighten and he grabbed his heavy mace with one hand and glared at Conti.

“We have not fought before. Therefore, I do not think that I could not defeat you. But I will not fight with you. My only target and goal is a dragon.” Conti smiled and shook his head. His glanced over Harold and saw a picture of a large dragon breathing fire hanging on the wall, and pointed at that picture, “That is my opponent.”

“You hypocritical Knight! I think you are trying to pick a fight with me?” Harold pointed his heavy mace at Conti.

Michael looked at the two guests that were tense and was about to break out in a fight. He immediately stepped up and try to stop them. “Guests, this is a restaurant. This is not a fighting pit. If you have any grudges or grievances to settle, please settle it outside the restaurant.”

In his heart, Michael was cursing his luck. A lawless city like the City of Sin is really chaotic! Just because they used the wrong choice of words, they wanted to fight. What if they destroy this restaurant?

“Shut up!” Harold immediately yelled at Michael. This human and that knight are in cohorts with each other.

“Harold…” Moby was not happy with this man’s attitude. He was intending to bring two more guests for Michael and make Amy happier. Moby did not expect that he had barely sat down and already there is a conflict. This is such a loss of face for him. He wanted this rash to sit down.

Hagard, who was standing next to Harold was also fl.u.s.tered. He pulled Harold’s clothes and indicated that he should stop this. Stop reading at sites that employ bots to steal content. Read original @ prosperous food translations. 

Michael’s eyes turned into slits. Before he could say another word….

“You are not allowed to be rude to my Papa dearest!” Amy who was looking on at the escalation of the conflict between the human and sudden stood in front of Michael and protected him with her tiny body. She raised her hand, and a white-blue fire immediately flared up.

The fire was raging and very hot, and is at least half a meter long. The surrounding air was wrapped by the heat of this flames.

“It is really hot!” Harold, who was standing near Amy, immediately retreated in fright. He looked at the left sleeves, which was burned into ash in an instant. Then he looked at the towering column of blue-white fire and swallowed hard.

What a frightening fire! He was just nearby and did not touch the fire at all, and already his sleeves had caught fire and were burned to ash in an instant. If this fire land on him, would he be immediately burned into ashes as well?

This young lady is so young. Never did he expect this young lady to be a powerful mage. The speed at which she launched the tower of flames was much faster than that of many elder mages. And the heat of this inferno made him fear her – it is so much hotter than the fireballs that the puny human mages possess.

Conti had already grabbed his long sword and was ready to leap into action when the roared at Michael. But he was stunned by the magical powers of Amy. He looked at the flames, and put down his sword. Looks like he need not draw his sword today.

“Magic?” Moby was also astonished. He had never antic.i.p.ated that Amy is a mage, and a powerful one at that. Even Harold seemed to fear her.

“This is my Papa’s restaurant! You must be obedient and listen to him. Or I will get angry and toss this fire at you!” Amy angrily threatened Harold, the towering inferno slowly gets smaller and smaller until it becomes a white blue fireball that is even more intense in heat. She glared at Harold and bare her teeth at the , “I am super fierce!”




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