Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0093 – I, Amy, Am Real Fierce!!!

Chapter 93 – I, Amy, Am Real Fierce!!!


Amy pondered over the question seriously before looking up at Mike, “I want my hair in two pony tails, and then, I want to wear that purple dress, the one with lots of flowers on it, and white shoes. Then, wouldn’t Amy look just like the Little Mushroom Elf?”

“En, Amy will be even cuter than Little Mushroom Elf.” Mike agreed with a nod, then he quickly leapt out of bed and went towards the cupboard and took out the purple dress. With skilled hands, he efficiently tied her hair into perfect twintails. After gruelling practice [System] put him through, putting hair into different kinds of design was nothing to him.

Only, Amy seemed quite happy with this hairstyle and therefore he had no opportunity to show off his other skills.

After sticking her feet into the little white shoes, Amy twirled in place, and looked up at Mike with bright eyes, “Daddy dearest, am I pretty?”

“En, what a wonderfully pretty little elf.” Mike’s eyes brightened, and nodded his head sincerely.Compared to the elf doll in the music box, Amy was much cuter.

“Miao~” Little Ugly Duckling squished its way over and gently licked Amy’s calf, being ignored for so long after calling out so pitifully, it felt terribly wronged.

“Little Ugly Duckling, we don’t have to waste a dress on you, you’ll still be ugly even in a dress.” Amy sighed, and bent over to pick up Ugly Duckling.

“Miao miao~” Ugly Duckling put up its paws closed to its face and widened its eyes, mewing most tenderly, trying to prove that it was not ugly.


“You’re uglier this way.” Amy turned away seemingly in disgust and pushed the cat’s face away with her hand.

“Miao~” Ugly Duckling’s face, which had been forcefully turned away brimmed with tears of despair.

Mike laughed and shook his head, if your owner had been anyone else in this world, you would be a spoiled rotten pet. Right now you’re merely some kind of food reserved, one that was teased and abuse every single day.

After they had washed their faces and cleaned their teeth, the three of them came downstairs. Mike looked at the window and sure enough, there were a bunch of customers stuck to window looking in. When they saw Mike, grins bloomed on their faces and someone started banging on the door.

“Hey [System], do you sell rolling shutters?” Mike frowned, he had a sudden need to cover up the windows with something during none working hours, it felt eerily like being peeped in.

“The host has no right to order the [System] to make renovations unless you have upgraded the restaurant level, whereupon the [System] will upgrade the place to whatever the host’s specification within certain limits.” The [System’s] voice sounded very serious.

“Well then, just give me the measurements for the glass windows,” said Mike calmly.

“Length 6.5 meters, height 3.6 meters.” the [System’s] answer came quickly.

“Then, I’d like to buy a set of rolling blinds according to this specifications.” Mike said with a little nod.

“The [System] will repeat, the host do not have the right to dictate the [System] to make any renovations.” The [System] said solemnly.

“Well, I never did ask you to do any renovations, did I? I just want to buy this thing. There’s no need for you to get overly excited over this small matter, aren’t you the great [God of Cooking System]?” Mike said with a sneer in his voice, clearly ridiculing the [System] over its pettiness.

“… …” the [System] fell silent as it considered its options, finally, it said, “We are the [God of Cooking System], not a shutter selling [System].”

“5 gold?” Mike said lightly.

“Please accord some dignity to the [System],” the [System] said with some emphasis.

“6 gold, if it goes any higher I’ll just get some bamboo screens from outside. Now that I think about it, bamboo would match the restaurant’s interior design quite well.”

The [System] spent some more time pondering upon this, before hesitatingly said, “How about a little more?”

“Nope.” Mike’s lips slightly rose, the [System] was the one in a poor bargaining position now, there was no way he was going to relinquish this chance.

“Another 4 gold, and the [System] will provide the most elegant Venetian blinds that matches the interior design best. The blinds will have automatic retraction features and will be hidden when rolled up. When rolled down, it will block all views from outside. The blinds will come with a foolproof installation kit, even an idiot will be able to install it. Satisfaction guaranteed.” The [System] said most temptingly.

“Forget it, now that I think about it, getting a set of blinds over 4 meters long is just silly. I won’t be able to lift the thing let alone install it by myself. I’ll just buy it from some shop outside who will install it for free.” Mike shook his head a little regretfully.

The [System] once more sank into deep contemplation.

“Daddy, your customers are here again, aren’t we on a holiday today?” Amy stared at the customers plastered against the windows and frowned at the none stop knocking sounds. She looked at Mike, her little head trying to understand just what was going on.

“You’re right, we have a rest day today, but these guys still wants to eat something. You just sit down first, I’ll get you a drink and fix us some breakfast.”

The signboard in front was very clear, Mike intended to explain everything again to anyone who was still hanging around when he leave the restaurant. Just thinking about how annoying it would be made him sighed.

All this while, the [System] remained quiet in his head. Mike did not hurry it, at any rate, he was not too keen about putting up a large Venetian blind all by himself. While he really liked the automatic rolling features, which would be quite annoying to explain to the craftsmen here, the best thing would be to have the [System] to install the blinds for him.

“Those guys outside, why can’t they just let daddy have a good rest today. Also, we are supposed to meet with Teacher Luna today.” Amy muttered under her breath as she looked back Mike. Then, she clenched her little fists, grabbed Little Ugly Duckling and marched towards the door.

There were almost 20 customers waiting at the door, some didn’t come yesterday and therefore missed Mike’s personal explanation. Others came despite Mike’s explanation to try and push their luck. Perhaps, if Boss Mike saw so many people waiting to eat his food, he’ll serve them out of pity.

However, when 7:30am passed and still the door did not open, quite a few of the customers went away when they realized that waiting will do them no good. After all, they still have things to do and it would not do to start the day without breakfast.

There were also a few customers who had travelled quite a distance to this place and weren’t happy about leaving without eating. Still others hung around just to give Mike a piece of their mind, but no matter what, none of those waiting were willing to leave without at least a [Juicy Burger] each.

Sargerass was among those waiting for the restaurant to open. He struck good fortune yesterday and scored a high level mission to hunt down Pink Fire Birds.The mission netted him 80 gold coins which he planned to spend on a good breakfast. This kind of mission don’t come everyday, though he planned to eat 10 [Juicy Burgers] in one go, the most he could get was just 5 up till now.

He had heard Mike’s explanation yesterday, but came anyway to try his luck. Who knows, he might get lucky again and Boss Mike will open his doors when he saw just how many people were waiting to eat his food.

When the crowd of people heard Mike coming downstairs, they all looked towards the door expectantly. Hoping that their enthusiasm for his food would somehow touch his heart and change his mind.


The bell on the door rang, and opened inwards slowly. Expectant eyes saw… no one? Their eyes travelled down and saw a cold face Amy with an orange striped cat in her arms.

“This restaurant is closed for the day. Daddy and I are going to see Teacher Luna. If you want to eat delicious rainbow rice and [Juicy Burgers], please come tomorrow.” Amy’s face was fierce as she raised her little hand, “If anyone else knocks on this door again I will throw a fireball at them. I, Amy, am real fierce!!!”



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