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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 017 – Retarded

Chapter 017 – Retarded


Kirindas: Things certainly started to escalate!


After changing, under Uncle Wu’s advice on the monetary gift, Wu Xuan took out some broken silver pieces and gold ingots from his cupboard. This was basically all the wealth in his name, all the money saved from his monthly salary.

He tucked all these into the hidden pockets of his sleeves. He had no idea how much money he should prepare for a monetary gift, it’s best to just take everything. It’s not like there was a lot here anyway. It’s possible that money meant a lot to the previous owner of this body, but to him this was nothing much. The road to cultivation was expensive, this bit of money could not even buy the jade bottle that contained a reasonably good magic pill.

“I’ve changed, let’s go ba, Uncle Wu.” Though he intended to reject the marriage, there was still a hint of excitement within him. Though he had already lived through one lifetime, this was still his first marriage interview!

Uncle Wu looked him up and down and smiled, “Not bad, not bad, knowing how to dress yourself is also a talent. Now that you can cultivate, even if you reject this girl , you can still find a good girl in the future.”

Wu Xuan smiled awkwardly, Uncle Wu made it sound like he’s a second generation rich young master. When it came to looks, Wu Xuan considered this body rated at least a ‘not bad’. Even the word ‘handsome’ could be used to describe the sword like eyebrows and deep fathomless eyes.

However, this world valued cultivation, and power was considered the most important thing. With power, even a rickety old man could have many beautiful ladies on his arm.

Now that he had prepared himself, Uncle Wu quickly ushered him towards a nearby living room. As soon as they crossed the threshold, Wu Xuan saw three women inside, a young girl and two older women.

The moment they noticed his arrival, one of the older woman who appeared to be a matchmaker came over with a wide smile. She gave Wu Xuan a once over before nodding and smiling even more widely, “This should be Wu Xuan, ba. Such a good looking young man, quick, come over here and meet your new in-laws.”

The matchmaker twisted over, her plump, barrel body moved surprisingly fast. With her back to the men, she was clearly hinting for them to follow her over to meet with the girl and potential mother-in-law.

Wu Xuan turned his gaze towards the girl, though not a striking beauty, the most generous adjective for her was probably delicate. There was also a faint hint of makeup on her face, highlighting her dewy eyes and the blush on her face seemed to indicate a pure and good girl.

From appearance alone, this girl should be no more than 16 years old. His heart gave a jerk, that’s clearly under age, ah! However, after thinking over it a bit more, the body he’s occupying now was only 17 years old, thus it was perfectly natural to look for a 16 year old partner.

The girl in front of him seemed really shy, after glancing at him for a bit, she immediately looked away, not daring to meet his eye. She tried to reach out for her mother’s hands, but was slapped away with a low, harsh, “Don’t move carelessly, pay attention to your marriage interview!”

The older woman was called Fang Ling, just a normal woman from a normal family. Or so it seemed. The little performance made Wu Xuan a suspicious. Though the movement was extremely minute, he could clearly detect the disgust on Fang Ling’s face for her own daughter!

Fang Ling’s expression quickly smoothed into a cheerful smile, she stood up and spoke to Wu Xuan. “Ya, what an extremely good looking young man, what a great match for our Xin’er! Young man, what do you think of our Xin’er?”

Wu Xuan felt disgusted, that smile on her face was just too fake.

He cast another glance over at Xin’er who was watching them curiously. She was still sitting on her chair, gently swinging her feet. The expression on her face was clearly unnatural, unusually timid and clearly afraid.

“Why haven’t you get up!” Fang Ling shouted, frightening this Xin’er to her feet. Instead of coming forward, she sidled behind Fang Ling and did not come any closer, looking and Wu Xuan and the rest with fear.

This was the first time Wu Xuan had ever seen a girl with such fear of strangers.

“Little Xuan, what do you think of this girl? Do you think you’ll like her?” Uncle Wu whispered from the side.

Wu Xuan was not one to just judge from appearance alone, but from what he could see this girl was clearly not bad. However, he had no intention of marrying so quickly, ah! He barely had the chance to learn more about this world and his own ability, isn’t talking about marriage too soon at this point?

Wu Xuan awkwardly said, “Uncle Wu, I thought we talked about this, I do not wish to get married so soon…”

Since his was here to reject the marriage interview, it’s best to do a proper job of it. He turned to face Fang Ling properly, “Miss Xin’er is clearly not bad, however I do not wish to get married so soon, so please accept my sincerest apologies.”

The moment these words were said, the smile on Fang Ling’s face froze over. She looked like a salesman who had wasted a lot of words trying to make a sale only to be soundly rejected in the end.

“Xin’er wants to go home, Xin’er is hungry…” At this most inappropriate time, this Miss Xin’er suddenly tugged at Fang Ling’s sleeves. There was a childish expression on her face that stunned Wu Xuan and the rest.

The words out of her mouth were just like those of a little child barely five years old! The timing of these words was just too unfortunate.

“You shut up! You won’t get anything to eat today!” Fang Ling angrily pushed the blame of the failed marriage interview towards Xin’er. She flicked her sleeves disgustedly, hard enough to send Xin’er to the floor.

“Wuwuwuwu…Xin’er is hungry…” Having been pushed to the floor, the girl started sobbing. Tears fell from her beautiful eyes, staining the delicate make up into one lumpy mess, just too pitiful.

Wu Xuan and Uncle Wu could only stare with their mouths opened, this Miss Xin’er was clearly a woman with a personality of a five year old child, ba! To put it more crudely, she’s a retard!

Looking a little pale, Uncle Wu turned towards the matchmaker, “Just what is going on! How could you introduce this kind of girl to our Wu family, are you looking down on our clan?”

It looked like Uncle Wu also had no idea what kind of person the other party could be, however, he never expected to have a young lady who had the mentality of a child!

The matchmaker had an awkward look on her face, and quickly said, “Actually, I am not clear on this either…”

How can this woman be unclear on this matter? The truth was, she had been dazzled by the size of the monetary gift. If she could ensure the success of this marriage interview, she would collect a cool 50% of whatever the family gets.

However, who would actually want to marry a five year old child? Wouldn’t she just be burden after the marriage? A woman who could not do household chores, only concerned herself with eating, just what kind of burden would this be? The main reason a man would get married was to have someone be in charge of the household, having mentally unstable person was just asking for trouble.

Because of this, quite a few marriage interviews had failed. No one would want to marry this kind of girl.

Once the matter had been revealed, the matchmaker rushed to sever relationship with Fang Ling. Though Uncle Wu’s cultivation was not high, he was at least still more powerful than any ordinary person from the streets. Not only that, he’s the personal chef for the elders of the Wu Clan and was granted quite a lot of face.

“Cry, cry, cry, that’s all you know how to do! Can’t do chores, can’t do shit! If I had known earlier I would never have brought you home. God only knows where you came from only knowing your own name! Already such a grown woman but still a retard!”

Fang Ling angrily raised her hand to slap Xin’er. Just as her hand came down with force, a white, beautifully slender hand grabbed her wrist.

When Fang Ling looked up, she saw that her wrist had been grabbed by Wu Xuan who had just rejected the marriage interview. When their eyes connected, she nearly choked from the anger in Wu Xuan’s eyes.



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