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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 019 – Muscle & Bone Strengthening

Chapter 019 – Muscle & Bone Strengthening


“Brother Xuan, is it time to eat? Xin’er is hungry…”

At the clear crisped youthful voice, Wu Xuan came out from his cultivation state. Goodness knows when Xin’er had seated herself in front of him on a chair, her legs swinging as lightly clutched at her stomach. Her pitiful expression also showed hunger.

Wu Xuan looked out the window and saw that lunch time had indeed arrived. He had been so absorbed by the task of cultivation that he had forgotten the time. If Xin’er had not been there to remind him, he might actually have continued his cultivation until nightfall, or perhaps not even stopping until the day after.

A month had passed since that fateful marriage interview. Naturally, Wu Xuan had not stopped cultivating or practising his martial arts, so it was natural for him to see some progress, however such progress was limited. He still had difficulty trying to master martial arts, there was something about the physical arts that was just beyond his grasp.

For any other cultivators, they would have already mastered this perfectly ordinary Falling Leaf Palm after one month, but no Wu Xuan. Even Uncle Wu was stumped. He felt like there was a wall before him that prevented him from fully grasping the martial art.

His problems did not end at martial arts. He was clearly no genius, up till now his cultivation had stopped at the Fifth Level. His rate of advancement could not be considered fast, the best adjective was probably just average. At this point, his cultivation level was at par with Wu Zixin, thus theoretically he should be able to hold his own against that man, ba? The only problem was his martial arts.

Within this month, Wu Xuan’s relationship with Xin’er had also gotten better. The slightly fearful Xin’er from the beginning had now gone a 180 degrees change. However, no matter how closely Wu Xuan questioned her, Yue Xin’er seemed to have really forgotten everything except for her own name. A memory loss was one thing, to have her mind reduced to a child’s level, she must have suffered a terrible shock to be reduced to this level, ba?

Things that would make Xin’er happy were a lot, he could only surmised that she had had a tragic past. The problem was her childlike mentality. Naturally, he had to somehow force her to bathe herself, his biggest fear now was her popping out in the middle of a bath to look for him.

If she had really been a five year old child it would have been fine. However, isn’t having a girl in her teen years wet from a bath rush at a hot blooded youth just an invitation for crime to happen?

Actually, that was fine too. Whatever, there were plenty of rooms in this part of the Wu property, the problem was that this girl would get up in the middle of the night and sneak into his room. She would also sneak into his bed and stick herself against him, wasn’t this just asking for his life?

Luckily he has great self control and did not touch Xin’er. After some time, his cultivation had also progressed quite a bit from these trials, Xin’er also became more obedient and have even managed to learn all kinds of things, enough to be of some  help around the house.

In the end, with her five year old mind, she was just too innocent. Which gave him quite a bit of headache some times, but there were happy times too. Having someone to chat with was not a bad thing at all.

Since Wu Xuan chose to take Xin’er in, he was now responsible for her care, this includes food and drink. Uncle Wu was just too busy.

When it came to food, naturally Wu Xuan did all the cooking. Yue Xin’er not only could eat her fill, but could eat very well in deed! Once she had tasted her good fortune, Yue Xin’er naturally became reluctant to leave him.

“Then, let’s have some thing different today, ba!” Wu Xuan smiled as he got up from his meditation pose.

Yue Xin’er happily clapped her little hands, her eyes turning into half moons as she happily cried out, “Yes! Yes! Another new thing to eat!”

The food he made were all regular food, of course. Even if he wanted to make magical food, he did not have any ingredients at hand.

Wu Xuan smiled mildly and stroked her hand tenderly. His eyes gleamed as he thought, “Now that I’ve reached the Fifth Level, I should be able to enter the second floor of the Elixir Pavilion.”

The Fifth Level of the of the cultivation level was his goal. Only those who reached the Fifth Level could access the second floor of the Elixir Pavilion in order to receive the magical herbs and magic pills there. He had already passed the one month limit, however he had not collected his monthly supply of magic herbs or pills. Instead, he had chosen to push forward and breakthrough to the Fifth Level before collecting his share.

This way he could collect a much better magic pill and further improve his cultivation. Even the worse quality of whatever pills on the second level has to be better than anything on the first floor.

The next day, after making some arrangements to occupy Yue Xin’er, Wu Xuan left for the Elixir Pavilion. The moment he reached the entrance of the Elixir Pavilion, he saw Wu Zixin’s face. After one whole month, his expression remained the same, still gnashing his teeth.

“Yo, you’re here for more magical pill? How many levels did you break through from that last pill? I bet you’re still mucking about the First Level, aren’t you!” Wu Zixin started up his routine of mockery and ridicule again.

Wu Xuan ignored him, keeping his head up as he went straight for the Elixir Pavilion. The moment he broke news that he had broke through into the Fifth Level of Cultivation, he would be able to properly shock Wu Zixin. However, he did not bother to do so, let that idiot waste his energy and saliva as much as he like. Rather than waste his saliva quarrelling, he would rather save his breath and go search for a good magic pill.

After walking a few steps, Wu Zixin planted himself directly in front of Wu Xuan, who ignored him and continued to stride ahead. The two men’s shoulders colided with a bang. However, the one who was sent flying was not Wu Xuan, but Wu Zixin! Once struck by Wu Xuan, the bigger guy actually fell down!

Wu Xuan said lightly, “Apologies, do beg your pardon.” he did not bother to even look back as he stride quickly towards the Elixir Pavilion.

Wu Zixin’s eyes were filled with shock, shocked that he did not actually tripped on his own, but was actually struck down by Wu Xuan’s power. In his shock, his brain faintly registered that Wu Xuan was no longer a First Level cultivator any more, but one that had actually risen to the Fifth Level! This was the true reason for his shock.

To go up the levels in such a short time was not something unheard of, however for someone like Wu Xuan it was just too fast. Zixin suffered another blow, a mental one this time, sending him sprawling onto the floor unable to pick himself up.


The moment he stepped into the Elixir Pavilion, Wu Xuan immediately handed over his family token. He also input his own power until a faint light began to glow on it.

The old man at the registration table slowly opened his eyes and raised his head to look at Wu Xuan, “Cultivation level at fifth grade, you may access the second floor and withdraw one magic pill or two sets of magical herbs.”

The rules were the same as before, only one magic pill or two portions of magical herbs could be taken out. Naturally, Wu Xuan would choose the latter and collect double portion!

He started to walk around, and did not find something similar to the Body Refining pill, however he did find something called Muscle & Bone Strengthening elixir. Its promised result was very simple, it was basically an enhanced version of the Body Strengthening pill. The difference was that this Muscle & Bone Strengthening elixir was liquid and not a pill. It also had to be taken like a medicine and not bathed in.

As long as one continue to take it, the body will grow stronger and sturdier. Even an Eighth Level cultivator would be able to make use of this elixir. In order to properly cultivate one must constantly strengthen one’s body, as long as he continued to hone his body, he would be able to increase his cultivation rate!

Every time he cultivate, he would have to work on his body as well by practising his martial arts in order to gain a breakthrough. With this elixir, he would be able to hone his body and gain more levels more efficiently.

“Too bad they don’t have anything like a 3-in-1 pill, but I guess this elixir could be considered not bad.” Without hesitation, Wu Xuan collected two portions of herbs, he will definitely make that elixir tonight!






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