Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0092 – Kicked Off the Bed Everyday

Chapter 92 – Kicked Off the Bed Everyday



“[System] may I swear and shout?” Mike stared at the holographic images of the other two modification packages. The price for the Level 3 modification was priced at 100 gold, followed by an amazing leap up to 200 gold for the Level 4 modification and frowned, “Rather than getting a modification, wouldn’t it be better if I just buy a new one?”

“Would the host please restrain yourself, hidden tasks may be triggered if you shout at the [System].” The [System] sounded perfectly serious.

“Fine, I bought a watch last year[1], and it looked pretty nifty too.” Mike nodded his head slowly as his eyes rove over the modifications offered. The Level 4 modification  featured different types of dancing movement for the elf girl which on his purse strings the most, however, when he looked at the 200 gold price tag, he hesitated and in the end muttered, “Level 1 modification, please.”

The most important thing now was to make money. Amy’s music box still has anew curio flavour to it so there was really no need to add all the unnecessary bells and whistles, yet. After all, she still haven’t master even one of the fifty songs contained within the music box.

“10 gold coins have been deducted, the modification is in process. It will be done in exactly 5 minutes, the battery will also be fully charged.” the [System’s] voice sounded in his ear.

When Mike looked over, there was an empty space where the music box had been. Well, since it’s going to return with it’s battery fully charge, he could not be bothered to wait for it to reappear. Instead, he picked up Ugly Duckling with one hand and then slowly scooped Amy into his arm, and slowly made his way upstairs.

Since the little girl was sleeping so soundly, he did not have the heart to wake her up, he tucked those two little things into bed before going back downstairs to turn off the lights.

After washing his face and cleaning his teeth, he stood next to the bed to watch Amy sleeping soundly in her bed, and a smile bloomed on his face.

Who would have though that he would actually have such a cute little daughter? What was supposed to be a punishment for his past life’s arrogance had now turned into something so sweet. His future also looked good with all kinds of hope and good expectations. Ever since the start of this restaurant, he had slowly gotten used to life within Sin City and somehow managed to make a space for himself within this multi-racial world.


The next day, Mike woke up early and started a busy day by preparing ingredients. He only realized after becoming the boss of his own restaurant how early restaurants that serves breakfasts have to get up. Fortunately, he had the advantage of not having to leave the restaurant to buy fresh ingredients, otherwise he would probably have to get up an hour earlier.

Today’s business was better than yesterday’s. News that the [Juicy Burgers] could help lose weight was circulated by the the customers and, thanks to that, a sudden wave of fat customers came in.

The largest of the lot was a group of 8 ladies, all of them even more excessively generous than Harrison and his friends. When they sat down, Mike had a brief moment of panic where whether the chairs would actually stay in one piece, but thankfully the [System’s] 10 gold chairs were made of sturdy stuff.

After biting into the [Juicy Burger[], the view that followed could only be described as a demonic dance. Other customers stared, mouth opened and unable to take their eyes away. Mike also did not dare to look at their direction too much, it was just too straining on the eyes.

“Boss Mike, I see that you have a rest day written on the signboard. Is it true that your restaurant will be close tomorrow?” that evening, one of the customers who had ordered a [Juicy Burger] asked.

“That’s right, this restaurant will be opened for 6 days and the seventh day will be a rest day. So tomorrow will be my day off.” Mike said with a smile. He had already explained this several times today.

“Is that so, ah. And here I was thinking of bringing my wife and children here to try your food, ah.” the customer was a little crestfallen, then, he tried to persuade Mike, “Since your restaurant business is doing so well, it would be a pity to close it for a whole day. Just imagine the money you’ll be losing. If there are any customers who come over tomorrow only to see it closed, there’s a chance that they won’t come any more. Just look at the other restaurants, they work everyday in a year, it would really inconvenience us if you do this, ah.”

“That’s true, ah. Boss Mike, after eating your delicious meals, I really can’t bear other people’s cooking any more. If I don’t eat one whole day tomorrow, I might just starve to death, ah.”

“Boss Mike, we regulars promise to come here every single day. If you want to do a long lasting business, you can’t do things halfway, isn’t this just a form of torture tous?”

Other customers sitting nearby also started to put in their two coins about this matter, clearly they were already addicts, unable to live without eating his food for even one day. When they heard that Boss Mike was about to take a rest day, they alltried to think of a way to make him change his mind, the persuasions even bordered on threatening.

“You won’t die if you don’t eat for just one day. The restaurant rule that had been here since the beginning. The food here could only be made by me, as for myself, I need some time to handle things outside of cooking, therefore I can’t open the restaurant every day.”

The customers all exchanged looks with each other, however, Boss Mike words left no room for discussion. Most restaurant owners would shake in their shoes just thinking about giving the restaurant a whole day off, fearing their customers would run off to a different restaurant if they don’t make sure to keep them coming everyday. None of them would dare to be so stubborn about it like Boss Mike.

On the other hand, they had experienced Boss Mike’s strict adherence to his opening hours, where he refused to open the doors even a minute earlier though there was a queue of dozens of people outside. Moreover, when closing hours approached, he would not hesitate to refuse orders from customers a full half hour just before then. Therefore, their words were just futile struggling at this point.

After sending off the last customer away, Mike closed the door and heaved a long sigh of relief. Finally, he can take a day off tomorrow.

He could understand the customers’ desire to eat delicious food every single day. However, that desire was nothing to him compared to spending time with Amy. He had already compromised by not taking two consecutive days off.

Today’s turnover was basically the same as yesterdays. This was already the total limit of what he and Amy could do together. There was still less than 300 [Juicy Burgers] left before he could unlock a new recipe, but he could complete that after the day off.

The battery within the music box had been changed, not that Amy actually noticed. The little girl practice singing the song for two whole days and could now sing in tandem with the music box. Looks like her talent with singing was way better than his own.




“Daddy dearest, are we going to the school to see Teacher Luna?”

The next day, Amy got up early from her bed and climbed excitedly onto Mike’s with this question.

On this rare day that Mike had slept without setting his alarm clock, Mike blearily opened his eyes. Just in time to see Amy’s clear bright eyes. The curtains had been tugged opened a little, most likely Amy’s work. He squinted at the alarm clock, it was already 8 o’clock. It had been a long time since he had slept this well.

“That’s right, we’re not open for business today. After breakfast, we can have a whole day of fun.” Mike nodded and sat up, then with a smile he picked up Amy who had been sprawling on his quilt and began to tickle her. Amy squealed with laughter.

Amy waved her hands and tried to tickle Mike with her short arms, and the laughter of both father and daughter bounce around the room.

“Miao~ miao~” Little Ugly Duckling stood on its hind legs, trying to climb the bed and see what was happening, but it was too little to see reach the top of the bed. So it could only prowled about on the floor and cried out pitifully. As usual, it had been kicked out of bed today.

“Alright, the sun is about to expose it’s buttocks, we should leave soon, ba. Which dress do you want to wear, what kind of hair style would you like?” asked Mike, who had his arms around Amy.


[Translator’s Note: Kind of filler-ish, and with an abrupt ending. Hope they have a good day tomorrow.]


[1] I bought a watch last year – is a modern slang for ‘I’m not happy’, ‘This is unfair’





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