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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 021 – Skill Absorption

Chapter 021 – Skill Absorption


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Wu Xuan lowered his hand and looked down at the fallen Wu Liang. Aside from the uncontrollable twitching and trembling, Wu Liang seemed to have also lost his ability to speak.

Just now, Wu Xuan merely followed the images in his mind and attacked. He hadn’t actually expected the attack to really work, nor did he think it would be this powerful. Even more powerful than Wu Liang’s attack, not only that, he could even utilize the ice attribute within his body.

Wu Xuan flexed his hands, this could no longer be called Metal Palm, but Ice Palm. Its original attribute had been completely changed.

“Could this be one of the Illusion techniques, the third level Skill Absorption Technique? But, this didn’t seemed like a perfect imitation?”

Wu Xuan was still in a shock, there was definitely some mutation to the original technique. He really had no knowledge about this Metal Palm technique, to think that he could now memorize this technique not just in his mind but with his body as though he had trained with it countless of times.

When he thought about the endless training he had endured with Falling Leaf Palm, this ability to absorb other people’s technique was vastly faster. To think that his body would be equipped with such a short cut method, furthermore it’s one that’s able to completely absorb an opponent’s technique!

Able to analyse medicinal herbs, create elixirs through cooking, and absorb martial techniques! It was all thanks to these pair of hands, though they looked white and pretty, these hands were definitely no flower vase[1]! Now that he thought about it, people with perfect looking hands while rare do exist. These hands may looked beautiful, but there was nothing delicate or feminine about them. Alchemists with pretty hands do exist after all.

Reasonably speaking, since both fighters were at Level Five cultivation, the fight should not end so quickly. To think that he managed to snatch victory in a flash. However, rather than a more powerful display of technique, his victory probably had more to do with Wu Liang’s carelessness in looking down on the enemy and thinking that they both use the same martial technique.

It was a pity that this carelessness led to a defeat, which ended up with Wu Liang sprawled on the ground and not Wu Xuan.

“Wu Liang!”

Wu Zixing and Wu Xian rushed over to their fallen comrade, hands out to check on his body. They found that Wu Liang had fainted, his inner energy all in a mess. The dissipating frost on his hand prove that what they saw was not an illusion.

Wu Xuan whom they had always made fun off as being trash, a waste of space, had defeated Wu Liang. If Wu Xuan really was a waste of space, then how could Wu Liang be defeated?

Wu Zixin’s eyes flashed angrily, however, when his gaze landed on Wu Xuan, it was filled with harsh amusement instead of anger. “Very good, ah. Never thought that within one month you’d actually breakthrough the Level 5 cultivation. Looks like I’ve really underestimated you! Just because I was not around to discipline you, you dare to fling around your weight, thinking how mighty you are…”

Wu Zixin clenched his fists, his fingers making ominous cracking noise as he eyes filled with hate. Jealousy filled his heart, and unimaginable amount of envy, thanks to that injury to his body, he would remain as a Level 5 for the rest of his life. To see Wu Xuan reaching Level 5, with the possibility of going even higher while he could not…

This means that in a short time that Wu Xuan would surpass him. The next time he sees Wu Xuan, there was the fearful possibility that he could no longer lift his head before this trash. In that case, it’s better to just destroy Wu Xuan now!

Wu Xuan was not the least afraid , he had never been afraid of anyone in his life! Not now, not in the past where he often encountered dead often, sometimes so hungry that he had to gnaw on tree barks to stay alive.

Moreover these bunch of scum were the ones challenging his bottom limit. If he had not arrived when he did, wouldn’t Yue Xin’er be beaten? Mock me, insult me, that’s all fine, insults and mocking words could do nothing to him. However, they since dared to touch the people beside him, then he would not let them get away so easily.

“Brother Xuan, it’s scary…” Yue Xin’er was still hiding behind him, now that Wu Xuan had arrived her heart calmed down quite a bit.

“It’s fine, Xin’er go and hide behind me, don’t come over.”

After saying those words, Wu Xuan turned to look at Wu Zixin. There was no fear in his heart, only anticipation! If this guy came up with a high level technique he could not beat, then he would just run away. However, if it was something that was on par with his powers, there will be nothing to fear. Moreover, since they were at the same level, he might even have a chance to steal this technique and just see how great it was.

“I never thought myself as anything great, the problem is that annoying people keep coming up to make trouble!” Wu Xuan also flexed his hands, his eyes glittering. He moved forward a few steps, putting more distance between himself and Yue Xin’er.

From the beginning, it was Wu Zixin he kept looking for trouble. He had never even thought of bothering himself with the likes of Wu Zixin. In short, that Wu Zixin was unhappy with him and kept trying to find excuses to trouble him.


Wu Zixin gave a cold snort, a wave of killing intent. It was worthy of a disciple who had experienced true fight to the death and survived. Only such people could release this kind of killing intent.

Inferno Berserker Fist!

In a flash, Wu Zixin dashed forward, a raging fire enveloped his fist powered by fire attribute. Even the very air around his fist became were scorched.

This was Wu Zixin’s most prided martial art. The Inferno Berserker Fist, a high quality martial technique. When he first started cultivating, his strength was actually not bad, his reputation then rested on this very technique!

Martial arts or martial techniques were split into three levels, low, middle and high. His technique fell on the ‘high’ category. The more better the cultivation, the more high level technique one could master. From time immemorial, only those who have fully flexed out the Body Strengthening Stage could use high level martial arts. Compared to that Metal palm, the power in this attack was several times higher!

Wu Xuan naturally would not just sit around waiting to be punched, He released his most powerful technique to date, the Ice Palm, it was also the technique he had just absorbed.

Peng peng peng!

Wu Zixin was like a raging monkey, frantically charging at Wu Xuan over and over again. Wu Xuan’s eyes flashed, his palms slapping and slapping each attack away. The powerful fiery fists kept coming. Though he barely touched the fists the air around them were getting hotter and hotter, to think that a Level 5 cultivator could achieve this kind of power, this had long since beyond his actual level!

Wu Xuan had also activated his own ice attribute to power his attacks, the two fought on. Fire and Ice clashing and clashing.

However, as time went on, the corner of Wu Xuan’s lips crept higher and higher. Glee and self confidence filled his face.

This Inferno Berserker Fist, high level martial technique.

Download complete!

Suddenly, Wu Xuan leapt back, his fists drawn to his waist, a vague icy air surrounded both fists — Ice Flame Berserker Fist!


With the collision of different attributes, Wu Zixin was pushed back by Wu Xuan’s more terrifying fist. After stumbling a few steps, he fell to the floor, his hands already numbed.

“How can this be!”

Wi Zixin and the by-stander Wu Xian were somewhat dumbfounded. That was clearly the Inferno Berserker Fist! How could it show ice property powers!

The reason why it was called the Inferno Berserker Fist was that only fire attribute cultivators could max out its power and not something that would adapt to a different cultivator’s attributes. This technique was developed by fire attribute martial artists for fire attribute users, not a universal technique.

However, Wu Xuan already made use of this technique using his ice attribute power. Moreover, the attack power was much higher than Wu Zixin! If they had been surprised by the reversal of attributes for Metal Palm, this one shocked them to the core.

This technique, this high level martial art, Inferno Berserker Fist not only changed its attribute, but was displayed even more perfectly, making Wu Zixin appeared clumsy in comparison!

Wu Zixin was shocked to the point of silliness, he really did not know what to do next. His pride and joy, his precious martial technique have lost to Wu Xuan. This was a terrible shame! Moreover, he had lost to a waste of space who had only started his cultivation journey one month ago. One by one, heavy rocks marked Loser and Frustration dropped on his head[2].



[1] Flower vase – Useless ornamentation

[2] I took a little literary liberty here. The original ‘Heavy loss and frustration filled his heart’, seemed a little lacking. Clearly I’ve read too many manga.


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