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Reborn-Super Chef – 011

Chapter 11 – In Just a Few Minutes, I Could Earn Tens of Dollars


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Tiger Li’s word not only made Cao Kang swore in anger. It also made Ye Chui, Lin Wei and Yu Yan gasped in astonishment.


Ye Chui was surprised. Yesterday he had barely offended his man, and he did not think much of it. But this man seemed to be a very vindictive type of person. The ‘Superior Roast Mutton Skewers’ probably is his handiwork.


Lin Wei immediately frowned. She is extremely smart, and immediately understood what happened. She knew that it is because she craved for some mutton skewers that made Cao Kang want to create trouble for Ye Chui. Immediately she felt a bit guilty. But more than that, she felt that Cao Kang’s character is very bad – how could he bear to get thugs to create trouble for such a tasty mutton skewers stall?


Yu Yan immediately turned cold. He did not know what had happened yesterday. But just now Tiger Li had said, “All those who offended Cao Kang had been punished accordingly!”, and right now he wanted to punish… Lin Wei?


The Lin Family roots are in Beijing. But Lin Wei’s father, Lin Zhengdao, had relocated their family to Xizhou because of some issues. Although he is new to this city, he still retains his status and power. Therefore, many rich men had come to build relations with him.


Cao Kang’s father is one these men. Yesterday after a banquet, Cao Kang’s father had requested his son to sent Lin Wei back to her hotel.


From this everyone can tell that he wants to play matchmaker and hope that his son and Lin Wei could be together, and he could have a strong and powerful ally in Lin Zhengdao.


After hearing Tiger Li’s words, Yu Yan assumed that Cao Kang wants to kidnap and rape Lin Wei and impregnate her first. Then Lin Zhengdao has no choice but to agree to the marriage, since a baby is on the way.


And these men, led by Tiger Li, is here to kidnap Lin Wei?


Yu Yan likes to smile. He even smiled when he fought and bashed up Tiger Li. But this time, his face become colder than an iceberg. His grin was gone and he looked at Cao Kang with overwhelming hostile intent, “Young Master Cao, you better explain to me what happened!”


“Brother Yu, listen to me, this is a misunderstanding! I did not even know who this man is!” Cao Kang had already panic under the overwhelming pressure of Yu Yan’s aura. He may be quite smart, but he is just an 18 years old man, and could not withstand the pressure.


Tiger Li was still groggy from Yu Yan’s fists and not his right frame of mind. After he heard what Cao Kang had said, he immediately asked, “What are you talking about, Young Master Cao? Just now you called me and ask me to create trouble here! Why did you suddenly claim that you did not know me anymore?”


“Shut up!” Cao Kang really wanted to slap Tiger Li. This guy is really as dumb as a pig! He could not see which way the winds blow and adapt accordingly.


Suddenly, he felt a chill running down his spine. He looked at Yu Yan was glaring at him in anger, and felt the massive bloodlust that Yu Yan was emitting, “I really did not think of targeting Weiwei….. I, I just find this mutton skewers stall an eyesore and want to create trouble for them. Brother Yu,…. even I have 10 guts, I would not dare to do anything to Weiwei.”


Hearing this, Ye Chui immediately turned angry. Actually, Ye Chui was well aware of what had happened. But this Cao Kang is really unlucky. When he tried to create trouble for him, Lin Wei just happened to be here.


Since Cao Kang seemed to be afraid of Yu Yan, Ye Chui will use this to his advantage, and immediately retorted Cao Kang’s remarks, “You are young master Cao? I don’t even know who you are. And yesterday when you come to purchase mutton skewers, I asked you to queue up. Just because I asked you to queue up, you think that I am an eyesore and even find a group of thugs to teach me a lesson? Would you believe this rubbish yourself?”


“This…. This…..” Cao Kang could not find any words to express himself. Even if he wanted to take revenge for someone asking him to queue up, he need not create such a big scene. All this was because he was infuriated when the store that he had set up to snatch Ye Chui’s business failed to do so. But he could not say it out or everyone will think he is a petty man.


Right now, Cao Kang was so anxious that he wanted to cry. If this world has magical pills for treating regrets, then he would immediately purchase 2 jins of these pills and swallow them all without hesitation.


Yu Yan seemed to understand something. But he could not let Cao Kang off that easily. He coldly glared at Cao Kang and said, “My boss will learn of this matter. If I discovered that you dared to lay a finger on Weiwei, I swear that even if your father was standing in front of me, I will beat you to death with my own hands! Now get lost!”


Cao Kang dared not stay there or say another word. He immediately turned around and wanted to run off.


But at this time, Ye Chui suddenly shouted, “Wait a moment, you want to leave just like that?”


Cao Kang was surprised, and turned around and looked at Ye Chui, “What more do you want?”


“Let’s not talk about the reason why you called these thugs here. But my business is so good, in a few minutes I could earn tens of dollars. It is not appropriate for you to take up so much of my time and just leave like that. After you have created trouble here, some of my regular customers dare not come anymore. How are you going to settle this issue?” Ye Chui smiled as he said this. You could almost see the words ‘scoundrel’ on his head.


He smiled and calmly said, “You should reimburse me for my losses.”


Cao Kang: “……..”


This guy is trying to cheat me of my monies! Did he really think that I, Cao Kang, is so easy to bully?


“That’s right! Cao Kang, you have to compensate him for his losses. Also, just now, I did not even have a single bite of my mutton skewers and it was thrown onto the floor!” At this time, Lin Wei suddenly jumped in. She was really angry and pointed her finger at Cao Kang.


‘I had not even eaten it yet after queuing for so long!’


Tiger Li moved his mouth but no words come out. He wanted to cry out that Lin Wei had accidentally stabbed him with the bamboo sticks. But seeing the current situation, he chose to shut up.


Cao Kang intended to scold Ye Chui and refused to pay. But after hearing Lin Wei’s words, he had no choice but to do so. He took out his wallet, and handed over about $3,000 – $4,000 in cash to Ye Chui.


From young, Cao Kang had spent money like water. He had no qualms about spending tens of thousands of dollars at one shot, and had never felt the pain of spending money. But today, for the first time in his life, he experienced this pain. He was unwilling to hand over the cash. Seeing Ye Chui grabbing the stack of money, he felt as if a part of his flesh had been cut off by Ye Chui.


“All right, all right, you may go!” Ye Chui counted the monies, and waved his hand as if trying to shoo off a starving beggar.


“…..” Cao Kang’s face immediately changed colour. But he did not dare to say another word and immediately scoot off!


“Wait a moment!” This time it is Lin Wei who stopped him. “In future, you better not create trouble here. The mutton skewers here are really tasty! If you do not like it, it is your business. But you are wrong to prevent others from eating it! If I ever discovered that you dare to do so, I will definitely ask my father not to let you go!”


Ye Chui was surprised at Lin Wei’s words, and reflexively glanced at her. At the same time, Lin Wei also glanced towards his direction. Their eyes met, and she was smiling at him.


“I hear you….” Cao Kang replied. He did not turn around and immediately made his way back to his sports car.


As he passed by the road, Fang Tao was waiting for him. Fang Tao greeted him, but Cao Kang was not in the mood to listen. He did not say another word and just entered the sports car. With a ‘pang’ the door of the car was slammed shut, and immediately it drove off.


He did not care about Fang Tao and Tiger Li and just left them there.


Tiger Li, his aides and Fang Tao also dispersed.


Ye Chui looked the figure of Cao Kang leaving, and immediately he laughed in his heart. Regarding Fang Tao, he had memorised this man’s face and took some notice of this man.


Afterwards, Ye Chui looked around, smiled and immediately shouted, “I apologise for the scene just now. Today, all the mutton skewers will be free! Each person will be limited to 5 sticks. This offer is valid until all my mutton skewers are gone!”


Since Cao Kang had paid for them, and Ye Chui is not a misery man and had already made more than what he usually makes in a night, why not give everyone a treat and celebrate?


Listening to Ye Chui’s words, everyone shouted out in glee, and immediately queued up.


The queue was really long, from the night market to the outskirts of the town.








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