Strange World Alchemist Chef – 020 – Fury

Chapter 020 – Fury



Once Wu Xuan made his choice, he continued to stroll about the the second floor. Aside from him, there were a few others busy browsing about, picking out magic pills.

Unconsciously, he had wondered around too long and found that the sky had started to darken. This was not good, to think that it was already this late. Normally, he would not have worried, but now he had Yue Xin’er to think about, waiting back home. If he didn’t go back soon, who knows whether she would continue to behave herself.

He checked his magical herbs once more and made his way downstairs, just as he was about to register his herbs with the old man, a sudden noise outside caught his attention. It looked like there were some disputes going on.

As he poked his head out to look, he saw a familiar figure from afar. His face changed and, without bothering to register his herbs, immediately made his way outside. The old man looked up, but said nothing.

“Oh, so this is that that brat Wu Xuan’s wife? Come to think of it, I heard that she’s actually a retard, hahaha…”

“What do you mean heard? You can see it with your own eyes! Hahaha…”

With Wu Zixin in the lead, the group of people had surrounded a frightened Yue Xin’er. Since Wu Xuan had not come home, she went out looking for him. Who knew she would be confronted by a bunch of strangers at this place.

“Wh- why are you blocking my way… I want to look for Brother Xuan…” Yue Xin’er clenched her fist, staring at the men in front of her, not daring to advance.

“Yo~, Brother Xuan, what a familiar address, ah… who knew that trash actually got himself a little wife. Her looks are actually not bad, just a little stupid. No matter how I look at it, that Wu Xuan is still trash, just looking at him made me sick!”

There were three people surrounding Yue Xin’er, aside from Wu Zixin, the other two were Wu Liang and Wu Xian, they’re both part of Wu Zixin’s pack of dog friends. Their cultivation rate were around fifth or sixth level, perfectly ordinary level. Although they could not be considered trash, but they might as well be rice worms[1]. Their cultivation stagnated, their martial arts not strong.

Wu Zixin expression was a little unnatural, he was still suffering from the shock caused by Wu Xuan just now! That Wu Xuan was just a trash, a waste of space a month ago, to suddenly gain powers on par with himself was too much! He still have some doubts against what he had seen, but no matter what he refused to acknowledge this.

The matter about Wu Xuan achieving Fifth Level cultivation was something that few people knew, at least Wu Liang and Wu Xian were still unclear about this matter. Up till now they even thought he was still that waste of space who could not cultivate.

“Brother Xuan is not trash!” Yue Xin’er furiously said, lustrous eyes brimming with anger.

“Oh, not trash? Haha, you’re an idiot, what do you know? Trash marrying idiots, a pair made in heaven, ah!”

“You’re not allowed to talk bad about Brother Xuan!” Yue Xin’er in her fury raised her hands and furiously push Wu Liang.

Wu Liang who was pushed by Yue Xin’er got angry, “You dare to resist! I’ll tell you now, even if I beat you up, that brat would never dare to come bother me!”

He raised his hand, ready to smack Yue Sin’er on the face. Yue Xin’er continue to glare up at him, not even a little bit afraid of getting beaten!


A sudden scream radiated out. The hand that had been raised to beat Yue Xin’er had been ruthlessly pulled backwards, a very clear cracking sound was even heard!

“May I know who are you calling trash? And who’s the idiot?”

An ice cold voice was heard from behind Wu Liang. Everyone looked back, and saw Wu Xuan’s cold face, his eyes filled with icy killing intent! Anyone who saw it would feel a shiver in their heart.

“Brother Xuan!” Yue Xin’er happily called out, she rushed over quickly and darted behind Wu Xuan.

“Le-let go, p-pain…” Wu Liang’s arm had been twisted back by Wu Xuan. Cold sweat popped on his forehead out due to the pain, he face distorted.


Wu Xuan mercilessly gave Wu Liang a kick as he let go. This caused Wu Liang to fall to the ground and roll over a few times, looking like a sorry figure.

Wu Xuan had not bothered to be merciful. If he had been late by just a step, Yue Xin’er would have been beaten up. If they had targeted him it would have been fine, however they had instead targeted a weak girl with the mental capacity of a five year old child, as martial artists this was just too shameful.

That’s right, they were not martial artists at all, they were all rice worms.


Wu Liang who had just gotten up from the ground was just too angry. The moment he stood up, he immediately released the full impact of a Fifth Level cultivator’s spiritual power. He raised his hand, his palm imbued with spiritual power and slammed downwards.

“Metal Palm!”.

The attack imbued with metal attribute power smashed down mercilessly. This was clearly a martial attack especially geared towards metal attribute cultivators, its power was quite formidable. As a mid level martial attack, it was several times more powerful than Wu Xuan’s Falling Leaf Palm. Moreover, this technique made full use of the cultivator’s own personal attribute. Thus further increased its attack power.

Wu Xuan allowed Yue Xin’er to fall back behind him, his eyes fully focused on the attack. Ice attribute spiritual power gathered on his palm, which he slapped head on against the attack.


The two palms met, both of them were pushed back several steps. In fact, Wu Xuan was pushed back several more steps. At a glance, it was clear who had the advantage.

However, this was enough to shock the three others. Wu Xuan could not only cultivate, his cultivation was not low, in fact comparable to Wu Liang. There was no doubt about it, his cultivation was definitely around Fifth Level!

If they were shock, Wu Xuan was even more shocked. His surprise did not stem from the enemy’s attack, or even his own ability to resist. Instead, the instant their attacks met, a sudden message flowed from his palm straight into his mind:


Metal Palm, Mid Level Metal Attribute Martial Attack, High Attack Power, Full Affect Will Be Shown with Metal Attribute Users.


Not only did it revealed the name of the attack, more important was the scene that followed. It was as though the entirety of the attack was downloaded into his mind, every trick, every style, every hand and feet movement that had to do with this move. As though he had personally practice the exercise tens of times, over and over again.

When Wu Liang saw Wu Xuan just standing there, staring into the mid-air like a fool, he thought that this person had been knocked silly by him. In his fury, he took advantage of the situation, channelled energy into his hand and forced even more energy into the Metal Palm attack.

Wu Xuan suddenly looked up, a white light blazed from his eyes, both of them slammed their palms together.

“Metal Palm!”

Wu Zixin and Wu Jing’s eyes almost popped out of their heads. Both attacks were clearly Metal Palm, in fact Wu Xuan’s level of proficiency seemed slightly higher.

Though both attacks were based on the Metal Palm technique, there was still a difference. No matter what, this Wu Xuan was an ice attribute cultivator, to fight a metal attribute cultivator using a special metal attribute skill, isn’t this the work of an idiot?

Once Wu Liang had gotten over his amazement, a feeling of disgust and ridicule filled his heart, to challenge him with the same metal attribute attack, clearly this man was a fool!

Suddenly, Wu Xuan’s attack change, cold air started to flow from his palm and a white light shone.

A loud bang sounded.

Wu Liang flew in the air and fell onto his back. A thin layer of frost covered his entire hand, his whole arm would not stop trembling. It looked like he could not go on fighting.

This remarkable turn of events shocked everyone.




[1] Rice worms = Basically parasites that just suck on resources and gave no contributions


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