Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0091 – Have Money, Will Modify

Chapter 91 – Have Money, Will Modify



“En, I believe you.” Mike smiled and nodded at sensible Amy, though he was a little sore hearted. From his inherited memories, he saw that whenever Mike Alex went outside, he was often trailed by naughty little brats sniggering and imitating his limp. Sometimes, those little devils would even throw pebbles at him.

Though the man did his best not to let Amy see this, nevertheless he was spotted a few times, each time the little girl would put herself in front of him and screamed until the little brats leave. Even now, this incident left quite an impression in his past memories. The powerful urge to protect her father might have actually stemmed from that time.

Mike looked at the sincere little face and could not resist the urge to hug her. Tucked in his arms, he lightly dropped kisses into her hair. To be so loved by someone whom you love so much, it really warmed his heart, even though his nose itched mysteriously.

“Don’t worry, daddy will also become stronger and stronger too. I should be the one to protect Amy. Amy, you should do your best and be happy everyday.” Mike said gently into Amy’s ear. To place so much responsibility on such tiny shoulders, he really failed at being a father.

“But…” Amy poked her head out from Mike’s embrace.

Mike knew what Amy wanted to say and shook his head cheerfully, “It will be the restaurant’s rest day the day after tomorrow, let’s go and explore the Sin City College, ba. If Amy really wants to learn magic, we can have a look and see if there are any suitable magical users who are looking for students, alright?”

“Really?” Amy’s large eyes lit up, there was a slightly disbelieving expression in those blue eyes as they stared up at Mike. However, she still said in a little subdued voice, “But, Amy already promised to teach Halfsies Beard Old Man how to make fireballs, wouldn’t this be cheating him?”

Mike smiled, and shook his head, “That guy’s actually a pretty amazing wizard, but daddy didn’t want him to teach you because he wanted to take Amy to a far far away place to learn magic. So don’t you worry about him not knowing about fireballs, that guy already knows how to make them.”

“Really? Really? But, but he couldn’t even fight Amy’s fireball, his beard even got burnt.” Amy said suspiciously.

“That’s because Amy’s fireball is really amazing, so next time you use a fireball you have to think really, really carefully before throwing it at someone. If that person couldn’t defend against Amy’s fireball, they will really be burned up.” Mike started off cheerfully, but ended with a rather serious note.

With great power, comes great responsibility.[1]

Though Amy was still young, Mike intended to shape her three views[2]. There was no need for her to transform into Mother Theresa, but it would be best if she did not turn into an actual demon queen.

Kindness is not a bad quality, but a certain degree of pragmatism in life would be good.

After being struck down by heaven into this place and having his pride ground to pieces under the [System’s] tyrannical treatment, he slowly managed to learn these crucial lessons. No matter what, there’s a limit to how you treat people, otherwise even if no one on earth can fight against you, the heavens will judge you.

“En, Amy will remember.” Amy nodded her head seriously. Then she knelt down and looked Ugly Duckling in the eyes, and muttered, “If I roast it, roasting…”

“Miao~” Little Ugly Duckling felt a sting of cold running down her back, it could not help but shrank down in fear, right now it felt that its master was really scary.

“Alright, alright, you play with Ugly Duckling for a while. When you’re sleepy just go to bed, I’m going to clean up the restaurant a bit.” Mike smiled and stroked Amy’s hair before ushering her off.

“Ugly Duckling and Little Mushroom Elf and I are going to wait for daddy before we go to sleep.” Amy shook her had, grabbed Ugly Duckling and sat on one of the high stools at the bar counter. She activated the music box and began to hum along with the song. Suddenly, she looked up at Mike who was busy wiping down tables, “Daddy, if I sing this song to Teacher Luna, do you think she’ll be happy?”

“Of course she will.” Mike smiled down at her. Looks like Amy really liked this Teacher Luna. Amy was only four years old and haven’t reached the age for Sin City’s College yet. In fact, it was Teacher Luna who had taken pity on the little girl and let her into her classroom.

As to the matter of finding a magic tutor, Mike planned to get in touch with Sin City’s teaching staffs for some recommendations and find out if there were any preliminary lessons she should take prior to entering the College.

Since Amy had basically taught herself the fireball, without a strong understanding of magical theory, she may not be able to properly control her own powers. If he didn’t want his child to turn into a dangerous brat, education was the key.

“Okay, Amy will learned this song properly, and sing it for Teacher Luna and daddy” Amy nodded, her little face perfectly serious as she followed the song closely.

The corner of Mike’s mouth curved up, the movements of his hands grew more vigorous. Amy had slowly began to drop the ‘dearest’ in her speech, though she did sometimes slipped up. However, Mike did not mind, sometimes it was even cute to hear her address him like this. So, it was all fine.

Once Mike had cleaned up the dining hall and marinated the pork for tomorrow’s use, he washed his hands and came out of the kitchen. Amy was already asleep, sprawled face down on the counter, Little Ugly Duckling tucked in her arms. The only sound within the room was the diligently singing music box, only, after non-stop singing for such a long time, her voice seemed a little hoarse.

“Hey, [System] this 50 gold music box you sold me, the quality is a bit off, ba? It’s been only one day, but it sounded broken.” Mike frowned as he sent this thought to the [System].

“Host, the music box is fine, however, it looked like the sound quality had deteriorated due to a depleted battery. Please purchase four AAA battery to restore the music box to its normal condition.” came the [System’s] voice.

“Why would you use AAA batteries on such an expensive music box? It should at least came with a lithium battery and charger, ba!” Mike’s inner demon, the one who liked to recklessly insult people, reared up.

“The fact that this music box operates on four AAA batteries is written on the page listing the details of this item. The [System] is neither a cheat nor a bully, however, if the host wish to make any adjustments on the item, the [System] is prepared to proved such modification services. There are four levels of modifications to choose from.” The [System’s] voice was completely unperturbed.

“Wait a second…” Mike looked through the four different levels of modification packages and felt like he had stepped into a trap. When he had been browsing through the list of music boxes, he didn’t have much time to look through all the fine print, it looked like the [System] took advantage of this and slapped him with extra services expenditure. He was really unhappy about falling into this old sales trick.

In fact, it was probably better that he did not look at the ‘package deals’, he had to laugh by the end of it. Well, it was either laugh or cry.

“Level 1 Modification: Power conversion – four AAA battery be changed to one high speed, super capacity lithium battery, full charge in three hours. Fully charged battery will last three days worth of continuous use. Modification rate: 10 gold coins, plus a free original charger.”

“Level 1 Modification: Power conversion – four AAA battery be changed to high speed, super capacity lithium battery, full charge in three hours. Fully charged battery will last three days worth of continuous use. Modification rate: 10 gold coins, plus a free original charger.”

“Level 2 Modification: Power conversion+fashionable clothes – provides up to 10 very cute set of clothes for the doll to change into, no need for disassembly, just press one button to change her dress. Modification rate: 20 gold coins.”

“… …”


[Translator: … when the system beats you…]




[1] It’s closer to – ‘Those with great power must learn great control’, but I just couldn’t resist, lol!

[2] Three views – There a few actually, but the gist of it is: the man, the law, and the truth, which basically means, interacting and getting along with your fellow people, obey the laws and rules, and finally honour the truth.






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