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Reborn-Super Chef – 057 – Bring a Jar of Pickles to See Mother-in-Law

Chapter 57 – Bring a Jar of Pickles to See Mother-in-Law

As a woman, Han Yuyan knew the best ways to curry favour with the two little sisters. When Ye Chui saw the way Wang Shiyu gleefully hug the bunch of robotic toys to her chest, he knew that it would not be easy to get rid of this woman. Though An Jing did her best to stay reserved, their lives had always been hard with very little opportunity for new clothes. Though she never did show any interest in clothes before, but she’s still a girl. When the pretty clothes were laid out in front of her, an uncontrollable expression of happiness was seen on her face.

At the sight of this expression, Ye Chui could only helplessly say to An Jing, “Since they’re all bought for you, then it’s all yours.”

“But, elder brother…” An Jing cast a hesitant look at Han Yuyan.

“It’s fine, she’s not a bad person.” Ye Chui said comfortingly.

An Jing finally nodded her head and happily trotted to her room to look over the new clothes.

In the second floor living room, Ye Chui gloomily sat on the sofa. Actually, the quality of this sofa was not bad, the softness was just right, and felt very comfortable when sat on. Ye Chui had a premonition that he will be spending a lot of time on that sofa.

Han Yuyan immediately sat beside Ye Chui, very closely in fact, “Master, so you’ve accepted me as your disciple?”

“You think being my disciple will be a fun job?” Ye Chui rolled his eyes. Seeing Han Yuyan’s unhappy face, he continued, “However, you may start off as an apprentice and master the basics of cooking. If you cannot at least do this, and even greater master than I would not be able to teach you anything.”

When Han Yuyan heard this, she happily nodded in agreement, “Very well, as long as I can learn how to cook is fine. Master, how long would it take before I can cook dishes that would satisfy grandfather?”

“That would depend on your hard work. Since you’re so passionate about this, I trust that you should be able to master it quickly, ba.” Ye Chui said ambiguously — how could he simply tell her that ‘quickly’ according to Han Yuyan’s present skill level, would take at least a few years?

Han Yuyan, with the confidence of the ignorant in her future ability as a chef, nodded again and said, “Master, I won’t let you down.”

“That’s good, oh yes, since you’re now this restaurant’s apprentice, I shall pay you a basic salary as well,” Ye Chui continued.

Han Yuyan was pleasantly surprised to hear this, “Oh, so I’ll be given a salary as well?”

“Of course, however, it won’t be much. About 800 a month, kind of a token payment only.” Ye Chui gave a low he-he laugh. “Also, as an apprentice, you’ll be in charge of odd jobs like greeting the customers, waiting tables, and dish washing as part of your training.”

Han Yuyan thumped her chest. “No problem, you can depend on me!”

Seeing Han Yuyan’s satisfied face, Ye Chui nodded to himself. At 800 per month, for a worker to wash dishes, handle food service, and familiarizing themselves with the kitchen during their spare time — this would be, to put it nicely, jobs meant for apprentices, another term for it would be general worker, or to be more correct, very cheap labour…

Ye Chui’s little family restaurant counted among its staff members an assistant cook who was a chef from a 5-star restaurant, and now a top class beauty has offered herself to be its service staff. Ye Chui’s little restaurant was getting more and more glamorous by the day.

After all the excitement, Ye Chui and his sisters put their belongings away. The time showed that it was now past 8pm, Han Yuyan was so hungry that she was now sprawled over the sofa, unwilling to move. Though this elder sister displayed a cool and elegant face in public, with more familiar people she tended to show her cute and sticky side. Right now she was sticking to the sofa, refusing to leave until Ye Chui cooks a large dinner for her. Ye Chui was also at his wit’s end dealing with such a bratty elder sister.

While Ye Chui was in the kitchen making dinner, An Jing had quietly changed into the new dresses bought by Han Yuyan in the privacy of her room. In front of the closet mirror, she turned in place, admiring the fashionable clothes, her face wreathed in smiles.

At that moment, she spotted the bottle that Wang Shiyu had dumped aside — it was the bottle of butterflies that Wang Shiyu had conned Zhao Hongyu and his cronies to catch that morning. The colourful creatures looked like they were at their last gasp of breath after being shut up half a day in that bottle.

After seeing those poor creatures, she finally could not take it any more and went over to pick up the bottle. She knew that Wang Shiyu’s interest in the butterflies was temporary, especially now that she has those new toys to distract her. Thinking about this, she brought the bottle over the window and unscrew the lid, allowing those colourful creatures to fly away. Looking at the happily fluttering butterflies, a gorgeous smile dawned on her face.

“Butterflies are the most beautiful like this.”


By the time a sumptuous dinner was eaten, the clock ticked close to 10pm. Since tomorrow was a school day, An Jing and Wang Shiyu went to bed. Ye Chui brought his cheap female disciple/coolie around the kitchen and gave a brief explanation for the work expected of her. He also gave her a brief run down of what was expected of the service staff. Han Yuyan earnestly memorized his every word — still largely unaware of her true position in the kitchen and was trusting Ye Chui’s word on everything.

After a brief rinse over the sink, Ye Chui laid down on the living room sofa. Right now his mind drifted over to tomorrow’s meeting at Lin Wei’s house. A sliver of excitement rose within his heart, followed by: “For first house visits, I should bring something, right?”

After pondering for a bit, Ye Chui’s eyes suddenly sparkled. This would be his first meeting with his mother-in-law, so the gift must be sincere and meaningful. Must be something that would touch the heart of the person he was about to meet. A lame or ordinary gift would not be well received by a great madam of a rich family, so the gift would have to be unique as well…

“Those pickled vegetables I made last time should be ready about now, ba. Let’s bring a jar over…”

Daring to bring a jar of picked vegetables to meet with a potential mother-in-law, Ye Chui has to be the first person to do so, ba…

Ye Chui lay deeply asleep on the sofa. As the clock ticked past midnight, his eyes suddenly popped open. Slow footsteps moving slowly towards the sofa had awakened him from his deep sleep, Ye Chui rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up, looking towards the silhouette of a person. Though the room was dark, enough light came in through the windows for Ye Chui to see the source of the footsteps. A pair of long, slender, very sexy legs were making their way towards him. Under the moonlight, a goddess like woman moved closer, dark hair floating, more importantly, her sleep clothes were made of some kind of floaty material that was mostly transparent, leaving nothing to the imagination. Ye Chui’s heartbeat sped up.

She walked closer, and closer, until she was standing right in front of Ye Chui.

Han Yuyan’s exquisite face was staring down at Ye Chui, a faint smile playing on the corner of her lips. She stretched out a hand and lightly touched Ye Chui’s chest. Ye Chui fell back onto the sofa, her sexy body followed, laying next to him.

A young man in the spring time of his youth, Ye Chui’s hormones ran rampant in his body, heart beat wildly in his chest, reason slowly being blotted away by temptation. That beautiful face was close, so very close, and Ye Chui could no longer bear it any more. He softly asked, “Am I dreaming?”

“Oh yes, this is a dream.”

Han Yuyan told Ye Chui with a smile.

And then… …

Ye Chui woke up.

“… …”

The f***, it really had been a dream, ah!

Author’s Note: The thing about An Jing and the butterflies was just a small insight to her character…also, that dream plot, no special reason for it, I just like it. Finally, I thought I won’t be able to get any response with the previous chapters, but it actually made number 18, I was so surprised, ah…So, tomorrow we will have 3 more chapters, ha~~~ then, everyone please continue to support~~~


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